Are you building a neobank or trying to implement the right payment system? Strive for meeting your business needs and satisfaction for your customers. Geniusee, as a financial software development company, is here to help. With dozens of ingenious FinTech projects in our showcase, we are ready to take your challenging project and make it rock!

Services :

Financial data management.

Specialized software that allows your business to consolidate its financial information and produce detailed financial reports.

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Digital Banking (Wallet).

Software that includes traditional banking activities and programs services that you can get when physically you are in bank.

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Data Driven management decisions.

Software that involves collecting data based on measurable goals or KPIs, analyzing patterns and facts from these insights, and using them to develop business strategies.

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Predictive analytics.

Software to predict future outcomes by extracting information from data sets to determine patterns and trends.

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Fraud detection.

Software that consist from a set of activities undertaken to prevent money or property from being obtained through false pretenses.

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Software that makes the history of any digital asset unalterable and transparent through the use of decentralization and cryptographic hashing.

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3 reasons to work with geniusee .


The cost of a developer in Geniusee is lower than the cost of an in-house employee in the USA by 40%


We understand your business and industry dynamics. This is our core technical expertise.


We know that our customer loves quality and safeness. That's why we provide a warranty period after the delivery date.

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