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PHP Development Services 

PHP development services are all about the security and power of your server-side web applications. Geniusee expertly tame PHP to deliver robust web portals, B2B and B2C web apps, CMSs, and other web-based solutions by drawing on its 6 years of custom PHP development experience. We provide PHP development solutions for various businesses that satisfy all project requirements, including organizational structure, business objectives, and workflow management.

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Why choose PHP for your project?

PHP is a server-side scripting language widely used for business and web applications. This popular programming language is open-sourced and shows a high performance rate and speed. It makes PHP frameworks perfect for the development team that creates complex projects, interactive apps for internal company use, social networking, and more. PHP is included in the technology stacks of 82% of websites, including major global brands like Facebook, Wikipedia, Slack, and Yahoo. PHP developers may build web apps with dynamic content and direct database interaction. Geniusee professional PHP development services are not limited to custom options. Hence, dedicated developers can create PHP web solutions that exactly correspond to the client's needs.

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    High speed

    PHP allows developers to deliver applications much faster than, for example, Python, and the development process is much quicker than, e.g., Java projects.

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    We develop PHP websites that end users can access effortlessly from desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

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    We create websites and apps that can grow with your business and be modified to meet your business goals.

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    We will carry out every optimization necessary to speed up the loading time of your web portal or app for a better user experience.

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    Our developers optimize the web solutions in accordance with SEO guidelines to improve their visibility in search engine results pages (SERP).

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    Tailor-made solutions 

    We provide custom PHP development services that are tailored to your users and business requirements.

Our Top-Notch PHP development services

PHP could be used for full-stack development like any other scripting language, yet it is no longer an industry-standard practice. At Geniusee, we focus on using PHP primarily for the backend development, yet we also offer other services that could be useful regarding this scripting language. As the frontend part utilizes resources of your devices, the backend is run on servers. Our PHP developers use AWS tools and services at all their backend software development projects to ensure the deliverables' quality, scalability, and security. Expect nothing less than top-notch results from AWS-certified partners!

Our Approach

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    As a leading PHP development company, we can begin without conducting a business and idea evaluation of your project's requirements and providing an estimate.

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    After evaluating your PHP development project, we draft a contract, select architecture and design, and divide the work into development sprints.

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    PHP development services

    The development process is led by an experienced project manager and dedicated PHP team that deliver custom eCommerce, ERP, CMS, web, or social networking applications in strict accordance with your specifications.

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    Quality Assurance and Testing

    Our QA team rigorously tests the final product using various tools and techniques to ensure that it meets all expectations and that any bugs won't destroy the dates between your user and product.

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    Delivery and Support

    As an experienced PHP development company, we offer assistance with project deployment, server management, and post-deployment support when all tests pass.

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Experience in industries

We are focused on software development for our four main industries: FinTech, EdTech, Retail, and Real Estate. However, we also deliver quality products in other fields, such as AgroTech, Healthcare, MarTech, Lifestyle and Entertainment, Logistics, IoT, and more. 

Technologies we apply

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does PHP development cost?

The size and complexity of your project (including the features you need) will determine how much it will cost to build a PHP solution. Your development vendor and the expertise of your PHP developers are also significant factors. You can send us the project details and receive a quote from our team or use our Estimator to get the approximate cost.

After your PHP project is finished, Geniusee provides a complete maintenance and support cycle. As a professional PHP web development company, we prioritize improving performance, fixing bugs, improving SEO, and doing other things during this time.

You can be sure to get a high-performing business solution if you hire PHP developers, as they can ensure that this framework's main features will be appropriately embedded in your software. The seven most significant benefits of PHP that we'd like to highlight as a trustworthy and experienced PHP application development company are outlined below.

  • It is free and open-source.
  • Seamless integration with the database.
  • Proper error handling.
  • Incredibly safe.
  • A lot of community support.
  • Language learning is simple.
  • Rapid loading rate.

Years of experience as a PHP development company taught us that it's impossible to say without an analysis. The development timeline depends on the complexity of your project, its features, wanted scalability, design solutions, the experience of PHP professionals, and much more. Use our Estimator to calculate an approximate time of your custom PHP development, or book a call with us to discuss more accurate numbers.

PHP web development services are commonly used for comparatively small or medium-sized apps and websites, but there is no reason why you can use it for a bigger project (and actually, many do). Its framework and architecture are designed to speed up page loading and seamlessly integrate with distinctive features and functions. However, if you have some product ideas, better discuss their framework choice with your CTO or get a free consultation with our experts to ensure that the scripting language fits perfectly with your needs.

As an experienced PHP development company, we may tell you that it always depends on your project specifications and needs. The more complex your project is, the bigger team of PHP experts you'll need. The seniority of PHP developers will also depend on your project requirements and business goals. Call us if you'd like to discuss your idea and development process explicitly.

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