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Custom software and product development company aimed to help FinTech, EdTech and other businesses worldwide thrive through tech partnerships.

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Geniusee team has completed 100+ projects on time and budget in different domains for dynamic small to medium businesses in FinTech, Edtech, Retail, etc, and startups from YCombinator & TechStars on Series A to D funding rounds.

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Delivery App


We worked with Geniusee in a startup project. They are a professional and flexible team with different experience in many frameworks. We developed an on demand delivery app. I would like to thank them for this experience

Abdullah Wasfi

Tamam CEO

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advertising platform


Zedosh has built a new app which crosses traditional verticals - FinTech (including Open Banking and payments) with EdTech. Geniusee have been with us all along the way and without them we wouldn't have such a great app.

Guillaume Kendall

Founder Zedosh

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Ajuma – Enjoy the 
Sun Safely


What I find really special about Geniusee team is that whenever we have an urgent problem like on Friday when we noticed that you can't even add one user in the app with the cheap device, you are ready to help with a bug fix even Friday evening. This is sooo incredibly helpful!

Julian Meyer-Arnek

CTO Ajuma

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Breathwork App


Geniusee is a very diverse company with technically capable people. They are hard workers and constantly on the ball. They are willing to go the extra mile when needed. As a result, we have developed an even better app after that!

Johan Stoop

COO Pause Breathwork

Our teammates

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Our Focus Industries

mouth mouth

The FinTech industry will excide $320 bln in 5 years. Consider the experienced tech partner to develop disruptively financial products to skyrocket your business. Our team has extensive expertise in digital banking solutions, blockchain, financial data management, payment security, and predictive analytics.   Learn more...


Global EdTech market is rapidly growing - $181 bln in 5 years. The necessity of constant learning is proven by numbers. We study at various trainings from leading companies such as Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle etc. and realize that knowledge is the key to success in any undertaking. Therefore, we develop each EdTech application and platform with great responsibility and awareness.   Learn more...

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Our clients’

The advantages of working with Geniusee

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  • Constantly developing team of certified senior professionals.
  • We collaborate in partnership.
  • We ensure transparency, openness and comprehensive communication at all stages.
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versatile tech 
  • 64 actively used technologies.
    We tailor relevant tech stack for your particular business goal.
  • We do not offer templates, we create solutions.
  • 5 years of delivering full-cycle product and software development.
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Quality Proven 
by Numbers
  • 100+ successfully released projects in Fintech, EdTech, Retail and other domains that keep on scaling and performing.
  • Only 5* reviews on Clutch, Design Rush etc., from satisfied clients in the USA, UK, Europe, Japan, Singapore.

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Our Partners

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