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Infrastructure optimization services for Java projects with the help of Quarkus

As you search for ways to optimize your application infrastructure, Quarkus offers a compelling solution designed to optimize the use of resources and improve the performance of Java applications, particularly in cloud and containerized environments. We use Quarkus to help you gain access to a host of capabilities that enhance performance, reduce costs, and streamline deployment.

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What is Quarkus infrastructure optimization?

Infrastructure optimization refers to enhancing the efficiency and performance of infrastructure. Infrastructure optimization services are a crucial part of modern application development. With the rise of microservices and serverless architectures, having performant and efficient applications is more important than ever. 

Quarkus provides capabilities that directly address infrastructure optimization needs. Its features allow applications to start faster, consume fewer resources, and scale seamlessly. For any organization looking to optimize its infrastructure, Quarkus is worth strong consideration. 

This solution is for:

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    Established companies with legacy Java code bases

    We understand the challenges you face in terms of maintenance costs and outdated technology. Our services can help you strategically reduce your annual costs without compromising on performance or functionality.

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    Businesses struggling with Java load handling

    Our solution can address performance bottlenecks, ensuring that your infrastructure is not only cost-efficient but also capable of handling the demands of Java applications seamlessly.

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    Organizations concerned about outdated technology costs

    We will focus on modernizing your infrastructure to provide a cost-effective strategy that brings long-term savings and ensures you stay ahead of technological challenges.

Metrics demonstrating our optimization results and solution potential

Explore the statistics achieved in our past projects here. While each client's experience varies depending on their unique needs and initial project, the capabilities of Quarkus truly make a difference. Let's take a look:  

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    We achieved a remarkable ~150x performance improvement. Our infrastructure optimization solution now ensures that the execution time for a single request at its maximum of ~1.1 seconds, with an average execution time of ~13ms.

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    Load and scaling

    Our solution achieved an impressive ~961x load improvement, enabling project to handle not just thousands, but millions of requests.

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    Cost reduction

    In previous instances, we successfully achieved a significant ~1105x cost reduction for our client's project by implementing our infrastructure optimization solution.

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Our AWS competencies and service validations

As an AWS Advanced Partner, we are committed to providing top-notch infrastructure optimization services to increase the efficiency and performance of your Java applications.  

Reach out to us today to discuss the details of how our AWS Advanced Partner expertise, coupled with the capabilities of Quarkus, can benefit your application infrastructure.

Infrastructure cost reduction cooperation process

Our goal is to provide you with an optimized infrastructure using Quarkus that reduces costs, improves scalability, and allows you to focus on your business rather than managing resources. Contact our IT infrastructure optimization company to get started with an analysis of your current infrastructure.

Infrastructure audit 

To optimize your infrastructure using Quarkus, our team will conduct a comprehensive audit of your existing systems and applications. We will profile your applications to analyze resource utilization, performance bottlenecks, and potential areas for improvement. 

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    Containerization assessment

    For applications that are not already containerized, we will evaluate the feasibility and benefits of adapting them to run using Quarkus.

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    Cost analysis

    We will analyze your current infrastructure costs and project potential cost savings from optimizing and modernizing your systems using Quarkus.

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    Based on the audit findings, we will provide a set of prioritized recommendations for modernizing your infrastructure using Quarkus. 

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Optimization proposal

Taking into account Quarkus' features and advantages, we will create a custom optimization proposal just for you and your project. Our services will allow you to do more with less, optimizing your infrastructure through performance and efficiency gains.

Technologies we apply

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Benefits of choosing Quarkus for infrastructure cost optimization

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    Quarkus provides optimizations to enhance the performance and efficiency of your applications. Features like ahead-of-time compilation, fast boot, and live reload can significantly reduce startup time and resource usage. Optimizing performance means your applications can do more with less infrastructure.

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    Resource usage

    Quarkus is designed to have a low memory footprint and efficient CPU usage. By optimizing resource usage, we can decrease infrastructure costs by using smaller and less powerful compute instances. You can also increase density by running more Quarkus applications on the same infrastructure.

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    Quarkus simplifies deployment through containerization. Quarkus applications can leverage autoscaling, reducing excess capacity. Easier deployment also lowers operational costs associated with deploying and maintaining applications.

Our industry expertise

  • Quarkus excels with its modular approach to app development, making a significant impact beyond applications. It optimally utilizes resources, ensuring Fintech infrastructure is responsive and cost-effective.

  • Edtech platforms, dealing with dynamic workloads and frequent updates, benefit immensely from Quarkus. Beyond the applications' enhanced development speed and scalability, Quarkus optimizes the infrastructure to handle varying demands seamlessly.

  • In the retail sector, where real-time order processing is crucial, Quarkus plays an important role in optimizing the infrastructure. The framework ensures that retail applications can scale effortlessly to meet increasing demand during peak times. 

  • Real estate applications often deal with large datasets, especially when incorporating map features. Quarkus, with its low memory usage and quick startup times, optimizes the infrastructure supporting these applications. 

What our clients say about us

Why is Quarkus a great solution?

Even though Quarkus is not yet a very popular tool for optimizing infrastructure and other work processes, its features can significantly improve project performance with the right implementation.

In a notable example, Vodafone Greece successfully replaced Spring Boot with Quarkus to improve developer efficiency, lower cloud resource consumption, and shorter application boot-up times.

Another great case: Banco do Brasil used Quarkus to get Open Banking investment info. In this case, Quarkus was particularly helpful because it made it easy to expand the process, show metrics for better tracking, and control faults.

Overall, Quarkus is an ideal solution for infrastructure optimization for several reasons.

Low memory footprint

Quarkus is designed to have a low memory footprint and fast startup times. It achieves this by relying on ahead-of-time compilation rather than JIT compilation at runtime. This results in very fast startup times, low RSS memory usage, and high throughput.

Quarkus significantly reduces the resources required to run Java applications. It has a low memory usage and requires fewer CPU cores to operate. This makes it an excellent choice for resource-constrained environments.

Quarkus works seamlessly in cloud-native environments. It has out-of-the-box support serverless platforms. This makes Quarkus applications easy to deploy and manage across on-premises infrastructure and public clouds.

Quarkus streamlines the development process with live coding, fast feedback loops, and productivity tools. It speeds up the development of applications with faster build times, live reload, and time-travel debugging.

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Our certifications

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How does infrastructure optimization help in business growth?

Optimized IT infrastructure helps businesses grow by saving costs, improving efficiency, and ensuring they can easily scale and adapt. It also sets the stage for adopting new technologies and expanding services globally, creating a strong foundation for success.

When optimizing infrastructure costs, there are a few main pillars to focus on:

  • Right sizing — adjust resources to match the workload.
  • Reserved instances — commit for cost savings.
  • Auto-scaling — dynamically adjust resources based on demand.
  • Spot -instances — use short-lived, cost-effective instances.
  • Monitoring — track usage and costs with monitoring tools.
  • Data storage optimization — choose appropriate storage types.

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