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Custom Software

We are passionate about transferring your wildest ideas to scaled, efficient, and well-performed web platforms that successfully function in the digital world. As a metrics-driven company that provides cutting-edge technology solutions in multiple industries, we can supply you with full-cycle software development services, meeting your timing and budget requirements. With our experience in UI/UX, business analysis, and development, we prototype, build, deliver, and support all solutions from single POC and MVP to enterprise.

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Custom Software
Development Services

To take your business to the next level, custom software designed specifically for your company is the proper way to do it. Imagine what opportunities will open when your software answers your customers' specific needs and no one else has anything like it. Whether it is a mobile educational application, financial platform customized for one particular segment of lenders, or reengineering existing assets and switching to a new technology stack, the Geniusee team will ensure it will be performed and be delivered in the most efficient way possible.


Custom Software Development Services We Provide

Want to discuss end-to-end software development services that can be specifically designed to help you meet your goals?

Winning in a highly-competitive business environment means making the most out of technology. By offering digital transformation solutions for enterprise-level businesses, Geniusee helps organizations utilize technologies to their advantage.

The digital transformation of a company should be guided and managed during every step of planning and implementation. That is why you can rely on us! The enterprise software development services we provide are designed based on our extensive expertise working with rapidly growing businesses in the USA, Great Britain, and Europe. By solving their challenges, e.g., maximizing their productivity and workflow, we tailored unique solutions for the specific needs of FinTech, EdTech, Healthcare, Retail, and other businesses.
ChatBots are a support service, call center, sales assistants, waiters' assistants, personal secretaries, translators, conversational assistants that interact and teach students, and much more. We deliver multilingual chatbots that understand human requests, build natural conversation flows, analyze data, and define insights out of it.

ChatBots help automate business processes and operations, improve customer engagement and retention, build trust with reasonable communication, reduce customer support costs, and align with many platforms and social media.
If your business needs a mobile or web application, or even a combination of them, our design and development team is here to help you. Starting from ideation with our design team to the flawless launch of your app, we will guide you through the process to ensure your success at every stage.

We will help you automate your processes to release resources that focus on achieving your business goals. By setting a continuous integration process, we will ensure you can update and scale your software easily, quickly, and across multiple platforms.
Application programming interface, or API, helps companies ease cooperation and data sharing between their custom applications or third-party ones.

Custom API development brings our broad architectural and design expertise to your business to personalize UX and simplify workflows. Our numerous clients recognize APIs delivered by Geniusee’s dedicated team as ones that effortlessly connect and collaborate with your customers and partners and aim to drive your desired business results.

Want to discuss end-to-end software development services that can be specifically designed to help you meet your goals?

Want to discuss end-to-end software development services that can be specifically designed to help you meet your goals?

Benefits of Custom
Software Development


Geniusee’s development team offers a wide range of benefits with years of experience and hundreds of delivered complex projects focusing on industry-specific custom software. Working with FinTech, EdTech, retail, real estate, and healthcare, we helped hundreds of companies succeed in investing in custom software projects that have something their competitors do not.


Add unique value to your business!

Unlike "off-the-shelf" software, a custom solution can boost your company's performance. It also brings a valuable intellectual property asset to your business. These solid competitive advantages bring added value to your company with a custom system tailored for your business.

Speed & scale!

Speed means success nowadays. We value the results of our clients as our own. That is why we have organized the process to use every working hour with you more efficiently. We have established agile custom software product development services with flexible and stable foundations, allowing us to embed project details and customize them to a particular businesses' needs. And immediately start working on your project!

Optimize your business processes and operations

With an established business model and business process management, your company needs a specific approach to enhance its growth but not by following templates and off-the-shelf software solutions. Custom software will help you implement digital transformation faster and align with your unique internal operations.

Get the Expansion Support

The business that grows needs to think forward when choosing digital solutions. When expanding, you will also increase your expectations for your software and won’t want to work with a legacy system. New requirements, more considerable operational capabilities, speed, and performance are needed to scale up your company to allow you to meet your goals. Custom software will ensure scale and adaptiveness for the changing objectives of a growing business.

Intensified Security

Security is a key priority in digital transformation. Off-the-shelf programs and software often become targets for hackers and intruders. Custom software is more difficult to threaten. Security measures may be intensified and heightened on demand, so we will create your custom risk mitigation strategy.

Vast range of DevOps services

Infrastructure is critical to maintaining a reliable operation. At Geniusee, we use our expertise in cloud and server solutions to derive and build high-performing environments that will satisfy the complexity requirements of a customer's product. The increased productivity and performance of custom solutions that come with this approach help companies achieve their goals faster.

Be innovative!

No two customers are the same, so you need to think about personalization to find more attractive ways to implement innovative solutions for your products or services. By creating custom software, you get all the features and functionalities your company may need to streamline business processes. And when we say custom, we mean innovative, as we strive to make our clients’ projects one of a kind!

Work with us to create unique custom solutions and enjoy numerous advantages of a custom system tailored for your business.

Industry Expertise

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To fit the market with the right product or service, you need a custom software development team with broad industry-specific expertise. We have delivered 100+ FinTech, EdTech, retail, real estate, healthcare, and other projects, and our clients prove the quality of our work.

Our team has extensive experience designing and developing digital banking solutions, blockchain, financial data management, payment security, predictive analytics, EdTech applications and platforms, sale-increasing apps for retailers, etc.

Our Custom Development Process


You tell us which business objectives your new software should meet.

Business analysis

In cooperation with you, we determine how it aligns with existing solutions and processes.

UI design/prototyping

We offer ideas on how the new software should look and function.


Our dedicated development team builds the solution. We ensure the quality of our deliverables and compliance with deadlines and budgets.


We engage the quality assurance team to determine that our deliverables function as required, eliminating all the potential pitfalls.


Collaborating with your in-house team, we launch the system for your organization, asking all the details and elements to work together as one.

Maintenance and support

Our experts continue to support and monitor your custom software and maintain its performance and capacity.


Technologies We Apply


Why Develop with Geniusee?

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  • Constantly developing team of certified senior professionals.
  • We collaborate in partnership.
  • We ensure transparency, openness and comprehensive communication at all stages.
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versatile tech 
  • 64 actively used technologies.
    We tailor relevant tech stack for your particular business goal.
  • We do not offer templates, we create solutions.
  • 5 years of delivering full-cycle product and software development.
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Quality Proven 
by Numbers
  • 100+ successfully released projects in Fintech, EdTech, Retail and other domains that keep on scaling and performing.
  • Only 5* reviews on Clutch, Design Rush etc., from satisfied clients in the USA, UK, Europe, Japan, Singapore.

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