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AI Software Development Services

Sometimes you need an exquisite solution for the expansion and perfection of your business. We offer Artificial Intelligence software development services to show you the hidden market potential and make your product more innovative, sustainable, and client-oriented at every corner.

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Our AI Development Services

The Geniusee team offers full-cycle AI development services from data collection to analysis and defines the best software solutions on the market to fit your business needs. Geniusee provides digital transformation, process automation, computer vision AI solution and many more. We find the most convenient and customized model of working with data for your business and lead the process until the production stage. We can offer customized artificial intelligence solutions or provide the best off-the-shelf ones that fit your needs.

Access to profound insight data gives broader perspectives for decisions and offers automated multi-processing, which is much more effective than human resource potential. Automated iterative processes, reduced downtime for existing ones, and AI features give you time to reinvent your business strategies instead of guessing what step to take.

Trust the integration of AI software development services to the specialists!

Computer Vision

Get the maximum from images! Your system will be able to detect, recognize, classify, or filter objects, patterns, characters, and other types of data for your business to bring more outcomes across different industries with our AI development solutions.

Let's create a system with computer vision to detect, recognize, classify, or filter objects, patterns, characters, and other types of data for your business to bring more outcomes across different industries with our AI development solutions.

We can build the processes for data collection and analysis, so you can own and benefit not only from the information but from the entire system solution, which brings you measurable results. You move from time-consuming, manually performed tasks to an automated, more cost-efficient, and flawless model for working with data.
Data segmentation, construction of basic prediction models, real-time automated processes, additional data quality control, and algorithms reduce the time to obtain insights from analytics and received data.
This simplifies your business’s scalability and eliminates the need to worry about service support. This model supports many scenarios, from text recognition to object recognition.

Natural Language Processing Analysis

The image of your system understanding, analyzing, and generating human language is no longer a futuristic fantasy. You can make data-based decisions about development and scaling. Our artificial intelligence development services will supply your software with:

Data collection and annotation

Building data collection and annotation tools by establishing a process based on working with text data. For instance, you want to get a comprehensive analysis of feedback about your company. We can automate the collection processes, selecting the most efficient out of the available services, determining the scalable legal format, and analyzing models to work with. And now you see every single mention of your business on social media, comments, and feedback forms and have all the necessary information for making insights and improvements.

Development of solutions based on language models and knowledge graphs

Our experts will enhance it with name entity recognition (what is in the text name, date, address, etc.), sentiment recognition (to find out whether it’s positive feedback or not), and chatbots (to support the image of a responsive business). Your customers will feel at home and engaged when using your service and choosing your business in a fast-growing market.

Signal Processing

Your customers’ daily lives are already encapsulated and smartly enhanced by signal processing. Today’s voice-operated systems, smart health monitoring devices, computers, and mobile phones supply signal processing. Anything can be transformed into valuable data: signals like voice, audio, video, temperature, pressure, or position that have been digitized. Your product can become even smarter and collect data, mathematically manipulate it, and offer solutions. With signal processing, you can interpret raw data into insights with a future action plan. With a reliable AI development company, you can reconfigure the IoT data into dashboards that guide you to meaningful results.

We have been honored to be an artificial intelligence development company for our partners RealmFive to develop a solution for devices that collect various data, such as soil moisture, rainfall, water tank levels, tractor conditions, location, etc., from different parts of agriculture. Eventually, RealmFive raised more than $1M to their existing funding, which allowed them to continue developing innovative technologies in the field of AgTech. The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) has awarded RealmFive four of its AE50 Awards for ingenious new designs in the agriculture industry.

Reinforcement Learning

To maximize the total reward of your efforts, you can use reinforcement learning. New powerful technologies allow you to robotize your product, and reinforcement learning can help your machine make a sequence of decisions to achieve the set goals. With the help of Geniusee AI development services, we can develop the simulators for reinforcement learning, the navigation algorithms for robots, and the point goal navigation.

Tools We Use:

Google Cloud Vision
Google Cloud Vision
Google NLP
Google NLP
Microsoft Cognitive Services
Microsoft Cognitive

Why Choose Geniusee for AI Software Development?

Full-cycle artificial intelligence development services

We are interested in your success and will accurately learn and define your project requirements to create the most satisfying results.

24/7 Support

As your AI development company, we create your project-centered team to take care of it not only at the development stage but from the discovery phase to launching and post-deployment support.

Metrics-Driven Company

Our AI development solutions are designed to create meaningful and measurable outcomes for your project, so as AI is all about math, we believe only in numbers.

Experienced AI Professionals

Exquisite solutions can only be implemented by strong professionals passionate about their jobs. Our AI development services are already bringing marvelous results to global companies.

Security-Centered Partner

We are extremely concerned with security and safety, encrypting your data, and protecting it from malware and fraud.

Agile Approach

We create a dedicated cross-functional team for your project and take responsibility for matching our productivity with your timeline expectations.

Our Process

Business analysis of your product
Description of your problem scope
Choice of work scenario:
  • a ready-made service that exists on the market
  • integration of the ready decision of the existing library
  • custom product development
Script integration

Frequently Asked

The price of the entire custom mobile app development service depends on the number of working hours required. According to Clutch’s survey, the median cost for an app is around $170K, with a range starting at $30K to $700K. So it depends on the vendor you work with, expertise of AI developers, the complexity of the product you want to have in the end, and the estimated time limitations you set. You can also count the approximate cost on our estimator.
Artificial intelligence software development services do not take as long as you think. Depending on the scope of work, two or more weeks for POC and three to six or more months for the integration. Ask us to evaluate how long it will take to implement your AI solution into life!
Your AI developers should offer you the best scenarios of constant improvement and a mind map for scaling your product in the future. So to make it happen, you should take into account this perspective and check the actual version of your application on bugs, adjusting it with new functions and adapting it to new realities in the technology world, such as new screen sizes, etc. Geniusee offer 24/7 post-deployment support and maintenance not only to AI projects but also for all out software solutions.

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