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Swift App Development Company

Geniusee is a result-driven and innovative Swift app development company that aims to render quality mobile app development services with expeditious project delivery. Our highly skilled Swift developers have decades of experience in developing mobile apps using Swift for iPhones, iPad, and wearables.

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Why Choose Swift for iOS App Development? 

Swift is a safe, fast, and modern language developed by Apple, providing impressive features to make the iOS development process more accessible and better. It is the most common multi-paradigm for iOS application development. Our top app developers collected the most persuasive benefits of Swift development services.

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    Built with security in mind

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    Feature-rich apps

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    Enterprise support

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    Decreased memory footprint

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    Interoperability with Objective-C

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    Automatic reference counting

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    Strong community

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    Multiple platform support

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    Cost-effective and scalable

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    Fancy native animations

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    Fast performance

Swift App Development Services for Your Business

We’ve got a wide range of Swift app development services available. Yet, if you haven’t found the right one, rush to contact us, and we’ll be glad to help!

  • iPhone app development
  • iPad app development
  • Watch app development
  • iBeacons wearables
  • AR/VR
  • Swift games app development
  • Consulting services for Swift app security and compliance
  • Maintenance of existing apps
  • Custom Swift app development
  • Swift app optimization
  • Enterprise Swift app development
  • Swift widget development
  • Swift UI/UX design
  • Swift app migration
  • Seamless porting
  • Rigorous testing

Why Geniusee for Swift iOS App Development?

Using Swift as a feature-rich development language for mobile applications, Geniusee provides top-notch iOS app development services to accelerate your company's expansion and increase your business value. When it comes to developing mobile apps, Swift iOS app development services are now a popular choice for big enterprises and small businesses due to their numerous advantages. When you choose Swift for mobile apps, you need a trustworthy technical partner such as Geniusee—an experienced Swift app development company.

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    High-caliber team of Swift developers

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    Top Swift development company, according to Clutch and Manifest

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    Strategy based on the needs of the customer

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    Swift app developers proficient in AWS services

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    Unmatched quality well-heeled by our QA team

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    Swift application development company recognized by Forbes

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    Agile methodology in project management

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    Swift development services under the guidance of ISO requirements

Swift iOS App Development Process 

Each Swift application is unique, but the development processes of iOS applications have some common features and flows. Our team of Swift experts created a unified procedure for you.

Swift Apps We Developed


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Our Expertise in Industries 

Our Swift app developers delivered more than 150 projects in different industries. Yet, we focus on four main branches to stay top experts in our fields.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most important features of Swift?

Essential features of Swift programming language for mobile app development are as follows:

  • Swift iOS development has excellent return values;
  • Iterations are quick and straightforward;
  • Swift syntax has structures for supporting protocols, extensions, and procedures;
  • Source code consists of functional programming patterns, e.g., map, filter, and more;
  • Swift code has built-in error handling;
  • Swift iOS app development assures high performance and turnaround time.

These are only the most essential features of Swift apps, yet there are more. Our experienced Swift app developers with multiple successful solutions for clients worldwide in their portfolio will be happy to answer any questions you’ve got and tell you more about Swift's benefits. 

The majority of existing iOS applications use the open-source programming language, Swift. Obviously, many world-renown companies and their happy clients benefit from Swift mobile app development. Among them are global enterprises such as Accenture, Uber, Slack, Firefox, and many more. Swift has empowered the business growth of companies to create high-quality apps that have a user-friendly interface, intelligent memory usage, and are quick and easy to work with.

The price of any app development depends on multiple factors, such as the number of features and the total complexity of functionality, UI/UX design, development team experience and rates, support via various platforms, web and mobile devices, app type, and more. That is why it is complicated to give the minimal and maximal costs of iOS Swift app development services by offshore developers without a detailed calculation and broader context. Contact us or use our Estimator to find out an approximate price of Swift app development services. 

Figuring out how long it takes to develop Swift apps will depend on various factors, just as its price. The development platform, the complexity of the design, features, and functionality, Swift app testing, and many more may influence the longevity of the development process. It will also depend on if you have skilled developers or beginners. Swift language requires iOS developers to have some experience and knowledge on how to build apps and add new features for Apple devices using a single code base to help you meet your business needs and assure a certain level of customer satisfaction. Geniusee’s team of Swift experts is there for you to provide more detailed info based on your business goals. Contact our dedicated team with your requirements to know the estimated time, or try our Estimator to discover an approximate time for the development process.

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