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Big Data Consulting

Big data consulting from Geniusee is here to help transfer your data into opportunities — switch from just collecting data to using it to thrive! Whether you have used a database for years and need to move to a more reliable platform, utilize more efficacious tools to help your business scale, or need to introduce working with big data services to your company, which requires a step-by-step plan to build the system so that you can compete in the market, we are ready to share our expertise!

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What Problems Big Data Consulting Services Solve

Data analytics allows extracting and categorizing behavioral tendencies and patterns while focusing on the KPIs of your business.

There are many challenges that the big data consulting services by Geniusee help to solve. Your business used to work with your database for years, but the existing data lakes model does not allow you to extract insights from your big data analytics anymore; the dashboards give dull hints instead of bright insights. There’s a fear of becoming slower and less efficient in decision-making than your competitors. You need scaled big data analytics to ensure your business's faster and safer growth. If you are just starting to work with data integration to make business decisions, you need a plan covering all your pain points and leading the organization to success. With our big data services, we will help you design these processes as efficiently as possible!

As a big data consulting company, Geniusee offers complex, cost-effective solutions. As a metrics-driven company, we enforce our solutions with market and competitors’ analysis to ensure the best outcome.

Geniusee's Big Data Consulting Services

We offer full-cycle big data development services and consulting to address your particular needs and business goals. Our big data services offer cutting-edge analytics and insights to help businesses make data-driven decisions.

Data lakes are the foundation of modern data ecosystems, providing the flexibility needed for analytics. When the amount of collected data grows enormously, and your existing system cannot perform well, Geniusee is ready to develop a plan and offer a solution to process as much data as needed. Big data solutions offer the scalability needed to handle ever-growing data volumes.
Cost optimization is a business-oriented process that ensures spending reduction while maximizing business value from your database. By applying appropriate algorithms, we will help you reach the expected results.
For example, big retailers use tons of data about products, deals, and buying behavior. We offer big data solutions to process all of it and transfer data to expert dashboards to track patterns for the most effective decision-making. Data integration ensures that all your company's systems speak the same language, allowing for efficient data sharing and streamlined processes.
Geniusee can build business intelligence solutions on top of your big data. How so? While optimizing cost and operations, we recommend applying Business Intelligence (BI), Machine Learning (MLOps), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure end-to-end automation. BI covers technical infrastructure for collecting, parsing, storing, and analyzing data. BI solutions allow producing reports, helping managers make better decisions. Our big data consulting services provide expert guidance and strategic insights to help businesses navigate the complexities of data analysis and leverage it effectively for growth.
With data integration, you can seamlessly merge data from different places, making it useful for your business. ETL (extract, transform, and load) helps combine data from multiple sources into one data store integrated into a data warehouse or other target system. This data integration process enables smooth and data-driven decision management.
Replace your legacy data storage systems with faster, safer, and more effective ones. In today's data-driven world, innovative big data solutions are essential for staying competitive. The Geniusee team will help you pick the correct cost-effective alternative to perform better and get the most from your database. We offer full-cycle big data development services and consulting to address your particular needs and business goals.

Our Approach

Building from scratch

You collect data, and you need to start analyzing it after some time. How can we help you at this stage? Explore the possibilities of our big data services for unparalleled insights and intelligence. We begin with the discovery phase, utilizing Geniusee's business analytics specialists and their expertise. After that, we have the design stage that brings us to the next level. When the design is ready, we build the architecture of your database. Next, we create a pipeline for the data and its processing.

Finding a solution to scale

When existing dashboards do not perform as expected, pipelines are ineffective, the amount of data grows, or you need to add more roles and levels to the database structure and increase its security, the Geniusee team will help you pick the right big gata solutions to boost your growth and effectiveness. Here, we also start with research, as we need to put the client's interest first. Big data analytics is at the core of our operations, enabling us to uncover valuable insights and drive data-driven decision-making for our clients. We accompany your team at every stage of implementing the new big data services and ensure support if required.

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Why You Should Work With Us

Choose Geniusee, a big data services company, as your reliable metrics-driven partner! We are not only about brilliant software development but credible expertise. We talk numbers, tracking the velocity and executing on a per sprint basis with transparent time logging. We safely develop tailored big data solutions and offer continuous 24/7 support. Our technology and business consulting specialists are led by measurable results and inspired by 100+ notable projects delivered by the Geniusee team in different domains.

Our focus is:

Our obligations:

  • we adhere to deadlines
  • we assure the quality of deliverables
  • we do not offer templates, we create solutions
  • we offer innovations and only new and relevant tech stack

Our commitment:

  • endeavor for the magnificent results
  • expertise in our fields
  • global mindset
  • transparency all over the project
  • partner-like collaboration

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