Web Development.

We are passionate about transferring your wildest ideas to scaled, efficient and well-performed web platforms successfully functioning in Digital World. With our experience in UI/UX, business analysis, development, we prototype, build, deliver and support all solutions from single POC and MVP to Enterprise.

Types of web platforms :

Content Crowdsourcing Platforms

The platform type is about collecting content and sharing it with a wide user base of the platform. Contributors and consumers are creating the network effect. More content on the platform generates more consumers that join the platform creating more value for contributors who post more content.

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Data Harvesting Platforms

Such platforms offer a useful service to the users and generate data through usage of the platform service. In fact, the agreement to contribute data is a requirement to join the platform. The data collected from all users of the platform is fed back to the service making it more useful for users.

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Interaction Networks

The common element is that this type of platform facilitates interactions between specific participants (people and/or businesses). The digital interactions can take form of a message, voice call, image, or money transfer.

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Marketing Website

Marketing Websites are typically the websites that people refer to when they use the term "website". They tell the world who you are, what you do, where to find you and why they should choose to work with you. Also, they help peolpe to find companies on the internet - Search engine optimization (SEO).

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Marketplaces enable us to meet supply and demand in a digitalized way. We use the most modern tools such as Magento, WooCommerece and Shopify to build Ecommerce customized marketplaces.

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Front end

Being the face of the project, we pay attention to every little detail in order to make it fascinating and easy to use so that users could enjoy experiencing your website.

Frameworks :

Tools and libraries :

Back end

We know how to combine all the most advanced technologies to produce customized, secured and scalable architecture that will maintain the most extensive functionality.

Technologies :

Frameworks :

Databases :

Search Engines :

Message brokers :

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