geniusee dedicated team.

70% of our customers have a genius team of specialists who are selected according to the requirements of the project.

dedicated team cards1

The dedicated team is fully focused on the project, works on it exclusively full-time with direct reporting to the client, while the client controls the workflow and gets the opportunity to switch attention to high-level tasks.

dedicated team cards2

The Geniusee company provides recruiting services, administrative support, and resources for the realization of the project. Basically, an outsourcing company plays essential role in the organization of the work.


Project manager.


UI\UX designer.


Devops engineer.


Business analyst.




qa engineer.

Geniusee team roles.

Out of this comes the key value of this model - focus. The team is concentrated on realizing one project which increases the quality and speed of results. You don’t need to worry about the team being overworked - they have the goal and they are moving towards its realization steadily.


The advantages of this model.

  • full control over the selection, motivation and management of dedicated team members;
  • daily communication and management using web tools;
  • flexible approach, fully predictable costs and budgetary control;
  • workload and volume are not fixed, and change requests can be made at any time;
  • a loyal team of external personnel, with which the client can establish the same working relationships and rules as with the core staff;
  • when individual team members work with the client for some time, they have a deep understanding of the client's expectations and clearly see the goal for success;
  • team cohesion and stability.