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WebRTC development company

WebRTC is one of the latest innovations set to disrupt how we communicate and collaborate online. WebRTC enables web and mobile applications with features like video conferencing, file sharing, and VoIP calling without needing to install plugins or additional software.

Give your users a better experience, unlock more features, and stay ahead by adding WebRTC to your apps. Get a leg up on the competition and let our WebRTC development company take your business communications to the next level. 

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Our WebRTC development competence

We go beyond the basics. Instead of just providing WebRTC solutions, we want to create a digital space that suits you perfectly. Our expertise covers:

  • We help determine your business needs and technical requirements to implement WebRTC.

  • We develop customized WebRTC apps for video calling, live streaming, screen sharing, and more, ensuring cross-browser compatibility, security, and scalability.

  • We perform functional testing, change-related testing, and portability testing to ensure your WebRTC application works as intended across platforms.

  • We help deploy your WebRTC apps and provide ongoing support and updates to keep your application up-to-date with the latest WebRTC standards and security practices.

We aim to provide the best WebRTC solutions tailored to your specific needs. Please contact us to discuss your project and see how we can help build innovative real-time communication applications.

Features of WebRTC development solutions we offer

Our WebRTC developers have the skills and experience to build real-time communication solutions with any combination of these features. We stay up-to-date with the latest standards and best practices to deliver apps that make a difference in the business world.

card icon Audio/video calling

Real-time video and audio calls between browsers and mobile apps.

Ability to share their screen or a specific application window during calls.

Functionality to record audio, video, and screen sharing and save the recordings for later access.

Securing all WebRTC communications and data with strong encryption like DTLS-SRTP and HTTPS.

Ability to share files, images, and documents directly through your WebRTC application.

Ensuring WebRTC apps are interoperable across web browsers, mobile devices, and platforms.

WebRTC solutions that can scale to support high volumes of users and traffic.

Customized WebRTC applications and SDKs tailored to your specific needs and use cases

Why choose Geniusee for WebRTC solution development?

  • End-to-end WebRTC development services

    Whether you need a simple one-to-one video calling API or a complex many-to-many group calling platform with recording and live streaming, our development company can build it.

  • Customizable and scalable solutions

    As software development service providers, we'll work with you to determine the specific features and functionality you need to meet your business goals now and in the future.

  • Quality, security, and performance

    Your WebRTC application will provide high-quality audio and video, strong security protocols, and a fast seamless experience for end users on any device.

Our certifications

Our certifications

Geography and numbers

Our offices are located in USA, Poland and Ukraine.

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Benefits of WebRTC solutions

For companies looking to enable real-time communication in their web and mobile applications, WebRTC technology offers many benefits, making it a great option.

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    Efficient protocols and codecs

    WebRTC uses efficient protocols and codecs for transmitting audio, video, and data, optimizing bandwidth usage and performance. It can handle high volumes of peer-to-peer connections and scale to support large audiences.

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    Easy integration

    WebRTC integrates easily with existing web applications and frameworks. Its JavaScript APIs can be embedded directly into web pages, enabling real-time communication features to be added quickly.

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    Security and privacy

    WebRTC supports encryption, authentication, and authorization to keep communications and data secure. It gives users more control over what they share by allowing them to deny or revoke access to their camera, microphone, and location.

Our WebRTC development technology stack

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  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Devops
  • Business Analysiss
  • QA/QC Testing

Our cooperation models

Our WebRTC development services in industries

  • Video chat and in-app calling features for digital banking and investment platforms.

  • Interactive online classrooms with video conferencing, web real-time communication, screen sharing, and chat for virtual learning environments.

  • Customer support portals with live video assistance and co-browsing for e-commerce companies.

  • Web-based property touring solutions with high-definition video streaming for residential and commercial real estate agencies.

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What is WebRTC, and how does it work?

WebRTC is a free, open-source technology allowing real-time communication in web browsers. WebRTC handles the media flow between peers directly, encrypting all data and routing it efficiently using the UDP and TCP protocols. The media is not routed through or stored on the signaling server.

While WebRTC has strong security measures in place, users should still exercise caution when communicating over the internet. But for peer-to-peer communication, WebRTC is a secure and private option.

Yes, WebRTC can be integrated into existing web applications and mobile apps. Since WebRTC is built on open standards, the APIs are platform-agnostic. This means WebRTC app development company can build these features into web apps, native mobile apps (iOS and Android), desktop apps, and more.

Development services costs can vary significantly depending on the complexity of your project. Please use our Estimator to get an estimated price or contact us for more information.

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