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Developing a large language model is a complex process, but we're ready to help you find a simple and consistent approach to it. Whether you need help with just scaling an existing model or building a custom one from the ground up, our LLM developers are here to handle any request.

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LLM development services we provide

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Hesitant about where to start your LLM journey? Our team can guide you through all important steps, including model lifecycle management, model evaluation, validation, interpretability, ethical and bias considerations, and other domain-specific knowledge.

Our LLM developers collect relevant data that reflects the domain or tasks the model will be used for, design the architecture of your LLM, train and optimize its performance, test, and, finally, deploy it for you. 

Our team is ready to take on this task if you need more than just a model, but also a solution powered by it. Our AI experts can work closely with you to define your requirements, create a strategic work plan, and handle all operational tasks along the way.

We also provide fine-tuning services for pre-trained large language models such as BERT or GPT. Using LoRA and QLoRA techniques, our developers can adjust the model's parameters based on new task-specific data. This way, we will adapt the pre-trained knowledge to the specific requirements of your task.

As an LLM development company, we can integrate pre-trained LLMs into your projects, using Nvidia Triton to streamline deployment in production environments. You can use various aspects of LLM to make your projects more intelligent, context-aware, and capable of generating human-like text.

Let our experts help you ensure the reliability, security, and effectiveness of your LLM or LLM-based systems. You can count on us for bug fixes, model updates, performance monitoring and optimization, data management, and more.

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Business benefits of LLM development

  • Efficiency

    You can save your employees time by automating routine tasks with the help of LLM. Use these saved hours for strategic activities to drive your business processes.

  • Flexibility

    Large language models can be used to handle various tasks across different departments, users or applications. Take advantage of this versatility to streamline your workflows.

  • Enhanced decision-making

    LLM can analyze massive datasets to derive insights, aiding decision-making processes. You can leverage AI solutions to enhance the analysis of market trends and make data-driven decisions.

Our custom LLM development process

Every cooperation is unique and tailored to meet our clients' specific requirements. However, these main steps will give you an overview of our LLM development process. 

Book a short call with our team to get more details.

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Our AI models expertise

Our LLM-powered solutions across industries

  • LLM solutions help streamline legal and compliance processes in banking, insurance, and other financial sectors. We offer AI-driven predictive analytics, document automation tools, and smart contract systems.

  • For Edtech companies, we develop LLM solutions focused on automating legal agreements, content generation, managing student data privacy, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

  • In retail, we apply LLM to boost contract management, protect customer data privacy, and ensure AI-powered regulatory compliance across global markets. 

  • For real estate companies, we leverage LLM to streamline property listings, tenant screening, property management, and transactions.

What our clients say


Why choose us as your large language model development company

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    Result-driven approach

    Our approach ensures every step we take leads to a high level of model performance and measurable results aligned with your goals.

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    Professionalism is at the core of everything we do. We are transparent and honest and will keep you in the loop every step of the way.

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    Custom solutions

    Our team works closely with you to understand your workflows, challenges, and goals, ensuring that the customized solution is perfectly aligned with your business needs.


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What is an LLM?

Large language models (LLM) are artificial intelligence systems trained on massive amounts of data to generate human language and recognize speech patterns, word relationships, or semantic analysis. LLM is typically based on deep learning architectures, specifically transformer architectures — neural networks that excel at processing sequential data.

LLMs can perform different language-related tasks, including:

  • Text generation for content creation
  • Text classification
  • Text summarization
  • AI-driven language generation 
  • Language translation
  • Sentiment analysis
  • LLM-based question answering

LLMs have many practical applications that can increase business growth and improve worklows. Large language models can automate customer service virtual assistants and provide conversational AI with tailored responses, generate product descriptions and blog content, analyze customer feedback, create speech recognition systems and more.

Developing an LLM requires data collection, data processing, choosing an architecture, model training, and optimizing its performance. It's a complex process that involves several strategic steps.

As a large language model development company, we offer our expertise in natural language processing and neural networks to help businesses create the LLM solutions they need. Our development team handles the technical aspects of building and deploying LLM.

The time required to develop an LLM depends on several factors, including the amount of data needed, model complexity, and more. Most projects take 3 to 6 months for initial development and deployment. 
Use our Estimator to get an approximate timeline. 

Alternatively, you can contact our team for a consultation regarding large language model development services.

The cost of large language model development services depends on the scope and complexity of your project. Try our Estimator to get customized estimates based on your unique needs and goals.

Absolutely. As a large language model developer in the field, we specialize in building custom LLMs tailored to your specific needs. Our data scientists will work closely with you to determine the best model design, model architecture, data, and algorithms for your use case.

During the large language model (LLM) development process, we require large volumes of text data, such as emails, chat logs, articles, or books, to properly train large language models. The more high-quality data we can gather, the more accurate your model can become.

Yes, large language models (LLMs) can be integrated into existing applications or systems through its API, allowing developers to interact with the model by sending text prompts and receiving responses.

  1. Question answering systems: LLMs employ machine learning techniques to understand questions and provide relevant answers.

  1. Dialogue systems: LLMs can generate dialogues for interactive storytelling or for training dialogue systems.

  1. Code generation: LLMs can generate code snippets, assist in programming tasks, or even generate entire programs based on high-level descriptions.

  1. Data analysis: LLMs can aid in analyzing textual data, extracting insights, or generating reports.

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