AI is scientific knowledge and technology for creating intelligent machines, programs, services, applications, etc. The creation of artificial intelligence is designed to optimize the company activity, open previously inaccessible horizons, reduce costs, create a competitive advantage and allow people to engage in creative activities rather than routine.

Services :

Data Science

Analysis of a large amount of data, the search for causal relationships, patterns and conclusions. It helps automate routine processes and find a solution to problems that cannot be solved by a human.

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Machine Learning

ML allows the system to draw conclusions and find relationships without following rigidly defined rules. It is used in speech recognition, gestures, images, diagnostics, forecasting, classification and much more.

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Neural Network

Neural Network is a type of machine learning method. The Neural Network is able to self-learn using its experience, and constantly improve. Neurons allow you to recognize images, speech, video, as well as create new ones, for example, write poetry or paint pictures.

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Robotic Process Automation

RPA is the next level of business process automation - robotics. “Software robots” perform routine work, optimizing staff work. And chat bots can play the role of an assistant - organize a working day, prepare documents, keep records of staff time, and much more.

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Chatbots and Speech Recognition

Chatbots are a support service, a call center, sales assistants, waiters' assistants, personal secretaries, translators, and much more. And speech recognition gives them the opportunity to integrate into smart things, communicate through the headphone, be available to the user anywhere at any time.

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