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MVP Development Services for Startups

If you have an idea for an excellent service or application that solves users’ problems, do not rush to invest money developing a full-featured product and get ready for months of hard work behind closed doors. According to the concept of a “lean startup,” it is more effective to answer this question: do users need this product? Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development services for startups will help you decide.

Benefits of MVP


Verify your business idea and get a proof of concept, or we can create a new one together. Don’t worry if the initial scheme of minimum viable product changes drastically during the ideation phase.

Development with minimal risks

Approve your business model and core business logic, and develop a monetization strategy and a UI/UX design. Find out which direction of MVP software development services will be the most optimal with the help of iterations.

Minimum budget and maximum speed

Save money with an experienced MVP development company without investing in a failed project. MVP development services are a budget-friendly solution.

Flexibility and constant updates

Focus on the core features of your product and clarify your vision for further business growth. Leave yourself room for evolution after product launch.

Verify market demand

MVP as a form of idea validation is the perfect way to verify if your potential users are interested in your product.

Meet your future investors

Win potential investor buy-ins with successful MVP. But first, pitch your product through the discovery phase and market analysis.

Develop early relationships with customers

Collect a database of potential customers and find early adopters of your product. You can analyze this data to get useful insights and validate assumptions

Better understanding of customer’s needs

Try beta-testing and focus groups for market research. Software development based on user feedback is always a good idea that warrants success of your digital product.

Custom MVP Development Services

MVP (minimum viable product) allows you to get meaningful feedback from end users to understand what they need, so you won’t create what they are not interested in and will not pay for.

Rumors say…

MVP for startups is a raw product made in a hurry by unexperienced development team without project managers, etc.

Minimal time is spent on its development, containing only key functions whose relevance for real users should be checked. Studies show that 60% of features are not used at all, and, therefore, they are not in demand by users.

Facts say…

The concept of MVP allows you to reduce the time to market and the development process of the project by creating only the necessary functions to start getting real feedback on your product.

In this case, nothing ends after you receive feedback about your minimum viable product. The lean startup methodology, to which the MVP concept belongs, is based on the development—measurement cycle—and the study of feedback.

Therefore, the receipt of feedback and analysis of user experience is followed by the revision of successful features of MVP app and their re-testing. If MVP product development is successful, you can create a full-fledged product and enter your target market.

Within the framework of the concept, the idea for your startup is a hypothesis

To check it, you must do the following:

Clearly formulate a business hypothesis
Determine the criteria by which its viability will be determined
Build an MVP to confirm the hypothesis and run it
Measure performance indicators (e.g., user flow or business growth) of the MVP version for your mobile app or website application.
Draw conclusions from the MVP development process and test the following hypothesis, if necessary
No matter how ingenious the idea is, this is not the end result.

Geniusee industry expertise

Letter G

Geniusee, among other things, is an MVP development company. Our team of certified professionals, experienced in MVP software development services, has completed 100+ projects on time and within budget in different domains for dynamic businesses in FinTech, EdTech, HealthTech, Retail, Real Estate, AgroTech, etc. Geniusee is focused on proactive collaboration practices during minimum viable product development, starting from the discovery phase and not stopping even on post-release support. We combine your product vision and proven business-oriented approaches to get an optimal solution for your future products, no matter what there are: mobile apps, MVP website or any other digital product.
We worked on MVP development for startups such as Y Combinator and Techstars on Series A to D funding rounds. Our focus are four core industries:

MVP software development approach


Not only will we provide bespoke MVP development services according to your idea, but we will also create ideas with you!

Business analysis

We will collaborate closely so the processes and solutions we create later during MVP app development can easily align with updates.

UI design/prototyping

Choose how your product or software will look among the ideas or prototype designs we offer or let your beta users do it!


We’ll build a solution, ensuring compliance and quality. Just tell us what you need, or ask your clients via focus groups and testing!


Our quality assurance team is dedicated to examining if our deliverables function as required, eliminating the potential pitfalls. Even for an MVP project, your clients should not find bugs.


We deliver MVP app development services in close cooperation with you or your product managers to ensure all elements and details work as one.

Maintenance and support

We guarantee 24/7 support to monitor and maintain our MVP software development service’s performance and capacity.


MVP Product
Development Types

When to use: If you’re developing a product that requires a significant investment of time and resources, numerous customers will be required to achieve profitability.
Goal: Get a prepayment for proof that people will actually pay for the developed MVP.
When to use: If you have an idea but are not an expert in the field, you need to dive deeper into the world of your customers to understand if your product can change their world.
Goal: Build a customer base prior to the product development to let your target audience define the content and functions of the future product.
When to use: If your clients work offline and aren’t technology savvy or if you are dealing with a product with logistics, which is difficult to predict.
Goal: Based on an individual approach to each client, gain experience with the product even before its automation, assess the demand, and understand who is really interested in the service.
When to use: If the product requires the development of complex algorithms or process automation or if you work in a complex industry (i.e., finance, law).
Goal: Learn about the frequency of requests and come across as a serious company in the eyes of your customers.
When to use: If you assume that a part of the product needs to be separated or you’re entering a market dominated by a more complex and expensive product.
Goal: Create a product that offers to test the hypothesis of the value and viability of this particular functionality.
When to use: If you’re entering a market with mature competitors or want to develop a product with unpredictable logistics or limited engineering resources.
Goal: Test your strength, knowledge of the field, and marketing channels.

Success Stories

According to a study during which 3,200 fast-growing mobile and internet startups were studied, in 74% of the cases, premature scaling was the reason for startup failure because the company's revenue from new users was lower than the cost of maintaining them.

We develop partnerships, not one-project deals. As an MVP development company in the USA, we provide minimum viable product development services that will heat up the market. Check out some of our case studies, from MVP to full-featured products.


Technology Expertise


Why Choose Geniusee As Your MVP
Development Company?

Geniusee is not only a startup MVP development company, but it is a Clutch top developer. We develop digital products for both web and mobile. Geniusee provides MVP development services in the USA in accordance with your project’s requirements. We believe in evidence, so use only proven and effective approaches in our MVP development services. Our project managers, designers, testers, and development team experts are driven by metrics. We talk numbers by using different project management tools, tracking the velocity, and executing on a per sprint basis with transparent time logging. We safely supply MVP development services and offer continuous support. Geniusee is not only an MVP development company; we prefer to work with our clients even after the release of the minimum viable product. Startup MVP development could be just the beginning of our journey. Senior specialists in MVP consulting and building are carefully creating solutions and products for our clients under the guidance of market and user demands. Rush to become one of them!



Frequently Asked

If you want to:
  • Validate a product idea
  • Attract early-adopter customers and reach your target audience
  • Understand the market’s needs
  • Get seed investments
  • Not waste money
  • Reduce risks
  • Obtain flexibility and room for evolvement
Choosing among a wide range of MVP software development companies is a complicated process. The quality of your application and business depends on it. Let’s scan through the steps you need to take.
1) Your company goes first:
  • Determine the specific goals of your business
  • Define the objectives and business needs
  • Establish the project scope and timeframe
2) Now, the project:
  • Make a list of skills that developers need to posses
  • Find out what technologies or MVP development services are required to implement your business plans into life
3) Boring market research stage:
  • Make a list of companies that provide MVP development services
4) Initiate a full check of the bespoke MVP development company
  • Portfolio
  • Industry expertise
  • Methodology
  • Security practices
  • Testing
  • After deployment maintenance
5) Inspect if:
  • MVP software development company’s approach fits your business goals and aims
The first answer from Google is that MVP development services take three to four months. Our answer, from an experienced MVP app development company, is that an average estimate for MVP projects can vary, depending on your unique case. Let our experienced MVP developers dive into your business idea and give you our prognosis.
The cost of your MVP depends on the mobile app or web application type. For example, if you need a construction of services marketplace, it may take approximately 820 to 940 hours and cost around $24,000 - $30,000. Nevertheless, each custom MVP development case is unique and depends on many factors. Let’s estimate the cost and development time together.

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