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Software Testing Services

Let's imagine someone named John. John has a brilliant idea to develop a new generation app that will change the world's perception of digital products.

John successfully pitched investors, hired a development team, gave them the idea and features list, and finished the MVP in six months. He asked a QA testing services company to check the outcome and fix bugs, and soon his product was loved by customers.

This story has no end, but happily ever after for sure.

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What if John skips the testing stage?

What risks could there be without a software QA company?

  • John gets a result that is not working or works with serious issues
  • Customers don't want to use the product with bugs
  • Some essential features for a successful and thrilling launch are missing
  • Huge costs were spent without the actual desired product
  • John is frustrated and wants to switch to another vendor, fearing the next meeting with his sponsors and investors

What is testing?

QA testing services are an integral part of creating a software product. How thoroughly the tests are carried out depends on how soon the project will be finalized and whether there will be a need to eliminate errors subsequently. Software testing services at different stages of product creation are the key to quality software.

Who conducts testing?

A quality assurance testing company isn't just another hired team for QA process, manual testing, or test automation. It's a partner who works directly for you, thinking about your business and product first.

At Geniusee, our QA managers constantly consider risks and are willing to ensure your product brings the most value derived from your great ideas. We do not just provide quality assurance and testing services like test automation to check if all functions perform as expected, but we strive to overcome expectations.

If you aim to boost your company and achieve your business goals, enhance a unique selling proposition, and eliminate possible risks, you should consider QA services.

Geniusee's QA Testing Services

Our QA services include testing such as automated and manual testing, security testing services, mobile app testing, web application testing, QA consulting, and continuous testing during the development process. Geniusee’s software QA services are not about checking the performance of a single function or test automation; it is about the whole test environment, your company, and the product.


Static testing is conducted manually or with tools that evaluate code work. It is critically important for safety-critical systems and security testing. During this testing, requirements (functional, security, and business), architecture, design, code, contracts, plans, configuration, and infrastructure are verified.

Static Analysis

Static analysis is conducted by testing tools to analyze code, fix bugs, and inspect code structure without program execution to ensure it corresponds to standards.

  • Data flow
  • Control flow
  • Standards

Review is conducted by QA specialists. The focus depends on the quality assurance objectives such as documentation, defects, team understanding, education levels, ISO standards, etc.

Review types:

  • Informal
  • Walk-through
  • Technicals
  • Inspection

Review techniques:

  • Ad-hoc
  • Checklist-based
  • Scenarios and dry runs
  • Role-based
  • Perspective-based

Dynamic testing is conducted while executing a program and is done by levels (test activities are consolidated into groups to test software at certain developmental stages). Here we test both separated elements and the whole system. Test levels refer to different activities of the development lifecycle because system responses change during the development process.

Acceptance testing

Acceptance testing is needed to ensure the quality of the whole system, its behavior and capabilities, validate its work, and verify functional and non-functional requirements of the product or service to ensure the end customer can use the system correctly. It is usually done via user acceptance testing (UAT) and operational acceptance testing (OAT).

System testing

As acceptance testing, system testing is about the abilities and demeanor of the whole system concentrated on fixing security issues and defects and preventing them from occurring, verifying non-functional requirements, building trustworthy quality of product or service, and validating the working process.

Integration testing

Integration testing is a type of testing aimed at assessing the quality of interaction between components of a software system or an entire application with other components or software, e.g., API testing. This type of testing is designed to reduce risks, ensure the quality of the system interface, find and prevent defects, and verify the work of functional and non-functional requirements.

Unit Testing

Unit (module or component) testing is focused on testing certain elements of the system separately to reduce risks, prevent bugs, fix those that have already occurred, and validate the behavior of the system (both functional and non-functional).

Except for manual or automated testing itself, we may design a testing process for you. The question “How to test?” is no less important than the usual test question “What to test?” Test design is about coverage of the testing process. Let’s imagine you need to check 100 cases. If you use design techniques correctly, you will need to test only 5 of them to reach 100% coverage. Test design allows you to plan and prioritize test cases and their sets, define important data to support test conditions and cases, design test environments, determine necessary tools and infrastructure, and seize bidirectional traceability between the test basis, conditions, and cases and even provide automated testing in perspective for truly high-level quality assurance.

Test design techniques:

  • White box (statement, branch, decision, condition, multiple conditions, path)
  • Experience-based (error guessing, exploratory, checklist-based)
  • Black box (equivalence partitioning, boundary value analysis, decision tables, state transition, use cases, pairwise)

Types of Software Geniusee Tests

Geniusee provides desktop, web application, and mobile testing on iOS, Android, and Windows. Our software testing methodologies include functional and non-functional testing and some other types of testing.

Classification of our testing types

Functional testing

Functional testing is based on the system’s functions and functional quality characteristics such as completeness, correctness, and appropriateness. This type of testing is necessary to conduct during all testing levels. Testing techniques differ according to the specification of your project and depend on the functional coverage you need during the testing. Mostly, functional testing is conducted using black box testing techniques such as equivalence partitioning, boundary value analysis, decision tables, state transition, use cases, and pairwise.

Non-functional testing

Non-functional testing is based on systems behavior and how it affects user experience.

White box (structural) testing

  • Statement testing
  • Decision testing
  • Branch testing
  • Condition testing
  • Multiple condition testing
  • Path testing

Portability testing

  • Usability testing (UX testing)
  • Graphical user interface (GUI) testing/UI testing
  • Resource utilization/storage testing

Efficiency/performance testing

  • Reliability testing
  • Internalization and localization testing
  • Accessibility testing
  • Installation testing
  • Conformance/compliance testing

Robustness testing

  • Failover and recovery testing

Maintainability (stability testing, modularity testing)

  • Code testing

Security testing

  • Penetration testing

Compatibility testing

  • Cross-browser testing

Change related testing

  • Regression testing
  • Retest/confirmation

Advantages of Quality
Assurance Services


  • Decrease costs
  • Align company needs with goals
  • Update strategy
  • Ameliorate work environment
  • Ensure accessibility and equality
  • Upgrade onboarding and assessment processes
  • Enhance business growth


  • Fix all product bugs
  • Enhance competitive advantage
  • Ensure customers love your service
  • Improve your product
  • Keep the product up-to-date


  • Improve service
  • Gain customer trust and satisfaction
  • Empower customer care agents
  • Gain more points with customer satisfaction score and net promoter score

Quality Assurance Across Various Industries

Almost all industries can benefit from software quality assurance manual and automated testing services. The greatest advantages QA services bring are quality engineering of technology and infrastructure, empowering company strategy and business goals, simplifying business processes, assisting digital transformation, and enhancing HR and customer experience and care. Any new product development or operating systems enhancement cannot be implemented without IT software testing services that do not increase time to market but assure application quality. Software testing and QA services can be one of your best investments. Just take a look at industries' test coverage.

  • Telecom
  • Manufacturing
  • Airlines
  • Customer Service
  • Communications

QA and Testing Stages


Plan software testing services and prepare checklists


Review and analyze project requirements and documentation


Design test cases


Run tests or test automation


Create a test scripts report and measure testing efforts


Fix bugs and verify testing solutions

QA Testing Projects by Geniusee

Why Geniusee for Software QA Services?

The choice of a QA services company is a very important decision that may influence the product and company as a whole. You have to find someone reliable and experienced in QA outsourcing. What about a Forbes-recognized company that is one of Clutch's top developers?

Geniusee is a QA software testing company that provides QA services such as mobile application and web testing, test automation, security testing, regression, performance testing, integration, usability testing, automation testing, functional and non-functional testing, and many more. Our test engineers define your needs to provide only necessary software QA services.

Providing QA as a service requires a certain level of expertise, confirmed by reliable partners and successful cases of managed testing services. Geniusee believes in numbers and facts, so we offer evidence to prove our experience. Just remember that bad testing could be worse than no testing at all.








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Frequently Asked Questions

Well, that is the question. Simply, the difference is in tested objects. Yet, like everything about QA services, it is a little bit more complex. Functional testing (e.g., use cases) is concentrated on products’ features to make sure all functions of your application run as they should. Non-functional testing (e.g., performance testing) inspects how those functions are performing. Overall, both test types are designed to ensure the quality of your products and services; still, as far as they examine different aspects of software, a combination of both software testing services is needed.
The size of the testing team depends only on your requirements and needs. The more complex your project, the more QA/QC managers you need. For example, for mobile application testing, fewer people are needed than for desktop, web, and mobile testing. To ensure automated testing, you need less specialists than providing software quality assurance services for a furcate system. Our QA testing services are not about selling you the biggest number of QA team members possible; it’s about making sure your project will succeed.
How do you measure the immeasurable? If no one wants to buy a product that has serious bugs, will QA software testing services cost as much as the whole application? Of course not. As a software QA company, we say that, usually, the price of software quality assurance services starts from 15% to 25% of the total value of your project. Yet, as we mentioned above, the value of QA and testing services is immeasurable. Use our Estimator to calculate your project’s cost. This will help you understand the approximate cost of the QA testing services you may need.

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