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Kotlin App Development Services

Are you looking for professionals with Kotlin app development expertise to build feature-rich modern Android applications? Is your budget too tight to hire full-time Kotlin developers? We know that Kotlin app development is new and may seem expensive, but don't worry! Geniusee provides budget-friendly and adaptable Kotlin development services. No matter the size of your project, our developers can handle it. 

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Our Kotlin App Development Services

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    Kotlin software consulting

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    Custom Kotlin app development

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    Android development with Kotlin

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    Cross-platform development

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    Kotlin web development

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    Enterprise application development using Kotlin

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    Kotlin app designing

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    Kotlin app testing

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    Migration to Kotlin

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    Kotlin app maintenance and support

Why Should You Use Kotlin?

Discover the numerous advantages of this programming language. In an official statement of Google, Kotlin is now the language of choice for Android app developers. We know about this and can help you succeed using it. We are highly involved in every project from the very beginning. Years of work, improvement, and building partnerships mean that we currently have over 200 people and a constantly growing team of experts. Building teams that deliver excellent Kotlin Android apps is what we do.

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    Fully compatible with Java

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    Requires less coding

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    Highly scalable

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    Supports modern programming concepts

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    Increased team efficiency

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    Easy to maintain

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    Stable and secure

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    Support for multiplatform development

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    Big community support

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    Safer code

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    Better performance

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    Simple yet powerful

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    Open-source language

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    On-time delivery

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    Enhanced error handling

The Approach We Follow

Every project is unique, but we always stay professional, open to customers, and focused on delivering value. We pay attention to the tiniest details and begin by understanding your goals and needs. To choose the best development strategy, we use the knowledge and experience we've gained as a Kotlin development company over the years.

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Industries We Specialize In

Geniusee has successfully completed over 150 projects in various industries. We offer services in Kotlin app development, as well as other programming languages and tools. Our work can be found in healthcare, IoT, entertainment, inventory management, logistics, data science, AgroTech, and MarTech among others. However, we focus on four major areas to remain top experts in our field.


Hiring Models

Our Projects

Why Choose Geniusee for Your Kotlin App Development Project?

Using Kotlin as an official language of limitless possibilities, Geniusee, as an experienced Kotlin development company, delivers first-rate mobile apps created by skilled and adept Kotlin developers. Our clients on Clutch recognize us as a market-hitting company in mobile app development. Geniusee’s Kotlin developers ensure a smooth development process under the guidance of ISO 27001 and 9001. And don’t forget to enhance your Kotlin Android app with cloud possibilities; as a certified advanced AWS partner, we will empower your Android apps with multiple state-of-the-art features. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to build a Kotlin app?

The process of mobile application development comprises numerous components. As a result, the pricing for Kotlin application development services is influenced by a multitude of factors. These factors rely on the client's design and user experience preferences, their vision for the digital product, project requirements, and the specifics of the Kotlin Android development process, such as the number and intricacy of features, expertise of Kotlin app developers, hiring model (dedicated team, fixed price, time and material, etc.). Additionally, elements such as project scale and scope, team size, exclusive features of the Kotlin Android application, unique additions, and innovative use of Kotlin native or integral components impact the cost.

Furthermore, the geographical location of the company to which the Kotlin Android software development is outsourced, the extent of post-release support provided, and the number of hours dedicated to hiring Kotlin Android developers will affect the overall pricing for Kotlin development services. Consequently, it is challenging to ascertain the exact cost involved in developing a Kotlin Android application without having a comprehensive understanding of all project details. Thus, if a general estimate for Android app development is needed, we recommend using our Estimator. However, if precise information regarding Kotlin development costs is required, please feel free to contact us.

Kotlin is a versatile programming language used for writing simple code and creating software for many areas, like native Android, cross-platform, and web apps. It works well in Android Studio and can be used alongside Java code, which makes it easy for companies to switch from Java to Kotlin. While Kotlin is mostly known for Android app development, it's also becoming popular for server-side programming.

In 2017, the Spring Framework officially started supporting Kotlin with version 5, and it works well with other platforms like iOS too. It's great for mobile apps, server-side and client-side applications, as well as data science software development projects.

Kotlin has useful features that help you write clean code, such as extension functions and higher-order functions. It also has a unique nullability concept that makes your app less likely to experience errors compared to Java apps (which might show the "Application Is Not Responding" message).

If you're not sure if Kotlin is right for your app or web development project, our experts can help you decide which programming language is best. If you need to hire Kotlin Android developers, don't hesitate to contact us — we're here to assist!

As a Kotlin app development company with more than six years of experience in software development, we have concluded that the open-source programming language Kotlin empowers dedicated Kotlin app developers with robust native solutions for mobile and web and helps you reach your business goals.

You can build Android applications, server-side applications, and client-side web applications with Kotlin. It's also possible to use Kotlin for desktop applications and UWP apps.

Kotlin is a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) language that interoperates well with Java code. That means you can use Java libraries in Kotlin app development services and projects and vice versa. Additionally, the Kotlin compiler produces a bytecode that is compatible with the JVM. This makes it easy to use Kotlin programming language in existing Java projects.

If you want to know more about top Kotlin possibilities, give us a call — we’re excited to assist you with learning about Kotlin’s prospects.

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