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UI/UX Design
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"Zedosh has built a new app which crosses traditional verticals - fintech (including Open Banking and payments) with EdTech. Geniusee have been with us all along the way and without them we wouldn't have such a great app"

Guillaume Kendall

Zedosh Founder

Scope and highlights

3 months for

UX/UI design

ReactNative development

Successfully launched on GooglePlay and AppStor

8-10 team members

Product Workshops

the challenge

Zedosh is a new digital advertising platform that financially empowers Gen Z. Using Open Banking, we provide insights into their spending behaviour, tips on how to master money and crucially, the ability to monetise their attention through a disruptive advertising model. We’re fusing FinTech & EdTech.

We started with a team of 2 React Native developers, 2 PHP (BE) developers, 1 Manual QA, partially involved DevOps and Designer and 1 PM/BA. We delivered the main scope of work for MVP in 3 months and then kept 1 ReactNative, 1 Backend Engineer, 1 Manual QA, partially involved DevOps and Designer and 1 PM/BA for the next improvements and new development.

Key challenges in Zedosh project included:

  • Deliver MVP in 3 months to start testing the model and checking the product hypothesis.

  • Implement payment system that would be easy in use.

  • Providing the highest levels of user security, with the same encryption and physical security as the banks.

  • Centralized access to multiple asset platforms.


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the process

Our cooperation began with the 2-week Discovery Phase that we conducted with the ReactNative Technical Lead and with the Designer. We provided the MVP scope, timeline and application design. The client was happy with those results and we've started the development process.

After developing the MVP version we came up with new ideas on how to improve the customer experience and spend 2 months working on this with the team. The latest version of the application has been just launched and we've just started to onboard users.

The most complex items were integration with the provider of financial data (Moneyhub), although we had a direct channel of communications with the Moneyhub team, so they've supported and still support us. The second complex thing was to select a good payment integration. We investigated a significant amount of solutions and finally selected Revolut because it fits our business model. However, now our team has wide expertise in payments systems

Core activities at this stage include:

  • Building a user-friendly, intuitive interface for app

  • Creating a Service Oriented Architecture with individual payment services, each with their own specific parameters

  • Creating a comprehensive set of push notifications to be delivered with near real-time efficiency and accuracy

  • Developing cross-platform ReactNative application

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“That's the great experience of customer involvement, collaboration and perfect leadership skills from the Zedosh Management side. The important thing is that the responsibilities within the Zedosh management team are perfectly divided. We have a COO/PO who is very precise in details and highly structured that helps us to keep the backlog and future developments clear. The CEA is a very charismatic visioner who is inspiring the team to achieve high results and who is also a great business development specialist.”

Anna Chumak

PM at Geniusee

the outcome

The main outcome, is the working application that Zedosh CEO is using for the investments attraction and which was already launched on Google Paly & App Store.
Also, the client is now actively negotiating with investors. Therefore, we keep our fists so that our work would be appreciated.

The success of this project hinged on the following factors:

  • Great client involvement, support and collaboration

  • Really motivated and professional team members who were really dedicated to this project

  • Choosing powerful frameworks to build the app


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