• 1

    Ease to use.

    Allows you to access the capabilities of a fully operational relational database in a few minutes.

  • 2

    Automatic software patch installation.

    Deployment always occurs using the current version of the relational database engine with all patches issued.

  • 3

    Optimization Guidelines.

    RDS provides optimization recommendations based on an analysis of the configuration and metrics of database instances using.

  • 4

    Universal Storage (SSD).

    SSD-based universal storage provides at least three IOPS per allocated gigabyte.

  • 5

    Easy to scale computing resources.

    You can scale computing and memory resources by reducing or increasing their capacity to the maximum possible 32 virtual CPUs and 244 GiB of RAM.

  • 6

    Automatic backup.

    The Amazon RDS automatic backup feature allows you to restore a database instance at a specific point in time.