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LMS Integration Services

LMS integrations help create a streamlined learning experience within your organization. Your new LMS may be the star of the show, but integration services are the behind-the-scenes crew making sure its performance is a hit.

LMS integration refers to connecting your new LMS with the other tools and software your company already uses, like your HR system, CMS, and SSO solution. Integrating these systems allows for seamless data sharing. We connect the right tools so you can focus on what really matters: engaging your users and developing their skills.

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LMS integration services we provide

Integrating your learning management system (LMS) with other tools is key to efficiency. By connecting your LMS to various systems, you can manage learning content, user data, access, and more with ease.

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    Authentication and authorization platforms

    Connecting to authentication and authorization platforms helps control who accesses what in your LMS. Give the proper people access to specific resources and keep unauthorized users out.

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    Human resources systems

    Syncing with HR systems gives you accurate employee info in your LMS. Automatic user provisioning and up-to-date records save time and ensure the right people access the right content.

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    Assessment and analytics tools

    Integrating with assessment and analytics tools provides data to optimize your learning strategy. See how programs impact key metrics and make changes to improve results.

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    Content management systems

    Linking to a CMS lets you update course materials seamlessly. Keeping content fresh and engaging is a breeze when you can make changes in one place.

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    Single sign-on solutions

    Integrating single sign-on means users log in once to access your LMS and other systems. No more remembering multiple passwords, and users can get to learning faster.

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Integration tools and features

Single sign-on

We provide SSO integration to enable your users to access the LMS using their existing login credentials from other systems like G Suite, Office 365, or an identity provider like Okta. This eliminates the need to remember multiple passwords and improves the overall user experience.

Our API and web services allow your LMS to exchange data with other applications through a set of clearly defined methods and standards. This includes REST APIs, SOAP web services, and Open APIs. Developers can leverage our documentation and code samples to build integrations tailored to your organization's needs.

We offer data exchange features like CSV import/export, webhooks, and cron jobs to sync information between systems automatically. For example, you can sync user profiles from your HR database into the LMS or push LMS reporting data into your BI tool using scheduled data exports.

Our SCIM provisioning integration helps automatically create, update, and deactivate LMS user accounts based on actions in your identity provider or HR system. This ensures your LMS always has an accurate, up-to-date user directory without manual intervention.

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Our LMS integration process

Our LMS integration process ensures your system works efficiently with the rest of your learning infrastructure. We follow a proven methodology to integrate your LMS with other applications, enhancing its functionality and streamlining your training activities.

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Our offices are located in the USA, Poland, and Ukraine.

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Benefits of integrating your LMS with other tools

Integrating your LMS with other software tools provides significant benefits for your organization.

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    Streamlined processes

    Connecting your LMS to systems like HR, authentication, and ERP integrates data across platforms. Employees have a seamless experience with automated logins and accurate profiles. Admins save time with automated user provisioning and reduced data entry.

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    Improved learning experience

    Integrating collaboration tools, e-commerce, assessments, and analytics provides a better experience for learners and instructors. Learners can communicate easily and pay for courses efficiently. Instructors gain insights to improve content.

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    Data-driven decisions

    With integrated analytics and assessments, you gain valuable data on learner performance and program effectiveness. See what's working, spot opportunities to improve, and make strategic decisions backed by data.

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    Enhanced functionality

    Integrating a CMS provides a central content repository to easily update and maintain course materials. Integrating SSO gives users one login for all systems. E-commerce integration enables paid course enrollment. These integrations expand the functionality of learning management systems.



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How long does LMS integration take?

Simple integrations may only take a few weeks, while larger projects can span 3-6 months or more. The timeline depends on factors like the number and type of systems being integrated, customization requirements, availability of connectors or APIs, and so on. Use our Estimator or contact our team to get an estimated timeline for your project.

The complexity depends on the learning management systems, but many integrations are straightforward, especially if using pre-built connectors. An integration partner can help handle more complex projects.

Integration creates a seamless learning environment. It allows systems to work together to meet your organization's training needs and goals. Integrating learning management systems with other tools streamlines processes enhances functionality, and improves efficiency.

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