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Generative AI consulting

Have you heard about generative AI but aren't sure how to apply it in your business or projects?

Generative AI is an exciting but complex field that's evolving quickly. The key is finding the right partner to guide you — that's where generative AI consulting services may come in handy. Our generative AI consultants can assess your needs, recommend the best generative AI models, and help implement solutions for your goals. If you want to create content, generate insights, or build new products, the right consultants make integrating this transformative technology smooth and successful. 

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Our generative AI consulting services

AI models we have expertise in


The fourth iteration of the Generative Pre-trained Transformer, developed by OpenAI, is known for its advanced natural language processing capabilities and diverse applications in text generation.

A language model designed for understanding and generating text, with a focus on linguistic nuances and context-aware responses, maks it suitable for various natural language processing tasks.

PaLM 2 is a sophisticated AI model with expertise in recognizing and learning complex patterns, enabling it to excel in tasks related to image recognition, data analysis, and more.

An AI model known for its expertise in computer vision and image processing, providing innovative solutions for tasks such as object recognition, segmentation, and scene understanding.

DALL-E is an image generation model capable of creating diverse and creative visual outputs based on textual descriptions, setting it apart in the field of generative art.

A versatile AI model with applications in both natural language processing and image generation, leveraging advanced algorithms for seamless integration of text and visual data

An AI model specializing in speech recognition and synthesis, enabling accurate transcription and generation of human-like speech patterns for a variety of applications.

A model designed for simulating and predicting dynamic systems, particularly useful in scenarios where the stability and behavior of evolving processes need to be accurately modeled.

The second iteration of the LLAMA language model, further enhancing its capabilities in understanding and generating text with improved contextual awareness and linguistic accuracy.

An AI model specializing in virtual assistant capabilities, providing intelligent responses and assistance in natural language interactions for users across different domains.

An AI model with a focus on large-scale natural language understanding, capable of processing and comprehending vast amounts of textual data for various applications.

A sophisticated AI model with expertise in molecular biology and drug discovery, facilitating the analysis and prediction of biological interactions and structures at the molecular level.

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Generative AI consulting solutions across industries

  • Generative AI is transforming how financial institutions operate. 

    We can help fintech companies implement AI for:

    • automated customer service (chatbots)
    • fraud detection
    • predictive analytics

  • The education industry is ripe for generative AI applications. We work with edtech companies to build AI systems for:

    • adaptive learning
    • automated essay scoring
    • intelligent tutoring
  • For retailers, generative AI unleashes new potential for improving the customer experience. 

    We help retailers implement AI for:

    • product recommendations
    • personalized marketing
    • AI-powered chatbots
  • The real estate industry benefits greatly from generative AI. We help real estate companies leverage AI for:

    • property appraisals and valuations
    • predictive analytics
    • automated document processing

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Why choose Geniusee as your generative AI consulting company?

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Our certifications

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Our offices are located in the USA, Poland and Ukraine.

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What exactly is generative AI?

Generative AI refers to artificial intelligence models that can generate new content, like text, images, or code. These models analyze lots of examples to learn patterns and then create new examples that resemble those patterns.

Some well-known examples of generative AI include:

  • GPT-3, which can generate human-like text.
  • DALL-E, which can generate realistic images from text descriptions.
  • Deepfakes, which can generate synthetic media like images, video, or audio.

Generative AI technology has many potential use cases:

  • Automating creative tasks like writing stories, composing music, or designing products.
  • Building virtual characters and digital assistants that can hold conversations.
  • Manipulating or generating synthetic media for entertainment purposes.
  • Augmenting human creativity by suggesting new ideas.
  • However, generative AI also brings risks around the malicious use of synthetic media and the automation of certain jobs. Regulation and oversight are important to balance the benefits of this promising new technology.

Generative AI consulting services can make your company more competitive by helping create new products, automate tasks like content creation, and improve processes. It also enables personalized customer experiences, data-driven decision-making, and adaptability to changes in the market.

Absolutely, Generative AI Consulting can contribute significantly to streamlining processes, enhancing productivity, and improving customer experiences in your company. By automating tasks, providing data-driven insights, and enabling personalized interactions, generative AI can optimize operations, freeing up resources and delivering a more tailored and efficient experience for both your team and customers.

Generative AI is a fast-moving field. In the coming years, we can expect:

  • Continued progress in generating realistic and coherent text, images, video, speech, and more.
  • Integration of multiple data modalities, e.g., generating images from text and speech simultaneously.
  • Improvement in controllability, allowing people to guide the creative process.
  • Democratization of generative models through open-source tools and code libraries.
  • Deploying generative AI in various industries to increase productivity and creativity.
  • Ongoing discussion around ethics and responsible development of this powerful technology.

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