• 1

    Automatic data replication

    Automatic data replication over three availability-zones in a single region;

  • 2

    Infinitely scalable read-write I/O

    Infinitely scalable read-write I/O running on IOPS-optimized solid state drives;

  • 3

    Provisioned-throughput model

    A provisioned-throughput model where read and write units can be adjusted at any time based on actual application usage;

  • 4

    Integrated with other AWS services

    Integrated with other AWS services like Elastic MapReduce (EMR), Data Pipeline, and Kinesis;

  • 5

    Pay-per-use model

    Pay-per-use model – you never pay for hardware or services you’re not actually using;

  • 6

    Security and access

    Security and access control can be applied using Amazon’s IAM service;

  • 7

    Great enterprise-ready features

    Great enterprise-ready features such as a robust SLA, monitoring tools, and private VPN functionality.