Every year dozens of conferences, festivals, and forums are held worldwide, designed for various industries that are somehow related to information technology.

Any conferences and forums are primarily used as entry points to a professional environment. You get the opportunity to look around, see the segment leaders and closest competitors, and understand who is a significant figure in the market, who to listen to, and who to follow. Professionals interested in offering their services to someone can study potential clients and their pains, needs, and moods. In addition, conferences are a good way to assess the situation in the industry and the market.

In this article, we have collected the top conferences related to industries such as FinTech, EdTech, Real Estate, and Retail. Let’s start!

What to expect:

  1. Top FinTech Conferences 2023
  2. Top EdTech Conferences 2023
  3. Top Real Estate Conferences 2023
  4. Top Retail Conferences 2023
  5. Conclusion

Top FinTech Conferences 2023

IPEM 2023

IPEM 2023

Date: January 23-25 

Place: Palais Des Festivals, Cannes, France

Main Topics: Complex macroeconomic environment, new challenges, and opportunities it creates for private market investors

Price: €2590 + 50% off starting from the 3rd pass!

Capital investment is now playing a major role in supporting the growth of innovation. In 2022 over 2500 participants from the business and investment-fund sectors from 25 countries took part in Cannes’s first International Private Equity Market.

This year it will provide a dedicated hospitality area with fully equipped VIP suites for completely confidential meetings, as well as hosting talks and seminars plus the IPEM Awards ceremony.

MoneyLIVE Summit

MoneyLIVE Summit

Date: March 8-9 

Place: QEII Centre, Londo, Grate Britain

Main Topics: Open ecosystems, Lending, and the economic landscape, Digital IDs, Payments Innovation & Infrastructure, Web 3.0 & digital currencies and ESG in Action

Price: Financial Services - Until 27 January £1,249; Standart - Until 27 January £1,899

MoneyLIVE Summit is without a doubt one of the most important banking and payment events in the European market, making it the perfect venue for those looking to transform the industry and development of FinTech software. This year, as usual, the current leaders of the European banking ecosystem will gather. Every year the organization holds up to 10 congresses in different parts of the world and devotes its lectures to the most problematic issues of FinTech. If you are looking for an event that will bring together the best bankers in the world overnight, then Money Live Spring may be the right solution.

FinovateEurope FinTech Event

FinovateEurope FinTech Event

Date: March 14-15 

Place: Intercontinental O2, London, England

Main Topics: Payments, Lending, InsurTech, InvesTech, Blockchain, AI & Machine Learning, RegTech

Price: £1,599

The Finovate Group is a research and events team focused on innovation in FinTech and Banking. In 2010 Finovate launched its first event in London. The main goal of the Finovate conference is to discuss and announce exclusively the best and latest innovative financial and banking technologies. Finovate conferences consistently attract large, high-impact audiences of senior financial and banking executives, venture capitalists, industry analysts, regulators, and entrepreneurs. Its mission is to serve the financial services developer community. By showcasing the latest tools, technologies, APIs, platforms, case studies, and tutorials, they want to help CTOs, developers, software architects, UX designers, VPs of engineering, product managers and other technologists create the next wave of fintech innovation.

Pay360 Conference

Pay360 Conference

Date: March 21-22 

Place: Old Billingsgate Market, London

Main Topics: Environmental Sustainability & FinTech, What to Expect in 2024 and beyond, Monetising Payments, Open Banking, Merchant Innovation, FinaTech Security

Price: £750

The annual conference about the FinTech and payments industry, PAY360 will bring together 2000 of the strongest leaders from banks, merchants, government, investors, FinTech, FIs, card providers, consultants, and solutions providers.

Whether you are a bank with decades of market reputation, a FinTech startup, or sit anywhere in between, PAY360 is a good place for everyone. After the sessions, you will understand exactly what your business and product development plan for tomorrow should look like. You will get clear visibility on the challenges you’ll face along the way and a plan for overcoming them, as well as the contacts you need in order to form strong collaborations across the whole value chain in order to get there.

Fintech Nexus USA

Fintech Nexus USA

Date: May 10-11

Place: Javits Center, New York City, USA

Main Topics: Trends in banking, fintech, and crypto & DeFi.

Price: Till Jan 13 - $2,595, After - $3,595 + Industry Awards Dinner and Ceremony $595

Fintech Nexus team provides the essential knowledge, connections, and inspiration in the FinTech industry and builds a  bridge between traditional finance and the future of finance.  They constantly analyze a multi-decade transformation where FinTech industry began to take center stage as everything becomes digital. Most of the participants of the FinTech Nexus Conference define it as a dealmakers summit. This is a high-end partnering and networking event for the FinTech industry.

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Top EdTech Conferences 2023

CUE EdTech Conference

CUE EdTech Conference

Date: March 16-18 

Place: Palm Springs, CA, USA

Main Topics: Latest ideas in teaching and learning and the Best educational technology for your classroom.

Price: All-Access Pass $389, Virtual & Recorded Only Pass $199

Thousands of educators will gather at the CUE EdTech conference to share, inspire, and work together! Over 400 sessions featuring performances by thought leaders and world-renowned educators will be available to attendees. Two days of creativity, inspiration, and education software development services and solutions with concrete takeaways that you can immediately apply to your classroom or EdTech project!



Date: March 20-23 

Place: Austin Marriott Downtown, Texas, USA

Main Topics: Expanding Erate cybersecurity coverage, Addressing digital equity, Ensuring student data privacy, and Increasing overall EdTech funding.

Price: A ticket for members is $705, and a ticket for non-members is $875.

CoSN works at the federal level and supports state chapters for education technology, policy development, and implementation. This year we are focusing on expanding Erate cybersecurity coverage, addressing digital equity, ensuring student data privacy, and increasing overall EdTech funding. This conference will include the following interesting events: CoSN Corporate Council Meeting, Male IT Leaders: Up Your Allyship and Women in Technology Breakfast

The World Education Summit

The World Education Summit

Date: March 20-23 

Place: Virtual summit

Main Topics: Leadership, Insight to Impact, Teaching & Learning, Assessment & Curriculum, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Human Potential (SEL, Wellbeing, talent development), Future of Learning

Price: Individual ticket is £360, group ticket (30 people) is £1,735.

The Summit is the largest annual virtual gathering of educational luminaries, dedicated educators, and courageous leaders from all over the world. More than 400 speakers and tens of thousands of educators will gather to share, discuss, and inspire learning around the world over the course of four live days and eight dynamic stages during the 20-23 March 2023 period.

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Date: March 17-19 

Place: University of Oxford, Oxford, UK

Main Topics: Innovative ideas and changes in education, Results and outcomes of theories and practice in the EdTech industry.

Price: Students / Committees - $440, Regular - $460

European Advanced Education Technology Conference is an excellent opportunity to convene with colleagues from many countries and discuss innovative ideas and changes in education, results, and outcomes of theories and practice in the area of educational technology. You will have an unforgettable experience, cause EAET 2023 will not be online unlike 3 previous years and you will have an opportunity to find interesting connections that probably can change your life.

EdTechX Europe

EdTechX Europe

Date: June 22 

Place: London, UK

Main Topics: The state of the EdTech industry and its future.

Price: till 28 February -£595, 1 March - 31 May - £720, 1 June - onsite - £849

EdTechX Europe is a leading EdTech event that connects global investors, founders, influencers, and thought leaders for a 1-day Summit, bringing like-minded people together to steer conversations on the future of learning and work. This conference is a good opportunity to network & collaborate with other participants, listen to thought leadership, visit international pavilions & innovation showcases as well as take part in the EdTechX rewards ceremony.

EdTech World Forum

EdTech World Forum

Date: May 17-18 

Place: London, UK

Main Topics: Future of education with EdTech, Rethinking of traditional education model, E-learning and ethics, Positive impact with EdTech

Price: £1,825

EdTech World Forum is the leading educational technology conference based in London UK Europe. It focuses on education technologies, online learning, and digital education. The main aim of the сonference is to offer a place for sharing experiences, information, and support to its members by bringing together and building a network of founders of innovation and EdTech companies.

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Top Real Estate Conferences 2023

Inman Connect New York

Inman Connect New York

Date: January 24-26 

Place: Hilton New York Midtown, USA

Main Topics: PropTech challenges, Real estate trends, Tech tools for real estate, Industry future 

Price: $1,499

The premier real estate event for agents, brokers, executives, PropTech, and financial professionals, as well as anyone looking to network with the industry's smartest individuals, is Inman Connect New York. Inman Connect New York is the place to be if you want to learn how to navigate the current market, get insider advice on what's next, and make connections that will have a big impact on your career. It lasts for three days.

NMHC Apartment Strategies Conference

NMHC Apartment Strategies Conference

Date: January 31 

Place: Las Vegas, NV, USA

Main Topics: Real estate trends, Statistics, and Powerful business insight.

Price: For members - $795, for non-members - $1395

The NMHC Apartment Strategies Conference brings together the industry's top executives to discuss strategies for their future success. NMHC is a platform for members and the communities they build to thrive, with the most prominent and innovative leaders in the industry at the helm.

Quebec Apartment Investment Conference 2023

Quebec Apartment Investment Conference 2023

Date: February 22 

Place: Quebec, Canada

Main Topics: Real estate affordability,  Financing in today's real estate market, and Low-cost strategies.

Price: $495 

Quebec Apartment Investment Conference 2023 will provide expert knowledge from the perspective of owners, developers, investors, and lenders. You will also have an opportunity to connect with 700+ owners, developers, brokers, investors, financial service providers, and other C-suite executives. Networking opportunities include refreshment breaks, luncheon, and reception at the end of the event.



Date: April 2-4 

Place: New York, USA

Main Topics: Key insights about real estate technologies, Industry’s leading startups, 

Price: $995

In order to facilitate technology adoption and innovation within the real estate industry, RETCON 2023 will bring together the world's leading real estate owners, operators, developers, investors, media, PropTech startups, and technology and service providers from across the country over two and a half days.

Top Retail Conferences 2023

NRF 2023: Retail’s Big Show

NRF 2023: Retail’s Big Show

Date: January 15-17

Place: New York, USA

Main Topics: Retail CRM, New industry technologies, Robotics, Payments, Supply chains, Personalization, etc.

Price: Ticket for members - $1300, a ticket for non-members - $2300

With 800 exhibitors, 100 sessions, and multiple special installations, the NRF 2023 Expo is where the retail community goes to get breakthrough ideas. Here you can explore the latest in technology, learn about innovative new solutions and connect with the biggest movers and shakers in retail today.

White Label Expo

White Label Expo

Date: May 3-4 

Place: Las Vegas, NV, USA

Main Topics: How to sell online, How to source new products, and Master being an online entrepreneur.

Price: Free

Packed with event features to grow your business potential, the White Label World Expo - Las Vegas will set its agenda to cover nearly all of the retail, eCommerce, and selling/supplying industries. Multiple summits, specialized co-located events, and networking and investment opportunities are abundant when attending the White Label World Expo.

Sellers Summit 2023

Sellers Summit 2023

Date: May 23-25 

Place: Florida, USA

Main Topics: Amazon sales, Advertising campaigns, High converting website, Email funnels, Retail strategies, Manufacturing goods from Asia, Brand building

Price: All-access pass - $849, Mastermind pass - $1349

The 2023 Sellers Summit offers a curriculum-based experience where you will learn practical, up to date and actionable eCommerce strategies that actually work. And you'll have access to successful entrepreneurs who are deep in the trenches and proficient at their craft.

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Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

Date: June 13-15

Place: Chicago, USA

Main Topics: Omnichannel roadmaps, New retail trends, New playbook for digital growths, Next wave of loyalty.

Price: $995, Expo hall pass - Free

The Retail Innovation Conference & Expo is the overall home for the event. Their content sessions and panels are organized into three micro-conferences that are thoughtfully designed based on the unique needs of different job roles and teams. Here you will learn what’s top-of-mind for executives right now and what trends and technologies are driving the industry’s next wave of disruption.

Shopify Unite 2023 

Shopify Unite 2023

Date: will be soon

Place: London, UK

Main Topics: Online stores, eCommerce technologies.

Price: will be soon

London has been a commerce center for centuries, and in the digital era, things are no different. As one of the world's largest eCommerce markets, London is a draw for merchants and developers alike from all over the region. London Shopify Unite event connected local developers with Shopify staff and partners who understand the unique opportunities that the global market offers.

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FacePay, IoT, VR And More: Technologies That Change Retail

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If you want to express yourself in a professional environment, do not ignore specialized conferences. Consider performing on stage. Surely you have something to share with others. Contact the organizers of the training, and offer yourself as a speaker. If you don't dare to perform yourself, be active during other people's performances. Ask witty questions, and communicate with the speaker after the speech.

Try to keep abreast of all the latest developments in your professional field, communicate with colleagues from other companies, share experiences and you will always be on top.