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Real Estate

One of the most complex industries Geniusee works with is real estate. It is a dynamic, disruptive, and very demanding domain. Software development for real estate is one of our focuses and requires broad domain expertise along with mature full-cycle development experience. Our custom solutions include applications and software designed for efficient management, selling, or buying property. We are happy to offer both and support your business on the way to success!

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Complete Real Estate Software Development Guide

Get your Complete Real Estate Software Development Guide by Geniusee and check out how Real Estate Technology is developing, where it’s headed, and whether there is room for your business there.

Complete Real Estate Software Development Guide

Get your Complete Real Estate Software Development Guide by Geniusee and check out how Real Estate Technology is developing, where it’s headed, and whether there is room for your business there.

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Real Estate

Real Estate Software Development Company

Real estate is a dynamic domain, and with tech development, it moves even faster. We use technology to help businesses, owners, agents, tenants, or brokers keep pace with the fast-moving industry. We also can ensure integrations with Multiple Listing Service (MLS) as transparent and trustworthy sources of information about the property for rent or sale, foreclosures, agent and agency listings, and many more. The Geniusee team of tech professionals will provide you with custom solutions that perform with the market, whether simple website listings or complex internal automation systems for real estate agencies (e.g., ERP) and real estate configurators or sales tools for real estate.

Whether you work with commercial or residential real estate, we can offer ideas and solutions that will help you effectively manage, sell, lend, evaluate, or buy assets.

As a real estate software development company working with your projects, Geniusee approaches expertise based on practice.


Geniusee's Real Estate Software Solutions

With different custom software cases for real estate in our showcase, the Geniusee professionals can create a wide range of products to address the needs of your business. We will pick the right team and technology stack to ensure the smoothest workflow, whether a new application designed from scratch or a large-scale update or upgrade of the existing solution.

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    Location-based services

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    Real estate listing services

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    Property management solutions

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    Real estate applications

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    ERP and process automation services

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    Digital twin (virtual representation of a physical building)

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    Smart utility checking solutions

Technologies we apply

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Benefits of Collaborating with Geniusee

  • Become a data-driven organization

    Moving fast in real estate means making precise decisions based on vast amounts of data. Rethink your data management with Geniusee! We will help you establish what information matters, where and how you should store it, who and how you should have access to it, and what real estate software solutions are compliant with the latest industry regulations and serve your business. Our team will help you create the optimal data management process and support IT infrastructure to simplify your analytics and unlock more value with the help of AI and ML-powered solutions. You'll start to make more efficient decisions based on data and valuable insights.

  • Build a long-term partnership to optimize your costs and resources

    Learn about new trends that will affect your business today, in a few months, and the future. Use our forecasting for planning your realistic yet ambitious business goals. At Geniusee, we create long-term partnerships with our clients and move forward to ensure our collaboration's best possible outcome. We will help you choose the right tech stack, the best-skilled professionals, and the proper cost-efficient cooperation model. And we will take care of designing, developing, and launching the new software products of your dreams!

  • Implement innovation and play like a market leader

    With the help of our custom real estate software development services and profound domain expertise, Geniusee will help you implement innovative solutions and stand out like a market leader. The market is changing dramatically, especially during the pandemic, and the new generation of technologies is here to help! We will help you adopt big data, IoT, location-based services, business intelligence, and predictive analysis and make them deliver to your business goals.

  • Integrate MLS data to ensure transparency

    The USA adopted the Clear Cooperation Policy to benefit consumers and ensure a level playing field for brokers. It implies that MLS brokers have to share listings with other brokers in the MLS system within one business day of marketing the property to the public. Using MLS platforms for multiple goals and products, we can ensure trustworthy and transparent solutions for your business.

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