IT Audit Services

Persist or rebuild? Answer this question with our IT audit services!
Lining up your business processes and strategies and setting up new goals requires constant checkups of your codebase and its abilities. You need to get a comprehensive project audit before adding new characteristics and attributes and making any improvements. To sum up, before planning any changes in your project, analyze it first!
Audit practice is a good way to establish internal controls. Audit experience lets you make an objective assessment of your business problems and evaluate the risks.

IT Audit Services

Information technology audit services, or IT audit services, are vital for information systems. You can always conduct an audit process yourself; however, sometimes, a helicopter view and the advanced expertise of an IT audit company is needed. Also, audit outsourcing is a great way to not only test your data security, but also to ensure compliance of your site, examine your business applications, inspect the technical control of your critical system, and obtain an across-the-board information technology overview. Internal audit permits you to strengthen your company with the best software audit services and IT audit solutions. The Geniusee team provides a holistic, objective analysis of information technology and IT audit services.

Deliverables of IT Audit Services

A detailed report of controls assessment is formed according to your project requirements and may include

software code analysis
a third-party software integration logs audit
Architecture Site Analysis
Design review
Audit of your data security management
Roadmap to implement recommendations

IT Audit Services We Offer

Innovative software is the core that drives your business. To implement your aims and meet your customers' and stakeholders' goals, and to provide business continuity, you need it to be trustworthy and technologically up-to-date. While new features appear, you want your software to be upgraded and ameliorated but without any information being leaked. If you need to expose and strike down security vulnerabilities or prevent misfortunes, an IT audit is needed to protect your information system from malevolent activity.

In our project audit, we consider the following areas

Development Audit
Development Audit / Codebase Audit
Infrastructure Audit
Infrastructure Audit
PM Audit
PM Audit (PMI)
PM Audit
PM process Audit

Development Audit/
Codebase Audit

Our Code Audit includes

Let’s imagine that there are some defects in your software, e.g. missing features, unsupported functions, or other both known and unknown issues. Adding new attributes may cause the whole system to collapse. Geniusee, as an IT audit company, will help you review your code and find out how to improve it.
Defending your customers' data and company information and protecting it from hackers is a real need in our modern world. While hackers are inventing new ways to crack your databases, we already have our hands on the best security-control practices to prevent system leaks.
Sometimes, the smallest inefficiency in your information system can lead to a whole system shutdown and cause enormous loss to your business. The code audit is dedicated to disclosing mix-ups so you can use that time to focus on the best way to improve your information technology.
Third-party software components are advancing, regardless of your code. Those integrations could have been designed to lead your system toward transformation. Yet, after adding many other system components and application controls, they may not work properly. To avoid a breakdown, all issues need to be fixed. In any matter, our experts in IT audit can recognize the buggy parts and help you strengthen your code.
Inclusion is mandatory in today’s world. Legal requirements to meet diverse people’s needs are non-negotiable and in meeting these needs, compliance is ensured. A synergy of all processes leads to a rise in effectiveness and potentially offers a competitive advantage. Setting it up is a complicated process that requires experience and knowledge. We can cover your needs during internal audit by identifying the compliance level required and make it even more powerful.

The Code Audit is not

A Peer Code Review:

Some may say that a code audit is not needed if teammates are reviewing each other’s codes. However, internal audit is not about individual mistakes. An in-depth code audit is dedicated to identifying large-scale issues that decrease your system’s effectiveness.


All codes contain bugs that slow software down and cause system mistakes. Despite common beliefs, a code audit is not committed to detecting and fixing them. Software code analysis is focused on technical assessment of your system, problem-spotting, and further recommendations to boost the project.

Infrastructure Audit

Do you want to get an update on the current status of your networks and applications? Do you want to be sure that all your systems work in accordance with your core functional requirements? If you want to run an efficient and stable IT infrastructure that leads your organization to success, an infrastructure audit is necessary. During the internal audit, we will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your IT architecture. As a result, you will obtain a roadmap that will improve your IT infrastructure. An infrastructure audit is intended to detect defects and inefficiencies in your system in order to fix them ASAP. If you are planning to begin a new project or upgrade an existing information system, identify mistakes, or accomplish a more productive operating systems workflow, we recommend you schedule an internal audit of your infrastructure first.

While conducting an infrastructure audit, we provide you with a wide range of services in order to examine your business process entirely and manage an in-depth internal audit. We inspect the benchmarking of your software and run all types of analyses, starting from full-scale performance analysis driven in real-time to analysis of particular separated elements such as risk assessments or IT audit of security controls. As a result, we furnish you with complex and detailed reports and further recommendations.
IT Geniusee’s specialists are experienced in working with all types of infrastructures. We’ve accomplished auditing of both basic business platforms and extensive IT systems bound with a massive set of corporate integrations. Being experienced in custom approaches means we are ready to provide the best IT auditing services and tailor the auditing workflow to your specific type of infrastructure, no matter the scope and functionality.

PM Audit (PMI)

“A project manager is like a doctor who leads the trauma team and decides the course of action for a patient — both at the same time. Without the right kind of authority to efficiently handle all the project management issues, development teams can easily get into trouble.” — Scott Berkun, the author of “Making Things Happen”

PM audit will cover the following

Card Icon
Activity and resource planning (reviewing and suggestions)
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Team time management and progress monitoring
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Reviewing reports and necessary project-related documentation

BA process Audit

A business analysis audit is focused on assessment of your business goals and evaluation of the whole strategy. It involves lining up your company aims and objectives with the technical expertise of the team and inspecting your business processes. Determining if your team possesses all the necessary equipment is also an important part of the BA audit. All above-mentioned processes lead your company to development process reinforcement and make it easier to reach your desired results.

Our business analysis audit services include
  1. Investigation of existing project documentation.
  2. Investigation of BA approaches in the project development
  • of the ongoing status of your projects regarding the business analysis of your team’s related tasks;
  • a report containing all issues spotted and risks evaluation and guidance for further resolution and alleviation;
  • recommendations for altering or commuting of processes in order to perform according to requirements;
  • and specific suggestions for certain tools and templates.

Our Process

Goals formation and IT audit plan development
All relevant data collection and analysis
Test running (e.g. full system or software analysis, data extraction, inefficiencies detection, penetration testing, etc.)
Report presenting

Technology Stack for
Audit Services

We have an extensive, well-adjusted stack of tools and technologies for IT audit that we tailor individually to every project.


Cloud Providers

Amazon AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, Any Private Cloud and other...


Containers & Orchestration

Docker, Compose, Kubernetes and other...



Jenkins, GitLab, GitHub, Teamcity, CircleCI, Travis CI, Bitbucket Piplelines, DronCI, Flux, ArgoCD and other...


Configuration management

Ansible, Chef, Puppet and other...



MySQL, MongoDB, Amazon Aurora, PostgresSQL, Percona, Scylla DB, Clickhouse MariaDB, Oracle, MS SQL, InnoDB and other...



RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka, Apache Cassandra, Redis, LKStack, Istio, MinIO, Memcached, Kiali and other...



Prometheus, Datadog, Sentury, Grafana, PagerDuty, InfluxDB, Azure Monitor, Google Stackdriver, Amazon Cloudwatch and other...


Infrastructure provisioning

Terraform, Pulumi, AWS, CloudFormation and other...


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