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React Native App Development Services

Deliver new and fascinating cross-platform experiences to your users with Geniusee as your React Native development company. Get fast and easy fully custom end-to-end solutions to take your well-deserved place in the market with our React Native apps and services.

Choose Geniusee — a Forbes-recognized and Clutch-remarked option among React Native development companies — to grow up together with.

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Benefits of React Native

 React Native mobile app development services are quickly flooding the market. This is easily explainable by the benefits it brings to the world of development.

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    There’s just one codebase for both iOS and Android apps (and more if needed).

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    Trusted by Billions of Users

    React Native’s open-source framework is used to empower Facebook and Instagram.

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    Third-Party Integrations

    JavaScript strengthens React Native app development with a huge pool of third-party services.

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    Modular Structure

    Modules can be reused with different APIs to deliver quick solutions.

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    React Native is backed by a big developer community that delivers great tools and wide libraries.

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Many popular applications are created with React Native

React was presented by Facebook back in 2015, and since then it’s acquired many followers. Its open-source and worldwide community makes React Native mobile application development services one of the most popular ways to accelerate the development process. Become one of those who benefit from React Native app development today!

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React Native Development Services

Many businesses today opt for React Native development services to save time and resources by creating apps for both iOS and Android with a single codebase. Whether you need development from scratch or an extension of your in-house dev team, Geniusee has you covered from ideation to ongoing post-release support.

Why choose Geniusee?

At Geniusee, we ensure performance stability and consistency by working with people who share our attitude and approach. As a professional React Native development company, we follow best practices and coding standards to ensure the scalability and performance of your project.

Instead of promises to deliver an MVP in a week or build a full-featured app on a wireframe budget, we offer professional expertise, the industry’s best practices, a proven track record, and the recognition of those you know and trust.

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    Working with remote teams seems risky. That's why fairness in everything we do is not just a buzzword for us, and we expect the same in return.

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    This is one of our core values that symbolizes win-win results, mutual involvement for fruitful collaboration, and our dedication to our partners’ success, as it is ours too!

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    Long-term partnerships and successful projects depend on transparent customer relations. Communication is therefore crucial between you and each member of our team.

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    After entrusting your idea to us, you can fully rely on our support and commitment to deliver on time, on budget, and with the best possible outcome.

Our React Native development process

At Geniusee, we tailor React Native mobile app development services in unique and personalized ways. Nevertheless, it’s possible to align in an average, common flow. Our React Native developers keep up with the framework's updates and advancements to leverage the latest features and improvements in their work.

All of the steps below could be included in our cooperation if we’re going the usual way from BA and discovery to support and maintenance. You may exclude some if you rely on your own in-house expertise.

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Top React Native solutions for different industries 

Geniusee is a genuinely experienced React Native mobile app and web development company. We focus on four core industries: FinTech, EdTech, Retail and Real Estate. Nevertheless, our expertise widens to many others, as perfection and passion have no limits, especially in React. Check it out for yourself!

Technologies we apply

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Quick facts about Geniusee in numbers

Choose your React Native app development company wisely. Work with Geniusee, a Forbes-recognized and trusted-by-Clutch web development company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

React Native development services are an upcoming cross-industry trend. Deliver the best experience to your customers on any device and platform by using React Native. All you need to do is find an appropriate tech vendor with experienced Native developers. Yet, if you still hesitate, here are some answers to popular questions we’ve collected to make it easier for you to decide on a React Native application development company. No more confusion, just everything you need to know about React Native app development in simple terms from a Forbes-recognized and Clutch-trusted web and mobile app development company.

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How much does it cost to develop a React Native app?

The cost of React Native app development is always hard to tell precisely, just like the price of any cross-platform applications, hybrid app development, or web and mobile apps that use any other language or framework. It depends on the features, architecture, security measures, React Native developer hourly rates, and much more. Usually, the average price of React Native app development starts from $20,000. If you want more accurate numbers, talk to our experts or use our estimator

The React Native framework was launched by Facebook (Meta, Inc.). React Native code is used to build cross-platform apps, meaning iOS and Android applications. Yet, the React Native platform also operates with UWP, Web, Android TV, macOS, and tvOS. React Native dependencies that link to rich libraries (thanks to its open-source nature) allow you to create unique cross-platform mobile applications easily and quickly. 

For sure! Moreover, app performance won’t suffer. The framework’s Native platform capabilities allow React Native app developers to tailor fully custom web and mobile apps without a need to deliver two different codebases. Just hire React Native developers from Geniusee and get one codebase for two types of apps — mobile and web — that may work on both the Android and iOS platforms.

The easy way to answer this question is to say that you need React Native application development services if you need an up-to-date and fast solution with a high performance rate. Yet, our expertise as a React Native app development company allows us to tell you more.

So, here are a few reasons to go with custom React Native app development services: 

  • Acquire customers that use both the Android and iOS platforms
  • Get a fast solution without losing the quality of your web and mobile apps
  • Accelerate the product development cycle with React Native features and libraries
  • Don’t pay twice for separate iOS and Android app development
  • Unfretted support for cross-platform development
  • Simple transformation of web apps into iOS and Android mobile apps
  • JavaScript framework that provides simpler user interface support 

Yes, React Native is an open-source framework. The large community of Native developers constantly creates new resources and tools (libraries, APIs, and many more) so that React Native app development services are easy and fast to implement. Another huge advantage is that mobile app developers may use it for free. 

This question is hard to answer precisely, just like the question about prices. The development time of React Native apps depends on the basic functionality, quantity, and complexity of additional features, architecture, and much more. 

Many React Native development companies may tell you that it takes just a little while: a React Native developer scrolls the library, chooses the needed tools and basic UI components, adds a bit of JS and React into that mix, and that’s it. This will take less than 18 weeks, which is an average time for React app development.

Native mobile applications delivered in such a w

ay will work, for sure, but are they able to conquer the market? And could you allow for it to not to grow constantly? It’s always better to choose professionals and experts, so consider a cooperation with a trusted and well-known React Native development company offering a proven track record. Web and mobile development will then be much easier. 

If you want more accurate numbers, talk to our experts or use our estimator

One of the main reasons that turned React Native app development into such a trend is the possibility to create cross-platform solutions. React Native apps require only one codebase that natively transforms from Android to iOS and back. Maintaining a React Native application is easier due to the shared codebase, reducing the effort required for updates and bug fixes.

React Native was born in Meta, Inc. (Facebook back then), and their specialists added many useful and needed features popular among React Native app developers. React is also expanded by a huge community of developers, as it is open-source. Now, React contains several UI libraries, ready-to-use components, and ask-to-know-how forums. 

All this makes Native mobile applications fast and easy to deliver and use. Experienced React Native developers will assure a short time to market and lower costs, as you’re not paying twice for iOS and Android app development or many basic UI components.

Some features and functions are completely different in iOS and Android, as they were designed by their specific developers. Obviously, that React Native app won’t look completely the same on two different platforms, as it cannot make them equal. Yet, if you follow some basic Native web or mobile development rules and guidelines for the user interface, the apps will work correctly and look similar. Plus, you may ask your React Native mobile app development company to adapt the UI and Native features to the specific platform’s needs to assure full compatibility and compliance.

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