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Retail Software Development Services

Retail software is becoming an indispensable assistant for organizing purchases, delivery, storage, personnel management, and other activities related to offline sales. Automating all these processes helps increase your business's productivity and focus human resources on the core activity — sales. Our software developers always choose an individual approach to create retail solutions that increase your customer satisfaction rate.

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Complete Retail Software Development Guide

Get your Complete Retail Software Development Guide by Geniusee and check out how Retail Technology is developing, where it’s headed, and whether there is room for your business there.

Complete Retail Software Development Guide

Get your Complete Retail Software Development Guide by Geniusee and check out how Retail Technology is developing, where it’s headed, and whether there is room for your business there.

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Retail Software Solutions

Custom Online

If you want to start selling to online users, we will help you do everything right from the very beginning, providing not only the creation of a turnkey online store but also consulting at each stage of bringing your business online. We offer a clear system of making your store successful with the help of high-quality retail software solutions.


Starting a dropshipping business is a significant first step towards entrepreneurship. With providing efficient retail software development services, we develop an online resource for suppliers and online stores working on dropshipping. Suppliers will be able to upload their goods to the platform, work on warehouse management and online stores will be able to trade the selected goods without repurchasing them to their warehouse.


For a visitor, an online marketplace is just a showcase with a product, but in fact, it is a platform with well-thought-out business logic and processes. We create applications and monitor their life. We see which solutions for retail are popular and which are not. We transfer all this experience to retail app development for our clients. Excellent customer experience is an essential part of successful retail business cases.

Online Catalog

Creating an online catalog is a retail software development service perfect for retail companies of various products to present a catalog of goods on the internet. With custom retail software solutions, you can inform your existing customers about the assortment and its content, provide a description of goods and prices, and keep up to date with new events.

Customer Account Management Software

A personal account is a must-have for e-commerce projects. Without it, it is more challenging to make a purchase, track the status of an order, participate in a loyalty program, or apply a promo code and get a discount. A convenient customer account with an online store increases customer loyalty and the likelihood of repeat orders.

Supply Chain Management Systems

Our team offers supply chain management software development to help optimize and increase supply, reduce costs, and focus on business strategy. Our expertise includes retail solutions for automating sales catalog management, ordering products and services, payment processing, receiving sales estimates, delivery management processes, processing invoices for purchase orders, and processing purchase orders for goods and services.

Technologies We Use

No retail business owner can grow without implementing a stack of technologies that will best meet the company's challenges. With many years of retail software development experience, we consult our clients on what retail technologies can positively impact their business.

E-commerce platforms & POS software solutions

We develop software solutions for retail companies around the world. During the custom software development process, we use the best marketing and e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, SAP Hybris, AWS, Salesforce, Magento, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, PayPal, and more. By cooperating with Geniusee specialists, you get software created with up-to-date technologies that change the future of the retail industry. With our retail software development solutions many businesses stay ahead of the competition.

Diverse omnichannel solutions for retail

The modern client is already omnichannel. This is not limited to retail. Previously, you could only eat pizza in a pizzeria and communicate only at a personal meeting, and now we can do it anywhere. With the help of well-designed software, you get an omnichannel retail model, which implies that the client themselves choose where and how to buy. We create solutions that get to the very essence of the omnichannel approach — to satisfy the needs of the client here and now, providing superior customer experience.

Innovative data processing with AI

Tracking customer reactions, machine learning and product categorization, price forecasting, logistics, marketing automation, virtual and augmented reality — we will help you implement all these retail solutions into your business as easily as possible. As a retail software development company, we help you use artificial intelligence in your retail software so that you start a new stage of your business development and improve the quality of data processing. It will allow you to have the right point of view on your business.

Online ordering systems

Online ordering systems are an essential tool for any retail enterprise. Expansion of custom retail software development opportunities, increased audience, profit growth, and business growth is only a partial list of benefits from introducing new technologies, especially in a competitive market. The Geniusee team develops online ordering applications for a ready-made solution and custom functionality.

Retail Mobile App Development Process

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Analysis and concept
We study the target audience and competitors and develop a general design concept of retail solutions.
We develop detailed technical specifications, compose the user's journey, and create and test prototypes.
We develop a design that makes the customer experience as transparent and enjoyable as possible during online shopping.
We offer an interactive and adaptive layout, connecting integrations with CRM, ERP, online payments, delivery services, and email/SMS mailing.
After the tests of retail solutions, we launch a project with content and a database of products and customized metrics ready for SEO promotion.

Our Success Stories

We can either change an existing retail software solution or develop retail software from scratch that meets your requirements. Let's discover our successfully implemented projects in the field of e-commerce.

Why Hire Geniusee for Retail Software Development?



We inform the client about each stage of the retail application development. We conduct daily zoom calls and sum up the two-week intermediate results.



We create an interactive product prototype. We believe it's better to spend 10% of the budget on a prototype than 100% on a completed custom retail software that doesn't make a profit.



We accurately predict the timing of web/mobile apps for retail development. We complete 85% of projects ahead of schedule.



We test web/mobile apps at all stages of development and before entering the market. We provide technical support after the release.

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