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Insightful tech and business 5-min-reads on the latest Fintech and Edtech trends, products, solutions, and expertise in mobile and web development. We at Geniusee aim to help businesses thrive through tech partnership and strengthen the engineering community by sharing knowledge to expand your professional power.

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TOP 10 Digital Banking Trends for 2022 – Reshaping the Banking Landscape

Visibly or not, Covid-19 has disrupted almost every industry globally and transformed existing ways of doing business for enterprises. The banking industry is no exception to this shift. Banks are making a digita...

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Oksana T.


The Future of Money in the Digital World

Technology is changing the structure of the financial system and the very nature of money. Digitization and the growth of technology platforms can lead to the ''repackaging'' of the functions of money, the emerge...

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Sophia K.


Green Fintech: How Can Financial Institutions Take Meaningful Action on Climate Change?

2020 became a sharp growth year in the market for FinTech products—from the already familiar banking services to instant deliveries and even medical services. But along with them, there was an explosion in the de...

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Sophia V.


How to Optimize the FinTech Software Release Management Process

In the mercilessly competitive world of IT, launching new software can be a сomplicated task with challenges at each stage of the process: gathering a team, finding the right market fit, developing the product, a...

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Marianna P.


How to Create a Neobank - CTO of Geniusee on Forbes

The bank's success at the beginning of the twentieth century could be easily assessed by the size of the chandelier and the height of the ceiling in its headquarters in a building with monumental columns and a hu...

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Sofiia V.


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