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Accounting Software Development Services

Are you hitting a snag with accounting processes in your company? Let us introduce you to accounting software development services. Do you still think accounting is only about paper piles somewhere in a cupboard? Times have changed. It is now paperless, AI-driven, and more about programming than finances. Geniusee, an accounting software development company, is ready to accompany you into the world of accounting automation, web-based financial reporting, payroll apps, ERP solutions, and any custom accounting software you need.


Accounting Software Perks

Add Features to Your Accounting Software

Key features:

General ledger 

A general ledger is a group of multiple accounts on a single platform that a company uses to manage transactions and create reports. This type of accounting software allows you to handle all types of data in real time. Our specialists can also automate some functions of accounting systems, like entering information about financial transactions, reports, and statements. 

Accounts receivable and payable

We offer accounting solutions for personalizing your invoicing process, categorizing accounts payable and receivable, automating the tracking process, and financial planning. Custom accounting software enables you to deal with merchants and creditors easier and faster, ensuring cost and time reduction.

Bank linking

Connect your company’s bank accounts with your accounting application to manage transactions. Combine your payments, credits, and deposits into one accounting system in real-time with advanced, interactive analytics.

Payroll management

Nowadays, non-material motivation is more important than salaries and wages. Yet, if you make the process of compensation calculation easy and fun, it will be a huge plus for your company for choosing the right place of employment for the promising people you need. Plus, you will save time and money by automating wage and tax calculations and scheduling payments. 

Inventory accounting

Since the pandemic, automation, AI, and blockchain have proved their value for logistics. In case you didn’t know, inventory is part of it. It’s not only about simplifying the processes of tracking stock levels, analyzing trends, and automating purchase orders and payments. Do you know that you may use it for inventory management NLP? Let us create a custom accounting app that enables you to do this. 

Financial management

An accounting standard is ruthless; just ask your managers! Undoubtedly, they spend hours creating statements according to legal demands. Create a custom accounting solution that simplifies cash flow, balance sheets, profit and loss, etc. 

Adjustment software solutions

If your accountant still manually checks incoming and outgoing documents and spends hours comparing internal and external data, rush to change that with custom software. While you’re struggling with managing financial planning, your competitors move to the next level of business, overcoming you with the help of accounting and financial software. 

Access: everywhere, all the time

It is so obvious and simple that we doubted mentioning it. Yet, it appears some companies still only use one device! Ensure access to financial software for authorized users, and we’ll take care of everything else, including security.

Custom features

  • Templates (invoices, purchase orders, etc.)
  • Memos and reminders
  • Schedule payments
  • Customize payment method
  • Data backup
  • Checks printing
  • Forecasting
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Cost predictions
  • Budgeting
  • Personalized reports
  • Fundraiser planning
  • Third-party integrations
  • Bank accounts
  • Reconciliation
  • ERP system
  • Communication
  • External applications
  • Password protection
  • Multi-step authorization
  • Protected payment method
  • Safe data storage
  • API protection
  • Encrypted communication

Why Geniusee?

Trust custom accounting software development to qualified practitioners. Our financial software developers brought to life successful cases in blockchain solutions, financial app integration and payment systems, neobank applications, accounting software, and custom financial software development. We specialize in custom software development and innovate it with proven, efficient approaches to technology and business. Geniusee accounting software developers do not boast; they prove! 

Accounting Software Development
Services We Offer

Types of accounting software:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System 

For many companies, accounting software usually starts with ERP. This system links up all business functions and unifies them in a single scalable platform. It simplifies financial management and analytics. The cost of accounting software is nothing compared to the benefits you gain after development and integration. 

Commercial Accounting Software 

There are plenty of shelf solutions in accounting software we can customize for you. They are easy to manage and affordable, but tailored accounting solutions designed specifically for your demands are better. The question is if you need custom accounting software development or if a ready-to-use existing program is enough.

Custom Accounting Software 

Just imagine custom accounting software designed especially for you, under your guidance, according to your business needs. It’s a dream, isn’t it? Take advantage of custom software and add the features you need, or order an app with narrow specifications. Do you need to use AI or data analysis to automate highlighting risky transactions with the help of machine learning or gamify payroll? We can help you create anything just as you need it.

Narrowly-specialized management software:



Web or desktop versions are not always enough. We create cross-platform and native (Android, iOS, Windows) accounting solutions.



Do you need a third-party integration to connect with other programs like SAP, Oracle, Xero, MS Dynamic GP, SageOne, QuickBooks, and others? That’s API programming.

Do you simply want to warrant additional protection for your data? Then API shielding and protection are the way to go.



Are you a non-profit or governmental organization and need to simplify fundraising planning and patron relationship management? Or do you need fund compliance and legal allocation of money? Our accounting developers are ready for new challenges.


Billing software (AR and AP)

The invoicing process, purchase orders, bills, debits, credits, vendors, and merchants need to be simplified, so why not automate the creation, categorizing, and tracking of accounts receivable and payable?


Bookkeeping solutions

Administration of financial data and financial transactions (sales and purchases, invoices and bills, receipts, and payments) are all recorded in one place.


AIS Design

Accounting information system architecture is one of the most important parts of accounting software development services. Without scalable infrastructure, you won’t be able to integrate accounting software with CRM, ERP, or any other programs. We also tailor the design to have all the features you need. 


Employees payments

Payroll management is one of the most complicated parts of accounting and HR. Simplify, customize, and gamify it with time and velocity tracking, benefits management, deposits, automated wage calculation and tax deductions, dynamic payment schedule, and much more. 


Inventory management

Inventory accounting is a complex system that requires a high level of accuracy while tracking sales and purchases, categorizing, order creation, uploading spreadsheets, etc. Ensure it with Geniusee accounting software. 


Small business accounting

Custom accounting software development is not only for global companies. If you still use free spreadsheet software (no offense to Google, Microsoft, and Oracle) that does not match your needs anymore, contact us. 


Financial planning

Have budget planning and forecasting recently turned into a mess? You can’t find any documents, gather data for months, can’t validate it, miss deadlines constantly, and never predict correctly? We’ll assemble your files, so you can easily estimate risks and facilitate the decision-making process.  


Contract management

Legal requirements and compliances are a nightmare for any accountant. Plus, just try to combine activities into a contract database. It takes ages without custom accounting software.


Audits and bookkeeping

Constant vigilance is required, especially if we are talking about audits. Timesheet reports, inventory, stock control, payroll, depreciable assets, cash, payments, and sales require accuracy and prevention (or detection) of fraud with auditing software solutions. 

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