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DevOps Services

Infrastructure is very important to maintaining a reliable operation. At Geniusee, as a DevOps company, we use our expertise in cloud and server solutions to derive and build high-performing environments to boost our clients' businesses. We rely on a stable partnership with the worldwide known company AWS to satisfy any complex requirements for a customer's product. The increased productivity and performance that come with this approach bring companies more income and fewer headaches.

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Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery


The Geniusee DevOps team helps our clients maintain accurate control throughout the SDLC by automating product tests, deployment, and code management and other various DevOps solutions.


The main goal of our DevOps Services team is to shorten the release lifecycle, time to repair, and to warranty a smooth deployment.

For implementing our DevOps Services, we use checked and efficient approaches, such as CaC, adopting continuous integration and delivery, switching to microservices, monitoring the right metrics, managing artifacts, etc.

By creating a scalable CI using seamless decomposition, parallel running, and automation, we use proven tools for our DevOps Services:

  • Cloud-agnostic tools (including Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, TravisCI, Concourse, GitLab CI, Bitbucket Pipelines, and Github Actions)
  • Cloud-native tools (including AWS CodePipeline, Google Cloud Build, and Azure DevOps)

Migration to the cloud

The serverless architecture model has become the perfect host for modern microservices applications due to the numerous benefits it offers—which include reduced costs, high scalability, and an exceptional level of performance. We can move or create your project on cloud-based infrastructure and offer various cloud service providers, such as AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure.

Moving into the cloud takes several steps:

  1. 1. Planning
  2. 2. Migration of the business case
  3. 3. Cloud data migration execution
  4. 4. Ongoing support

Cloud migration brings significant benefits for your business:

Scalability Icon Scalability Icon
Scalability: larger workloads, increased number of users
Cost Reduction Icon Cost Reduction Icon
Cost reduction: maintenance and upgrades are on cloud providers, so you spend less on IT operations
Performance Icon Performance Icon
Better performance and end-user experience
Accessibility Icon Accessibility Icon
Accessibility: both employees and customersa can easily access your services and data wherever they are

And we can move:

bare metal to cloud

cloud to cloud

monolith to microservices

IT assessment:

Geniusee as a DevOps Services Company provides you with proven practices to estimate your IT system.

Infrastructure Icon
Infrastructure assessment
Cost optimization Icon
Cloud cost optimization
Performance Icon
Performance assessment
Scalability Icon
Scalability assessment
Maintainability Icon
Maintainability assessment

Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) allows users to manage and provision infrastructure through code in contrast to manual processes. As a result, it becomes easier to edit and distribute configurations because IaC configuration files contain your infrastructure specifications.

This approach is applicable to managing data center servers, storage, and networking infrastructure. So if a change has to be made, no manual actions are required; all infrastructure configuration is located in standardized files and read by maintaining the infrastructure’s state software. That leads to increased productivity and more reliable work of the infrastructure.


Let’s define the main advantages:

Time Icon
Faster time to production/market
Consistency Icon
Improved consistency
Efficiency Icon
More efficient development
Protection Icon Protection Icon
Protection against breakups
Lower costs Icon Lower costs Icon
Lower costs
ROI Icon ROI Icon
Improved ROI

Infrastructure development:

  • Cloud-native development
  • Cloud

Security analysis

Risks that compromise your software are extremely unwelcome. And to set this principle to work, we are ready to walk an extra mile to take total control for protecting your product. Security tools themselves can’t take the pressure. The best code signing practices are implemented carefully during each step of software development and can prevent danger.

Cloud analysis (AWS, GCP, Azure)

Container analysis

Code analysis

OS analysis (Linux, Windows)

Infrastructure support (SRE)

Want to have your problems fixed automatically? Our SRE team can use your software as a tool to automate operations tasks, manage systems, and solve a big and time-consuming part of your problems. This practice allows you to create scalable and reliable software systems, offering sustainability and continuous delivery. The main parts of this model are standardization and automation. Let our experts predict and prevent the failure, pre-solving it in advance.

Highload optimization

Performance matters whether you are managing a marketing website or a web app. The Geniusee DevOps team, having hands-on DevOps best practices, will help you with high-load solutions for your company to complete your business tasks and efficiently tackle multiple performance challenges.

Our Process:

Monitoring and feedback

Benefits of DevOps Services

Time-to-market Icon Time-to-market Icon
Faster time-to-market
Customer experience Icon Customer experience Icon
Comprehensive customer experience
Funding Icon Time to value Icon
Clear time to value
Fast flow Icon Fast flow Icon
Enables fast flow of the planned work into production
Automated tools Icon Automated tools Icon
Automated tools are used on each step
Stabilization Icon Stabilization Icon
Stabilization of operating environments
Communication Icon Communication Icon
High-quality communication and partnership
Innovation Icon Innovation Icon
More space for innovation

DevOps Tools and Platforms:

Tools Image

Cloud Providers

Google Cloud

AWS Tools & Technologies We Use

Continuous Integration

Travis CI
Aws Codeplay
GitHub Actions

Contaners Orchestration And Deployment

aws ecs


AWS CloudWatch
New Relic

Infrastructure As Code

AWS CloudFormation

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Why Choosing Geniusee?

To bring excellent software to our clients, we rely on the brilliance of our experts. We are a DevOps services and solutions company driven by metrics, and we aim at measurable results. All our efforts flourish because we create an effective, transparent, and reliable partnership.

We become the perfect implementers and DevOps services provider if you only have an idea. We supply our clients with innovative, valuable, and tested DevOps solutions that meet the end-user’s needs. Our technology and business specialists can create a product that makes your customers’ lives better and easier, bringing you the desired outcomes.

DevOps as a service requires the high-level expertise that we owe. We systematize our processes for achieving significant results based on metrics; we track the velocity of our teams, we stick to execution on a per sprint basis, and we use transparent time logging to procure transparency in DevOps assessment. Unit testing and code coverage help us understand what is optional, and we concentrate on the essential and necessary work. Automation testing allows us to compare actual outcomes to expected ones.








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