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Node.js Development Services

High-tech, scalable, and adaptable development solutions from a leading Node.js web development company can help you take advantage of new business opportunities. Node.js web development services have gained popularity for their ability to create fast, scalable, and responsive web applications. Turn your unique ideas into user-friendly, feature-rich, imaginative frontends and sturdy, dependable backends by mastering all aspects of Node.js based on event-driven principles with Geniusee.

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Custom Node.js development services we offer

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    Expert consultations

    Outsourcing Node.js development services, scaling, performance issues, code reviews, and common web development best practices are all areas in which our specialists can assist you. 

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    All types of software and app development

    Under our Node.js development services, we continue to create lightweight, adaptable, and high-performance apps—anything you need for software development, web, or mobile apps. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering custom development solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

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    Personalization and customization

    Depending on the requirements of your project, our team can modify and add custom features and business logic.

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    Integration and revision

    Enhance your Node.js-based product or integrate it with other technologies or tools. Our dedicated Node.js development team will assist you in finding the appropriate solution.

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    API development

    We leverage Node.js and serverless computing technology to quickly deliver secure REST and GraphQL APIs as an experienced software development company.

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Part-scale services

  • Node.js product development
  • Node.js blockchain application development
  • Introducing changes to an existing Node.js codebase
  • Node.js real-time app development
  • Node.js enterprise application development
  • Node.js CMS development
  • Node.js team augmentation
  • Node.js e-commerce marketplace development

Advanced services

  • Serverless architecture
  • Microservices architecture
  • Dashboard and analytics
  • Portal development
  • Streaming apps development
  • API development and integration
  • Plug-ins development
  • Version migration
  • Product support and maintenance

Benefits of Custom Node.js Development

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, server-side development environment based on JavaScript. It can be used to create dynamic websites and fast and asynchronous apps and bring the speed and efficiency of event-driven JavaScript to the backend logic on your servers.

Using Node.js, you can create a modern, fast, and secure web application. You can build an app your way with Node.js, which gives you more freedom. The versatility of Node.js solutions allows for the creation of various types of applications, from simple APIs to complex real-time systems. Because there aren't many restrictions on developers, your app will be exactly how you want it.

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    Easy to learn

    There’s a wide pool of Node.js developers, so if you decide to go with this technology, you’ll never experience a lack of experts.

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    Keeps things simple

    There’s no need to switch frontend and backend development with Node.js, not to mention a wide variety of strong server-side applications and a single code base!

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    Faster time-to-market

    The simplicity of Node.js empowers you with a significantly shortened time-to-market. Plus, it’s one of the best ways to reduce the SDLC of real-time web applications.

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    It’s fast and easy to expand your platform from hundreds to thousands of users who reach it quickly. It’s highly adaptable, rapidly deployable, and based on microservices—simply perfect!

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    Approved by world-renowned companies

    Superior data handling, unique features, and freedom to create make Node.js popular among companies such as PayPal, Netflix, and eBay.

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    MVP development

    Fast development and comparatively low costs make Node.js a perfect fit for those who need to validate an idea and check test users’ reactions.

Worldwide known apps built on Node.JS

Node.JS has been around for some time, with many recorded declarations of how proficient and quick it makes building and scaling undertaking-level applications. With APIs that are quick, simple, and adaptable, these Node.JS applications from prominent tech companies address business requirements.

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Why Choose Geniusee as Your Node.js Development Company?

Trusted by global clients for more than five years and counting.

Geniusee is a well-known Node.js software development company trusted for meeting the needs of modern businesses and providing the best Node.js value and compliance. We are recognized by Forbes and named by Clutch among top developers and one of the best Node.js development companies. We are an Advanced AWS Partner and follow ISO 27001 and 9001 requirements. 

When it comes to developing Node.js applications, here are some reasons why we may be the best option:

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    User satisfaction is a priority

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    Security-based solutions

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    Variety of technologies, frameworks, and APIs

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    Delivery of high-end business solutions

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    Flexible engagement models

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    Partnership-based collaboration

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Industries We Serve

Geniusee is a genuinely experienced Node.js app development company. We focus on four core industries; nevertheless, our expertise widens to many others, as perfection and passion have no limits, especially in Node.js development services. Check it out for yourself!

Node.js Web Development Process

Make use of tried-and-true procedures to make your project a success. Geniusee, as a reputable Node.js development company, can handle even the most complicated procedures and lead you smoothly toward your objective. You can be sure that your business is in good hands at Geniusee because our Node.js development processes are based on industry best practices and years of experience.

Node.js application development enables our developers to create efficient, high-performance web applications, making it a top choice for modern projects.

Models of Cooperation

Technologies we apply

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Node.js good for e-commerce?

From a technical point of view, an e-commerce platform is a complicated system. Node.js is designed to deliver scalable and efficient solutions in app development. Node.js makes it easier to multitask by producing better results at lower costs. An e-commerce store's buyer's journey includes many steps, including adding items to the shopping cart, changing product features, selecting payment options, etc. From a performance standpoint, it's critical that technology performs these functions effectively. Additionally, Node.js is a good choice for e-commerce because it efficiently manages multiple concurrent operations.

If you have other questions or you’d love to dive deeper into Node.js development services and possibilities, don’t hesitate to book a demo. Our Node.js developers are ready to provide the answers you need.

Node.js is a server-side runtime environment that executes JavaScript.

Real-time collaboration tools, streaming apps, chat, and IoT apps are just a few of the many advantages it provides for the development of mobile and web apps. When it comes to maintenance, Node.js requires a slightly different approach and presents distinct obstacles.

With a client-focused approach, our Node.js development company ensures that your project goals and user needs are at the forefront of our development process.

The success of your app depends on knowing where the biggest problems in Node development are and how to solve them:

  • Scalability challenges that require accuracy in architecture creation;

  • Improper documentation;

  • Technical debt;

  • Immeasurable tech stack;

  • A need to always use microservices.

In our experience as a custom software development company that has more than five years in the field, it’s impossible to answer this question precisely. 

Primarily, costs are based on your needs for the app’s functionality and possibilities. The price is also affected by the development platform, the complexity of the project, the duration of the development, the project categories, the country of the developers (that defines their hourly rates), the programming language, and the number of features you want to integrate.

Negotiating the app's scalability, maintainability, and code quality are also crucial, as is deciding whether junior or senior developers are needed for the project. 

These are just a few of the questions that need to be answered to define the price, along with other important factors like hosting, bug fixing, and the cost of maintenance. If you need accurate and up-to-date information on Node.js project costs, contact our experts or try our estimator for approximate numbers.

Many different kinds of applications can be effectively implemented with Node.js. The following are some of the best Node.js-based applications:

  • E-learning platforms

  • Digital and mobile wallets

  • Web-based applications

  • BFSI applications

  • Social media platforms

  • Social networking apps

  • Social hiring platforms

  • Domain register platforms

  • Email applications

  • Web browsing applications

  • Travel and hospitality applications

  • Real-time apps such as one-to-one or one-to-many group chats

  • E-commerce apps

  • Live streaming apps

  • Complex single-page applications

  • IoT projects 

  • and many more. 

It’s also advised to use microservices, Websockets, and APIs, including event API, stream API, and REST API, in web or mobile development based on Node.js.

As a Node.js app development company with over half a decade of experience, we can say that it depends. Node.js is the best option if scalability is your top concern. Node.js has infinite scalability because it uses an asynchronous architecture. 

Node.js is a JavaScript environment for building scalable, efficient mobile and web applications. Applications that deal with multiple I/O operations, such as chat, streaming apps, and real-time collaboration tools, would benefit greatly from this. 

Performance Node.js makes it easier to multitask by producing better results at lower costs. It is far more convenient than PHP, for instance. 

Our Node.js developers as industry experts may provide a consultation for you, so you can weigh the pros and cons.

Geniusee, as one of the best Node.js development companies, uses a variety of distinct leading Node.js frameworks to create dynamic web apps for our Node.js web development services. We use Express JS, Koa JS, Hapi JS, Socket JS, Meteor JS, and Nest JS as additional frameworks.

You can build a variety of mobile or web apps using Node.js if you plan to approach a trustworthy and experienced Node.js application development company. Real-time apps, microservices architecture, e-commerce apps, social networking apps, and live streaming apps are just a few common examples of Node.js app development services. You can use Node.js to create any kind of app or develop your own that will run smoothly. If you need any additional information on Node.js web application development services, feel free to reach us. Plus, don’t forget that our dedicated team is ready to help you and implement industry best practices based on a personalized approach, so your product will hit the market and take its deserved place.

Node.js is a cross-platform, open-source runtime environment used by JavaScript programs to construct a variety of server-side tools and applications. The runtime is intended for use outside of browser contexts. Software and scalable network services that work both on-premise and in the cloud can be created with it. 

Node web applications and mobile apps can be written in JavaScript because they use non-blocking I/O and can handle many connections at once with good throughput. Because it runs in a single thread and uses Java as its programming language, web and mobile apps built on Node.js are extremely scalable. Additionally, it makes use of event-driven, asynchronous I/O, allowing access to a single thread rather than multiple threads. Even with just one thread, good performance can be achieved. 

Node.js is used for both frontend and backend web and mobile app development. As an experienced Node.js development company, we can provide the existential information you need about web and mobile applications or custom software development. Just give us a call.

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