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Custom Trading Software Development

To stay on top currently, trading companies need personalized software solutions. Hedge funds, brokers, financial companies, and even ordinary people may use trading system development platforms. The stock market, stock exchanges, cryptocurrency exchanges, and traditional exchanges are complicated systems that require advanced models to manage them. As a trading software development company, Geniusee can help you with trading system development software to trade stocks more efficiently.


Trading Platform Development Services

Geniusee is a trading software development company that provides a wide range of services and solutions for financial institutions. We build mobile trading, trading services, hedge fund software, stock trading solutions, and traditional and cryptocurrency exchanges. Our specialists in trading software development services tailor customized solutions, upgrade existing commercial trading solutions, provide support, and build outsourced teams of trading developers, project managers, testers, designers, and other professionals you may need.

  • Futures software
  • Data analysis solutions
  • Commodities software
  • OTC trading platforms
  • Financial trading solutions
  • Stock and equities software
  • Currency exchange software
  • Investment management front-end systems
  • Market monitoring software
  • Trading execution middleware
  • Mobile trading apps
  • Trading data analysis solutions
  • Market news tracking software
  • Trading algorithms
  • Cryptocurrency exchange software
  • Hedging software
  • Brokerage systems
  • Market data storage
  • Liquidity management platforms
  • Automated trading software
  • Custom online trading platforms

Other Services


Server-side development


Web and mobile development






Testing and test automation





Technologies We Use

As an experienced software development company, we only use up-to-date technologies to deliver the best trading solutions. At Geniusee, we strive to overcome your expectations constantly, so our specialists in automated trading software development continuously improve their skills, and so does the whole company.

Challenges We Solve

  • Enhance risk management
  • Interactive dashboards with market data
  • Monitoring of market news and quotes
  • Support processes of the entire trade lifecycle
  • Automation and simplifying of workflow
  • AI and ML for data analysis on custom trading platforms
  • Historical data tracking
  • Notifications about emerging marketing regulations
  • Backlog of trading operations to analyze data
  • Bespoke trading platforms in all programming languages
  • Improving decision-making and trading solutions
  • Accelerate deal management on trade platforms

How We Provide Trading Software Development



We discover the project objectives and define your proper business needs to provide you with the most fitting trading development services.



We predict risks and draw a detailed view of the strategy for each stage of trading platform software development.



Ensuring the expertise of our trading software development company, we deliver results with skillful execution.



After testing the custom trading software, we find and fix the weak points to make the delivered product perfectly reliable.



By controlling every stage of the trading application development, which was tailored to budget and on time, we can manage the launch.



After the deployment of trading software, we constantly scale the product and stay by your side.

Other solutions we can build

Team Engagement Models for Trading Platform Development

Due to our experience in trading platform development, we know how important it is to understand the offer clearly. So, we have listed the basics of our work as a trading software development company.

Our obligations:

  • We adhere to deadlines.
  • We ensure the quality of the delivered trading applications.
  • We do not offer templates; we create solutions.
  • We offer innovations and only new and relevant tech stacks.

Our commitment:

  • global mindset
  • endeavor for splendid results in trading system development
  • transparency over the whole project
  • expertise in custom software development
  • partner-like collaboration

Our Trading Cases

We believe in proof, like a case for developing a mobile trading app or trading solutions for crypto exchanges. That is why we present you cases our trading platform developers built. Geniusee is ready to help you implement ideas in software development and trading.

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Why You Should Choose Geniusee as Your Trading Development Partner

If you need to develop a trading service, choose a reliable partner. What about a Forbes-recognized company and one of Clutch’s top developers?

Geniusee, a trading development company, is here to deliver the best trading systems for you according to your company’s needs and the latest market trends. Design the most fitting trading software to achieve your goals faster and more efficiently.

Trading software solutions are about:

  • Custom solutions
  • Modernization of legacy systems
  • Integration of third-party services
  • Automation of processes
  • Deployment of scalable trading solutions
  • Access across devices
  • Secure and protected trading software
  • Flawless business logic and fast decision making

Our software developers may empower traders with the best trading strategies in one mobile app or platform, provide risk assessment, or find a solution for advanced data or technical analysis. The dedicated team of trading software developers will bring your ideas to life with on-hand experience and proven efficient tools and approaches to custom trading development. At Geniusee, we believe in numbers and proven effective approaches, so let them speak for us:

  • 200+

    Team members

  • 64

    Technology support and services

  • 100+

    Projects completed

  • $ 350 m+

    Raised by our clients


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