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One of the mottos we’ve used at Geniusee is "Everything you can imagine is real."
We believe nothing is impossible and every idea can be brought to life. It is just a matter of the right technology, an experienced in product management and software development team, and a bit of courage to accomplish the impossible in the tech world. In Geniusee, we have all of it to offer you excellent product ideation services that work for your business!

Together with our team of proficient product development experts, we will build up the entire vision of your future business and crash-test it to prevent all possible risks. We are result-oriented and passionate about our clients’ success; that’s how it makes working with us feel right and trustworthy.

The product
ideation services
we offer:

We will explain how to take these steps and will be there for you at every stage!

As it's been said, to undergo a full-fledged development process of your product, you need to validate your idea first. How can you do it properly? We offer Design Thinking best practices and ideation techniques to define the viable ideas and clarify the product vision. We will test the value proposition of your product with its real-life challenges and requests to make sure it will perform in the market and address your customers' needs. This step will help you build a solid evidence-based foundation and a product roadmap for further actions.
This service adds the most value to your product, building terrific wireframes, epics, and user stories to develop a minimum viable product (MVP) and start testing your product’s user experience (UX). Maximize your output by challenging your idea with a cross-functional expert team in an Ideation Workshop with Geniusee.
  • Define your product's goals and target audiences, then create a plan to reach these targets.
  • Our qualified facilitators will smoothly guide your result-oriented workshop.
  • As an outcome of the product ideation process, you will receive a work breakdown structure (WBS). It contains epics and user stories, assumptions, high-level architecture, a service blueprint and sitemap, wireframes, a prototype (high level and/or detail views), and cost and time estimations.
  • All of these aim to restate your product requirements into actionable items.

Advantages of Our Product Ideation Services

To help you find the next big idea that may change the world, Geniusee’s experts have accumulated broad experience in product ideation solutions. Full-cycle development of 100+ successful projects in different domains, delivered from idea validation to launch and support activities, has helped businesses all over the world hit their objectives and gain their customers' trust.


Our Ideation Process


Research and analysis

We’ll begin our ideation process with extensive research, offering us insights about the market, customers' needs, and your capability to cover these needs.


Goal identification

We’ll provide daily monitoring of web and mobile performance and security scans, backup copies and databases with further storage, tech support, and interactions and follow-ups with third-party services, suppliers, and vendors.


Product ideation

We can now concentrate on the product with a clear understanding of the goals and market. At this stage, we define the application's functionality, the tech stack that will ensure the expected functionality and performance, and all the other aspects like UI/UX deliverables.

Product Ideation Services for Industries

The Geniusee team has completed 100+ projects on time and within budget in different domains starting from product ideation to the launch of a digital product for dynamic businesses in FinTech, EdTech, retail, etc., and with startups Y Combinator and Techstars on Series A to D funding rounds. Our focus:

Success Stories

Why do you need Geniusee's product ideation services?

Product ideation services by Geniusee will help you:

Design user experiences that attract customers and make them stay!

Discover new high-potential products, markets, needs, and features to cover them.

Define the product vision to fit market needs. Shape this vision to correspond to industry standards and regulatory requirements of the chosen market/region.

Create and modify an agile team of highly skilled engineers, designers, and business analysts as needed. Choose the convenient cooperation model.

After your product's idea validation, design, and MVP stage, we offer full-cycle development and support of your solution.

Get transparency, visibility, and iterative control at every stage of the project. Reduce risks with Geniusee as your reliable tech partner that values openness and communication.

Choose and validate the proper technology to ensure your product's scalability, flexibility, and required performance.

Dare to bring the boldest ideas to life! Make sure that your ideas are unique and liveable before bringing them out.

Geniusee's Product Ideation Services

Most product ideas don't reach the market. Or even worse: most ideas fail once they reach the target audience. So, how can you deal with these inevitable risks? Validate your ideas and product strategy to maximize your chances of success! Work with Geniusee on product ideation and strategies to seize new business opportunities.

Geniusee uses the Agile-based approach specifically combined for product and software development to make the product ideation process easy and smooth. We use the Design Thinking framework to iterate and improve ideas and evaluate their viability and feasibility. Thanks to our experience in ideating, developing, and launching unique products for hundreds of clients worldwide, the Geniusee team knows how to deliver concrete results in product development and software solutions.

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