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Zedosh: digital advertising solution

Geniusee was recognized as a development team for the digital advertising solution Zedosh—the first regulated Attention Exchange® with the aim to make the world a fairer place. We tailored a cross-platform mobile app that connects end customers with marketing agencies that provide advertising videos. With a deep analysis of consumer buying behavior, Zedosh offers only relevant ads to watch. The user gets paid for each video watched and often learns about suitable and needed products and services.

Case image
Dan Spencer
Guillaume Kendall

Zedosh Founder

"Zedosh has built a new app that crosses traditional verticals—FinTech (including open banking and payments) with EdTech. Geniusee has been with us all along the way, and without them we wouldn't have such a great app."

Business context

Zedosh is a new digital advertising platform that financially empowers Gen Z. By leveraging open banking, we provide insights into their spending behavior based on financial and social analytics, tips on how to manage their money, and, most importantly, the ability to monetize their attention through a disruptive advertising model. We’re fusing FinTech and EdTech for our customer’s business needs.

Our collaboration started in 2020 when the Zedosh team reached us with the idea of a digital marketing app only. We started from MVP and released a fully customized product in a year and a half. We continue our collaboration with the Zedosh team, upgrading the system according to upcoming trends and challenges.

Key challenges:
  • Deliver MVP in three months to start testing the model and checking the product hypothesis.
  • Implement a payment system that would be easy to use.
  • Provide the highest levels of user security with the same encryption and physical security as banks.
  • Centralize access to multiple asset platforms.
Business context

Work approach


Geniusee concentrated on these core activities during this project:

  • Creating a service-oriented architecture with individual payment services, each with their own specific parameters
  • Creating a comprehensive set of push notifications to be delivered with near real-time efficiency and accuracy
  • Building a user-friendly, intuitive interface for the app
  • Developing a cross-platform React Native application
  • 1
    Discovery phase
  • 2
    Customer experience design
  • 3
  • 4
    Mobile development
  • 5
    Integration services
  • 6
    Quality assurance
  • Our cooperation began with the two-week discovery phase we conducted with the React Native technical lead and the designer. We provided the MVP scope, timeline, and application design. The client was happy with those results, and we started the development process.

    Business analysis
  • After developing the MVP version, we came up with new ideas for improving the customer experience and spent two months working on this with the team. We created all possible user flows, so they feel comfortable. During the CX stage, we tried many experimental and fresh new techniques to turn potential customers into real ones.

    Product design
  • Geniusee always looks forward and anticipates future app load. That is why we decided to create an easily scalable architecture. We also wanted to ensure security and reduce operational costs. To ensure this, we delivered a cloud architecture.

  • Geniusee bases development on SCRUM with ongoing business analysis, market, and competitor research. We delivered the front and back end and the admin panel for Zedosh, tailoring a full-cycle development process.

  • The most complicated items were integration with the provider of financial data. The second complex thing was to select a good payment integration. We also provided data integration and financial data analysis via Datrix. Another interesting thing was to connect the Zedosh app with Google ad campaigns.

  • Geniusee executed manual testing to ensure the quality of deliverables on this project. Our work was based on unit tests and test cases. Our experts delivered classical types of tests such as functional and non-functional, regression, smoke, and more.

    Quality assurance

Project tech stack

As we decided to go cloud due to tailoring a secure and scalable project, we had to choose suitable and alignable technologies. We based the development of digital marketing solutions on the Laravel platform, which fits perfectly for high-load projects and big customer rates.

Tech stack

Geniusee team

One of the most significant benefits of IT outsourcing is the possibility of efficiently scaling your team up and down. On this project, Zedosh enjoyed this advantage, collecting a big team at the beginning to deliver MVP fast and working with a smaller team to add new features later.

  • Tech Lead photo

    React Native Developer

    Zinedine Zidane from Geniusee—that’s what Guillaume, our client, calls me. This makes me proud and extremely motivated, pushing to deliver results above perfect. I’m proud to be a part of the Zedosh development team—together with Guillaume and Taras, Geniusee’s CEO, we succeeded in building a proactive, open, above-positive culture, full of respect and with no negativity. Trust, connection in out-of-work fields, and exciting ideas were driving and pushing us on the road to perfection.

  • PM photo

    Project manager

    That's the great experience of customer involvement, collaboration, and perfect leadership skills from the Zedosh management side. The important thing is that the responsibilities within the Zedosh management team are perfectly divided. We have a COO/PO who is very precise in details and highly structured, which helps us keep the backlog and future developments clear. The CEA is a very charismatic visionary who is inspiring the team to achieve high results and is also a great business development specialist.

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