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Dedicated Software
Development Team

Hiring a dedicated development team is a great idea to boost your company or product! Whether you want to extend your tech department or create one from scratch, Geniusee can provide the best dedicated team of IT specialists in Eastern Europe with a global mindset and expertise to meet any of your project requirements.

Focus and achieve your business goals; let us build a dedicated remote development team to empower you! We will provide a variety of specialists from project managers, software engineers, and QA specialists to designers and DevOps professionals to resolve your specific case and control your expenses without losing quality.

In almost five years, we have enhanced 100+ teams of our partners and clients worldwide, helping them pick the right people for crucial positions and deliver the best result possible.

Why Should You Hire a Dedicated
Software Development Team?


To use resources wisely

  • To save costs and avoid overhead expenses and extra fees, especially if you were not planning to increase your onsite IT staff.
  • To make the starting cycle shorter, as creating an effective in-house team can be time-consuming.

To prioritize and grow

  • To focus on strategy and services instead of setting up a new dedicated development team.
  • To minimize risks while working with a competent project manager and set operating processes.
  • To easily scale up and scale down the dedicated project team structure dispensing on business needs.

To expand the team’s expertise

  • To establish a periodic partnership based on a dedicated team model with accurate deadlines.
  • To implement expertise processes and PMI best practices of team management in the agile world.
  • To bring new practical knowledge to your team while working within a network of our experts.

Benefits of Geniusee Dedicated
Software Development Teams

Profound domain expertise in FinTech, EdTech, retail, and other industries to satisfy your unique custom requirements in your business
Participation in team members' selection
Complete control over team management
Transparency, client care, and attention to details
Convenient and continuous communication with the team
Fixed monthly budget

Benefits of the
Dedicated Team Model

Product mindset — we treat your products as our own

Extensive tech expertise — best engineering practices

Full transparency — clear development process and communication

Agile approach — an iterative approach to achieving the best results

Smooth communication — direct chat with the team members

Data and IP protections — high-security standards, ISO certifications

How we work

The structure of the team can vary, depending on the needs of our client. For example, you may hire only DevOps engineers, or designers, data specialist, QA engineers, business analysts or combine a set of our experts according to your needs. Let's talk about it in more detail!

In other words, the client, as our partner, has complete control over all work processes and the project. Also, they can monitor and manage the dedicated teams and their workflow. Hire a dedicated team today!

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We base our cooperation on the client's needs. It's essential to define the technical skills required for the project and the specific roles and profiles needed.

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We start recruiting dedicated team members locally, selecting and pre-screening the best professionals to include in the shortlist presented to the client.

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While choosing the perfect fit for the team, the client conducts interviews with the candidates and checks their skills.

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Afterward, the onboarding process is performed by our HR team and the client.

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Great job! Now new team members work with you the same hours, participate in all required meetings, and close the tasks.

Technologies We Use

Technology Stack Image
Swift Kotlin
Angular React Vue
Node js PHP Java Phyton

Dedicated Development Teams' Expertise in Industries

Although our key domains are FinTech, EdTech, retail, and real estate, we can offer you a team for any solution development.

How to Hire a Dedicated Development Team

Communication is the key, and for that reason, first, we discuss the technical and business challenges our clients face in detail. Having defined it, we focus on the strategy for all the critical parts of the process:

  • Engineering process
  • Team of dedicated developers, the project manager, business analyst, and others
  • The skillset required by the project

We aim to fulfill the client’s needs on time and within the budget, and our dedicated developers are ready to lean in.

Set Up

Your inquiry

Analyzing your requirements

Ramp Up

Poposing tech stack, and team composition

Discussing resumes and interview


Assigning your extended team

Managing the scope, allocating tasks

Daily updates

Success Stories

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Frequently Asked

It is a partnership model, which is broadly used in outsourcing software development. A dedicated team cooperation model implies a remote, transparent, and effective collaboration between a partner and a service provider. It fits the best for well-established companies and developing startups.
The management of a dedicated team is handled by the client primarily by conference calls, PM software tools, and meetings. The client can monitor all the team's activity transparently and conveniently.
One of the main benefits of a dedicated development team model is that it reminds a constructor a bit. The quantity of team members is completely up to you, as well as their specializations. Our team will prepare a unique proposal based on your needs. It has never been so easy to hire dedicated developers!
It depends on the project’s complexity. Let’s chat with the Geniusee expert team, and we'll recommend the best number of dedicated developers according to your project demand and budget. With over five years of expertise in software development, we can create a product that exceeds your expectations, give you the answers you need, provide you with valuable tips, and dispel your doubts if there still are any.
We can do both. Just inform us in advance, and we will cover all your needs in dedicated development team.
The client also has a supervision role. This supervision is often accomplished through regular project reviews and reports from the project team. The reviews of dedicated software development team can vary significantly, as the complexity of the projects differs significantly. The review may be conducted in a one-hour meeting, with a one-page summary document serving as the project progress report on less complex projects. A full-day meeting may be necessary for the project progress to be fully understood on more complex projects, and the project report may be one hundred pages or more.
Besides the dedicated team model, we can offer you a Time and Materials Contract and a Fixed Price Model. You can learn more about the differences between them. And to fit and scale your project best, we also invite you to go through the discovery phase with our experts.

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