Infrastructure is very important to maintain reliable operation. At Geniusee, we use our expertise in cloud and server solutions to derive and build high-performing environments that will satisfy any complexity requirements for customer's product. The increased productivity and performance that come with this approach bring companies more income and fewer headaches.


Cloud migration

Changing your business` data center capabilities has never been so easy. Geniusee team will help you choose, move and run your business on the appropriate cloud-based infrastructure provided by cloud service providers, e.g., AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure. You can transit everything from apps, websites, and storage to entire data centers, and we will help you choose the right strategy and implement it.

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Infrastructure management

Involve the best tech professionals and reduce your spendings on IT. Implement the latest cutting-edge technologies and expertise. Keep your IT systems secured and scaled, load-balanced, configured, backed up, and monitored for compliance without interruption of the enterprise. All these considered being infrastructure management tasks we may help you with.

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Highload optimization

Performance matters whether you are managing a marketing website or a web app. Geniusee DevOps team will help you with highload solutions for your company to complete your business tasks and efficiently tackle multiple performance challenges.

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Continuous delivery

The release of software changes is a new normal for digital businesses. However, the standardization and quality of this process is a complex task with numerous risks. Geniusee experts will help you implement updates, fixes, and new features quickly and safely for your business.

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Continuous integration:

Containers orchestration and deployment:


Infrastructure as code:









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