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Custom Web Development Services

We are passionate about transferring your wildest ideas to scaled, efficient, and well-performed web platforms that successfully function in the digital world. As a metrics-driven company that provides cutting-edge technology solutions in multiple industries, we can supply you with full-cycle software development services, meeting your timing and budget requirements. With our experience in UI/UX, business analysis, and development, we prototype, build, deliver, and support all web solutions from single POC and MVP to enterprise.

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Web Development Expertise

We supply web development services to businesses and startups in different industries, primarily focusing on:

Get the custom website development services you need.

Content Crowdsourcing Platforms
This platform type is about collecting content and sharing it with a broad user base on the platform. Contributors and consumers create the network effect. More content on the platform generates additional consumers who create more value for contributors who post content.
Such platforms offer a valuable service to users and generate data through the usage of the platform service. The agreement to contribute data is a requirement to join the platform. The data collected from all platform users is fed back to the service, making it more useful.
The common element is that this type of platform facilitates interactions between specific participants (people and/or businesses). Digital interactions can take the form of a message, voice call, image, or money transfer.
This platform type is about collecting content and sharing it with a broad user base on the platform. Contributors and consumers create the network effect. More content on the platform generates additional consumers who create more value for contributors who post content.
This platform type is about collecting content and sharing it with a broad user base on the platform. Contributors and consumers create the network effect. More content on the platform generates additional consumers who create more value for contributors who post content.

Get the custom website development services you need.

What You Get As a Result

Broad experience with coding in different programming languages and working with both front- and back-end development allows our web developers to control all parts of your website. You can trust them with various tasks, including coding niches, databases, graphic design, and UI/UX management. They have the necessary skills to do their job well and provide you with the best custom web application development services!

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Our experts in custom web development services are riding the waves of technology, development, graphic design, and usability, so we will make your project shine and attract your users’ attention, providing you with comfort and reliability. The look and functionality of your website should perform the way you expect. And our experts know how to make it happen.


What your final user sees on your website depends on how everything is ordered on the invisible side, the back-end. This data access layer processes all the incoming webpage requests, stores, encrypts and decrypts data, handles uploads and downloads, etc. It is crucially important to trust this part of the project to an experienced developer. We have them for you.

Technology Stack



Beinng the face of the project, we pay attention to every little detail in order to male it fascinating and easy to use so that users could enjoy experiencing your website.


Tools and libraries


We know how to combine all the most advanced technologies to produce customized, secured and scalable architecture that will maintain the most extensive functionality of your web application.


Search engines

Message brokers

Web Project
Development Life-Cycle

There are six phases your project passes through during the development:


First, we focus on deciding the main goals and objectives. Then, we create the team of your dreams, who cares for your project as if it’s their own. Your team makes an analysis associated with actual and possible problems of your project and reviews it. Next, we create a list of tasks with you so that you can have total control and access to all stages of the project and documentary.

and Specification

The main goal of this phase is to determine the time estimates and specifications. In this stage, we develop an approach to project management and software development. We plan the contents needed and design your project. Having finished the design, we frame a prototype of your web application and test it.

Production of
the desired result

Effective cooperation among front- and back-end developers and DevOps engineers comes next. Back-end developers are working on the implementation of back-end business logistics. Front-end developers write codes according to web standards. DevOps engineers work on the configuration of the infrastructure.

Testing and Maintenance

This phase aims to prevent all possible risks and uncertainties, so we check your product’s quality assurance and browser compatibility. Previously developed features and the validity of code are checked and assured. We apply different types of testing: integration, functional, regression, load, performance, and smoke testing manually or automatically, depending on the type of testing and the kind of web project.


At this stage, we provide all necessary data migrations, launch the server, merge code, and redirect the domain name. When this phase is over, your website is ready to be visited by your users and perform as intended.


This stage is constant from the very beginning until the moment you need us. As reliable partners, we are ready to maintain your project and adjust it at your first request.

Why Choosing Geniusee?

Our expertise in custom web development solutions is credible and comprehensive. That’s how we can supply our clients with software development services that exceed expectations. We are a metrics-driven custom website development company, and we believe in numbers. That’s why our processes are systematized for achieving results: we track the velocity and execute on a per sprint basis with transparent time logging.

With the help of unit testing and code coverage, we understand what is essential in custom website development, and we give the most effort to the primary tasks being done.
As a custom website development company we understand how important it is to constantly evolve. Our web developers constantly learn, use proven, creative, and user-centric practices and think creatively. That’s why we provide our clients with cutting-edge technologies and solutions.








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Frequently Asked

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What is the best platform to develop web applications? There are many platforms for custom web application development to use to build your web application. The most well-known are React.js, Node.js, Laravel, Symfony, Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET, and AngularJS. The best choice depends on the needs and requirements of your project. Our experts will help you decide what’s best for your project. If you need a consultation, please contact us.
The price of your software development ultimately depends on the functionality you want it to have and on the involved team size, the stage on which we start cooperating, the complexity of features, etc. You can estimate your project cost with our estimator or let us help you understand the scope of the required work, price, and terms; then, we can set the consultation date as your custom web development company.
It takes at least 14 weeks to build a website from scratch for custom website development, but of course, it also depends on the complexity of the project and all the required features and functions. In general, for a typical website, you need three weeks for the discovery phase, six weeks for design, three weeks for the development itself, and two more weeks for modifications.

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