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Smooth business processes and customer satisfaction are impossible without continuously operational software. Exceeding expectations is a must in the modern world for a huge competitive advantage. At Geniusee, we thrive on evolving with our clients. Our team of experts can assist you with support services for your IT resources anytime you need them.

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IT maintenance and support services we provide

The Geniusee support team is here to help you with maintaining your software and will provide IT infrastructure and software support services when you demand them. We have a firm grip on a customer-oriented approach, providing the IT support and maintenance services you need.

Benefits of IT support and maintenance services

Geniusee IT maintenance and support services will help boost your business, ensure cost-efficiency, and raise productivity.

Your business goals should not be affected by performance issues, security problems, or technology lifecycles. Geniusee software support services will ensure your business’s growth and help transform your company. Application maintenance and software support aid in aligning all features together with zero fault tolerance.
Cost optimization is a business-oriented process that ensures spending reduction while maximizing business value from your database. By applying appropriate algorithms, we will help you reach the expected results.
For example, big retailers use tons of data about products, deals, and buying behavior. We offer big data solutions to process all of it and transfer data to expert dashboards to track patterns for the most effective decision-making.
Geniusee can build business intelligence solutions on top of your big data. How so? While optimizing cost and operations, we recommend applying Business Intelligence (BI), Machine Learning (MLOps), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure end-to-end automation. BI covers technical infrastructure for collecting, parsing, storing, and analyzing data. BI solutions allow producing reports, helping managers make better decisions.
ETL (extract, transform, and load) helps combine data from multiple sources into one data store integrated into a data warehouse or other target system. This data integration process enables smooth and data-driven decision management.
Replace your legacy data storage systems with faster, safer, and more effective ones. The Geniusee team will help you pick the correct cost-effective alternative to perform better and get the most from your database. We offer full-cycle big data development services and consulting to address your particular needs and business goals.

Our support and maintenance approach

Our IT maintenance and support are customer-oriented and based on your needs, requirements, and service-level agreement. Geniusee provides professional services, possessing a knowledge base of technology expertise.

Our working path is divided into a few steps:

Discovery and planning

  • Defining channels of communication with teams on both sides
  • Evaluating infrastructure and analyzing your business processes
  • Analyzing DR capabilities
  • Discovery and Planning

Setup and transition

  • Setting up monitoring tools
  • Reviewing current workflow and adaptation procedures
  • Reviewing/upgrading/creating runbooks and reports

24/7 support

  • 24/7 incident management
  • Metrics analysis
  • Service-level reports

Ongoing maintenance improvements

  • Automating common activities
  • Monitoring and alerting system capabilities improvement
  • Runbooks, reports, knowledge management, and other documentation

Industries we serve

Trust IT maintenance services to known professionals. The Geniusee certified team of experts has completed 100+ projects on time and within budget in different domains for dynamic businesses in FinTech, EdTech, retail, etc., and with startups Y Combinator and Techstars on Series A to D funding rounds. We provide IT support and maintenance services to our clients to ensure their success. Our focus:

Why choose Geniusee for IT support and maintenance services

We provide IT maintenance services and support solutions according to the three-tiered service model and will provide you with an extended warranty of our services.

Our senior experts can handle any challenge for multiple reasons:


We achieve best results in support and maintenance by thriving and personalizing our approach to each case.


We are driven by metrics and numbers; you can measure our promise by time, analytics, performance, and in the end, your outcome, especially given that we work to exceed your expectations.


We prioritize the essentials and consider every single detail of your complex issues, offering the best-fitting support services.

Our success stories

Technologies Geniusee uses for IT maintenance and support

DevOps tools and platforms

Cloud providers

Continuous integration

Containers orchestration and deployment


Infrastructure as code



Tools and libraries



aws ecs





Search engines


Message brokers

amazon sqs
Rabbit MQ

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