Software testing is an integral part of creating a software product. How thoroughly the tests are carried out depends on how soon the project will be finalized, and whether there will be a need to subsequently eliminate errors. Software product testing at different stages of creation is the key to quality software.

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Regression Testing

Regression Testing is a set of tests aimed at detecting defects in already tested areas of the software. It's necessary not in order to finally make sure that there are no bugs, but to search for and correct regression errors.

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Functional Testing

Functional Testing is a type of testing aimed at checking the conformity of the functional requirements of the software to its real characteristics. Main task of functional testing is to confirm that the developing software product has all the functionality required by the customer.

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Performance Testing

Performance testing is a testing complex, the purpose of which is to determine the health, stability, resource consumption and other attributes of the quality of the application in different usage scenarios and loads.

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Documentation Testing

Documintation testing is an analysis of specifications for completeness and reliability, verification of user instructions and documentation of the software product. In general, the documentation is created to enable people with the low knowledge of software development principles to find a solution to any problem easily.

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Usability Testing

Usability testing is a test of a software product for compliance with the requirements in terms of application ease of use. Thus, with the help of usability testing, we can determine the ergonomics (adaptability to use) of the program.

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Integration Testing

Integration Testing is a type of testing aimed at assessing the quality of interaction between components of a software system or an entire application with other components or software. Integration testing has gained serious relevance with the network application growth.

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