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Information Technology (IT) Consulting Services

When innovation and digital transformation of a business must occur fast and scale even faster, the strategy and tactics of implementing technological solutions have to be flexible and sharp. Whether your business needs a review of its tech strategy or a skilled c-level tech executive, project rescue plan, assessment of tech architecture, an audit of its performance, or any other IT consulting services our experts are here to help. Allow us to lead the digital transformation of your business to get the growth you strive for!

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Our IT Consulting

We think of the client’s request as the question we, as an information technology consulting firm, have to find the answer to. This gives us a chance to define what information we lack to answer this question.
We divide the problem into little sub-questions or key elements. This breaks one big problem down into several smaller and easier to solve while giving us a huge overview of the general situation.
Here, we prioritize each key element from the most crucial to the least important. At this stage, we remember that the faster we define which elements of your IT strategy are crucial, the quicker we get to the solution.
Now, we assemble the team to conduct your problem analysis, share the tasks, and set the time estimates for deliverable results.
This is the time for your team to prove or disprove your problem while collecting evidence through client workshops, research, interviews, data analysis, and so on.
Now, when we have the initial research, we can combine the pieces of the evidence and generate the insights. At this stage, we compare the results of the research and analysis with the original problem statement derived during the first stage of the process.
We use our findings as a basis for the conclusions we come to. We use our conclusions as a basis for the recommendations for IT strategy, which answer how to solve our client’s problem, defined at the first stage and proven or expanded at the sixth.

What Is a Technology Consulting Service?

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To create an efficient digital strategy or reassess an existing one, you need to attract experts in information technology consulting services who develop complex tech solutions daily for different businesses and startups. We provide technology consulting services in various formats based on requests, industry insights, and cross-sector expertise. With more than 100 impactfully delivered projects of different complexities for businesses in FinTech, EdTech, AgroTech, retail, and real estate, we provide a consulting service that helps to:

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Maximize technological capabilities of implemented tools and solutions

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Improve the business processes and eliminate the blockers and pitfalls

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Reduce the costs for tech solutions

IT Consulting
Services We Offer

CTO as a service (CaaS)

Sometimes you need to validate your business decisions and have a senior tech manager with broad experience on your side or present your tech team to potential investors. CTO as a service will help you obtain a meticulous, strategic vision from a c-level expert. Geniusee core tech members have 15+ years of expertise in the IT industry, solid experience in web development (PHP, Node.js, Java, JavaScript, and Web UI), mobile development (iOS, Android, hybrid), and extensive experience in architecture design for web, desktop, and mobile applications, as well as business management experience or other IT consulting services. Geniusee’s founder co-founded two startups in AR, AI, and IoT.


When a product no longer addresses the needs of your business, has lousy maintainability (the ability to be retained or restored to a specified condition), shows low performance when the number of users increases, cannot withstand the load, and breaks down frequently, it is time to consider a smarter way than developing a new product. That is re-architecture. We also recommend re-architecture when a product is developed using outdated technologies, and there is a lack of professionals who can update and support it. What is the solution? Gradual migration doesn't require a full stop of business processes. By dividing the product into microservices, we make the process as smooth as possible, and the client gets full control.

Architecture vision

How do you ensure your organization is ready to deliver dream results and your architecture is technologically equipped for future challenges? Geniusee provides IT consulting services that will help you create a technical architecture vision that considers your particular business requirements and establishes a technological basis for implementing the architectural vision. As a result, your company gets an easy-to-understand architecture roadmap, new innovative structure, and becomes ready to tackle future challenges.

Architecture assessment

This service ensures that the application and infrastructure architecture adequately meet all relevant requirements and sufficiently relieve identified security threats. We review the architecture to ensure baseline mitigations for typical risks, identify application and infrastructure architecture components, and analyze the architecture for known threats. Geniusee experts in IT consulting services feed the architecture review results into the company architecture, organization design principles and patterns, security practices, and reference architectures.

Project rescue plan

When a project cannot be delivered on time and faces a delay, we evaluate the inputs and blockers, creating a plan to rescue the project launch. This consists of a detailed action-item list with an updated timeline for project delivery.

Code assessment

Assessing the quality of your code can lead to a series of efficiency improvements. It defines your code’s maintainability and aligns with your business goals, which can lead to improving the operation of your business, and as a result, the speed and the quality of your growth.

IT Expertise in Multiple Industries

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Geniusee is an experienced information technology consulting company. Our team has completed 100+ projects on time and within budget in different domains, providing information technology consulting services for dynamic businesses in FinTech, EdTech, retail, etc., and with startups Y Combinator and Techstars on Series A to D funding rounds. Our main focus:

Benefits of Information
Technology (IT) Consulting


When choosing an IT consulting partner, keep in mind these five key benefits:


Save money and time

Fixing problems when they have already occurred is more troublesome than having a constant and attentive eye on your technology. Technology companies provide both software and hardware IT consulting services, and you can leverage their outsourced talents. These IT consulting services significantly reduce your costs, as you get a customized plan that meets your budget.

Concentrate on your business values

Everyone should do what they do best for a company. A business leader may be better at thinking of strategies and constant development or scaling but not technical issues. If there is a reliable IT consultant next to you, you can concentrate on the best value you bring for the company while your system and processes are running smoothly under their control.

Expanded expertise

Hiring an IT consulting service company is a collaboration with a team of experts with various experiences and knowledge. This gives you a broad perspective to develop and adjust your business, as you can combine different approaches and views.

Return on Investment

It's a new reality, where most businesses are virtual, so the quality of your technologies is crucial. A hired IT consulting team will aim at getting you an ROI quickly via excelling your business operations and technologies. You will be provided with consultancy service in trending hardware or software that makes a difference for your company compared to your competitors.

Improve Business Processes and Systems

The IT consultant will help you improve your productivity by streamlining your business processes and systems through implementing and maintaining technologies.

Why Geniusee?

As an experienced IT consulting services company, we understand how important it is for you that your IT strategy meets your business goals. Our team of IT consultants has a proven track of successfully completed projects. Geniusee senior experts in information technology consulting can handle any challenge for multiple reasons:

  • We achieve your results by thriving and personalizing our approach to each case.
  • We are driven by metrics and numbers; you can measure our promise by time, analytics, performance, and in the end, your outcome, especially given that we work to exceed your expectations.
  • We prioritize the essentials and consider every single detail.








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