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Custom web development services

You know your business needs a robust web presence to thrive, but you don't have the in-house resources or expertise to build a custom solution. Where do you turn? Look no further than our team of web development experts. We get it — you're busy running your company, not designing websites. But without a well-performed web platform, your business risks falling behind the competition and losing valuable opportunities.


Our web development services

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    Custom web application development

    We can provide you with custom online software in case you want something more than just a website. Our experts offer:

    • personalized solutions
    • full-development cycle
    • integration of features
    • customization and updates
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    Audit and optimization of an existing platform

    We will comprehensively audit your current website platform and analyze:

    • page load times
    • broken links
    • metadata
    • security risks
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    Team extension

    Many companies find they need extra help to get web projects completed on time. Rather than hiring full-time employees, a popular solution is team extension. 

    Geniusee will provide web developers to work with in-house teams on a temporary basis:

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    Web integration services

    Web integration services connect your website to other systems and software. Our web integration specialists can help with:

    • data exchange
    • interoperability
    • automation of processes
    • cloud integration
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    Maintenance and support

    We are ready to help you with:

    • security updates
    • performance optimization
    • server maintenance
    • software updates

    And other key aspects to ensure the success of your digital presence.

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Web project development life-cycle

There are six phases your project passes through during the development:

  • First, we focus on deciding the main goals and objectives. Then, we create the team of your dreams who cares for your project as if it's their own. Your team makes an analysis associated with actual and possible problems of your project and reviews it. Next, we create a list of tasks with you so that you can have total control and access to all stages of the project and documentary.

  • The main goal of this phase is to determine the time estimates and specifications. In this stage, we develop an approach to project management and software development. We plan the contents needed and design your project. Having finished the design, we frame and test a prototype of your web application.

  • Effective cooperation among front- and back-end developers and DevOps engineers comes next. Back-end developers are working on the implementation of back-end business logistics. Front-end developers write codes according to web standards. DevOps engineers work on the configuration of the infrastructure.

  • This phase aims to prevent all possible risks and uncertainties, so we check your product's quality assurance and browser compatibility. Previously developed features and the validity of code are checked and assured. We apply different types of testing: integration, functional, regression, load, performance, and smoke testing manually or automatically, depending on the type of testing and the kind of web project.

  • At this stage, our custom web development company provides all necessary data migrations, launches the server, merges code, and redirects the domain name. When this phase is over, your website is ready to be visited by your users and perform as intended.

  • This stage is constant from the very beginning until the moment you need us. As reliable partners, we are ready to maintain and adjust your project at your first request.

What you get as a result

Broad experience with coding in different programming languages and working with both front- and back-end development allows our web developers to control all parts of your website. You can trust them with various tasks, including coding niches, databases, graphic design, and UI/UX management. They have the necessary skills to do their job well and provide you with the best custom web application development services!

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    A custom solution built for you

    When you work with us, we don't provide cookie-cutter web solutions. We take the time to understand your business and target audience to develop a custom web platform that achieves your goals. Our team of business analysts, designers, and developers will collaborate directly with you through the entire process from concept to launch.

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    Our experts in custom web development services are riding the waves of technology, development, graphic design, and usability, so we will make your project shine and attract your users' attention, providing you with comfort and reliability. The look and functionality of your website should perform the way you expect. And our experts know how to make it happen.

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    What your final user sees on your website depends on how everything is ordered on the invisible side, the back-end. This data access layer processes all the incoming webpage requests, stores, encrypts and decrypts data, handles uploads and downloads, etc. It is crucially important to trust this part of the project to an experienced developer. We have them for you.

Web development expertise

Get the web development services you need! We provide web development services to businesses and startups in different industries, primarily focusing on:

    • Custom LMS Development
    • E-Learning Software Development
    • School Management Software Development
    • Banking Software Development
    • Custom Trading Software Development
    • Insurance Software Development
    • Custom Account Management Software
    • Supply Chain Management Systems 
    • E-commerce Website Development
    • Property Management Solutions
    • Real Estate Application Development
    • Digital Twin Development

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Technology stack 

Being the face of the project, our development team pays attention to every little detail in order to make it fascinating and easy to use. We know how to combine all the most advanced technologies to produce customized, secured and scalable architecture that will maintain the most extensive functionality of your web application.


Front-end frameworks

Tools and libraries

Back-end frameworks

Search engines

Message brokers

Engagement models we provide

What our clients say

Why choosing Geniusee?

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    Quality and innovation

    We utilize the latest web frameworks, content management systems, and e-commerce platforms to build high-performing, scalable websites. Our web solutions are mobile-optimized, secure, and built to convert visitors into customers.

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    Dedicated service

    We provide dedicated account management and support for all our web development clients. You'll have a direct contact line with the team building your website or web app. We work as an extension of your team to fully understand your needs, key priorities, and target metrics. Our goal is your long-term success and satisfaction.

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    Proven expertise

    We have a proven track record of success with over seven years of experience developing web solutions. We stay on the cutting edge of web technologies and design trends to build modern, user-friendly websites and web apps.

Our certifications

Our certifications

Geography and numbers

Our offices are located in the USA, Poland and Ukraine. 

Our locations


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When do you need custom web development?

You require custom web development when an off-the-shelf solution just won't cut it. Maybe your business has unique needs, or you want to create an innovative interactive user experience. Custom web solutions offer flexibility and control, that's why web development services are essential when you're planning on building a scalable and prosperous project.

With custom web development, it's easy to make changes or add new features as your business grows. You have full control over the development process and access to the content management system, which allows you to add or remove sections, integrate new tools, and redesign as needed. Therefore, your site can scale and evolve right along with your company.

When it comes to web development, there are a few major platforms that stand out. The two most popular are PHP and ASP.NET (C#). Take time to evaluate your priorities to choose custom web development solutions that will work for developing your web application.

The cost for custom web development services can vary greatly depending on the complexity and features of the project. To get an accurate estimate, contact our experts to discuss the scope of the project or try our Estimator. In the end, the best platform for you depends on your needs, skills, and budget. Take time to evaluate your priorities to choose the option that will work for developing your custom-built website.

Building and launching a custom web application typically requires a significant investment of time. The duration of the provided custom web development service depends on features needed, integrations required and other important factors. To get a precise estimate, contact us or try our Estimator.

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