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Each new product begins with an idea, and then turns into a set of physical characteristics and services offered to a potential client.

  • Geniusee uses a holistic method, as in rugby, when the ball is passed inside the team, while the team moves across the field as a unit.

  • We noted that it’s not enough to provide basic rules - high quality, low cost, and differentiation - to succeed in a competitive market. We also use speed and flexibility.

  • The transition from one phase to another occurs after all the requirements of the previous phase are fulfilled. These checkpoints control risks.

  • We cultivate active interaction not only between project participants but also with suppliers. This exchange and openness, within the team and with suppliers, increase speed and flexibility.

  • Our specialists are close to external sources of information, so they quickly respond to changing market conditions. Key features of our teams in development are autonomy, self-improvement ability and mutual development of team members.

  • We regularly provide transfer of knowledge to other projects that develop new products, or to other departments in the organization.


Instead of moving through certain stages,the process is born from the interaction of team members.

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According to our approach, the product development process arises from the constant interaction of a multidisciplinary team, whose members work together from beginning to end. It stimulates new types of thinking and actions within the team at different levels and in different spheres. Energy and motivation efforts spread through the company and begin to build a new order.

The project team assumes the character of self-organizing when it is in the state of “zero information”. The process begins to create its own dynamic order. Our team starts working as a start-up company. We take risks, take the initiative, creates an independent plan. At some point, a dedicated team begins to create the unique concept of the project, that gives a unique dynamic and rhythm. This rhythm serves as a driving force and moves the team forward.

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