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Nowadays, blockchain technology empowers businesses and disrupts even the largest industries. We help companies, and startups get the best from using blockchain distributed ledger technologies and decentralized networks. Geniusee provides guidance and support to equip educational and financial institutions, real estate, and healthcare markets with full blockchain digital transformations. We use innovative, dominant platforms such as Ethereum, Stellar, and HyperLedger Fabric to create the best fit-in custom blockchain solutions for you.

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Blockchain: safe not sorry


Blockchain — a fixed distributed ledger technology (DLT) designed to track assets, both tangible (money, real estate, etc.) and intangible (copyrights), and record transactions in a secure, cryptographed way. The blockchain database is decentralized, contrary to old-fashioned databases, and can be operated by numerous participants.
Because of the possibility that blockchain technology can identify and verify inconsistencies, it is tamperproof. It is a real-time, upgrading technology, supplying users with access permission with an accurate and trustworthy single source. With those virtues, there are no falsifications and duplicates during the decentralized exchange of data. Even well-known global companies use custom blockchain software.

A list of global companies that use blockchain:

How it works

  • Block creation

    1. A transaction appears.
    2. Transfer to dispersed node blockchain network.
    3. Verification at each node.
    4. If there is an unanimous agreement.
    5. Transaction approved.
    6. Chosen data (the amount is limited) is recorded in a block.
  • Block linking

    1. The previous block is foll of data.
    2. Creation of the new block.
    3. Build a link between the blocks.
    4. The blocks are chained together.

    P.S. Each block has a unique code—hash. It allows identifying tampers because every time a transaction changes, the hash changes too.

  • Chain adding

    1. The transaction is blocked.
    2. Chain is formed.
    3. If a block is added.
    4. Network uses unanimous agreement to verify previous blocks.
    5. All chain is verified.

Our Blockchain Development Services


Custom blockchain development of permission based on a distributed ledger platform that brings security, efficiency, and quick processing of business operations with Stellar and Hyperledger Fabric.

A blockchain wallet is a secured digital way to facilitate operations with digital cryptocurrencies like bitcoins, ether, litecoin, ERC20, etc. We develop endorsed wallets that will satisfy all requirements of your blockchain project.

Custom blockchain development of crowd sale solutions using custom token creation of Ethereum mainnet, following the standards such as ERC20 and ERC223. Also, development and maintenance of the investor's cabinet and distribution token system.

DApp is a fully decentralized blockchain-based application on a peer-to-peer network allowing the use of any kind of up-to-date technologies on the client-side that can be hosted on decentralized networks and storage such as IPFS or Swarm.

A smart contract is a blockchain protocol that digitally enforces, verifies, and facilitates operations around contracts without the possibility of breaking digitally defined agreements with Truffle, Solidity, and Ethereum. The smart contract development we provide helps avoid using third parties while performing credible transactions.

Benefits of Blockchain Technology



Blockchain Technology in Industries

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The Geniusee team of experts has completed 100+ projects on time and within budget in different domains for dynamic businesses in FinTech, EdTech, retail, etc., and with startups Y Combinator and Techstars on Series A to D funding rounds. We provide custom blockchain development services and blockchain consulting to our clients to ensure our partners' success. Our team believes only in proven and effective solutions and approaches. Geniusee constantly thrives to evolve to solve challenging problems and overcome your expectations. If you don’t believe us, ask our clients!
As a blockchain development company, we tailor all types of custom solutions from wallets to smart contracts development to ensure your market leadership.

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How do we create custom blockchain solutions from scratch?

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Why Choose Blockchain Development With Geniusee

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Geniusee was named as one of Clutch's best developers for a few years in a row. Forbes recognized us as a company that develops custom software that follows a project’s requirements. As a custom blockchain development company, we understand how important it is to secure sensitive data and enhance business processes, business automation, and decentralized solutions. Our dedicated, certified development team is driven by metrics. We talk numbers, track the velocity, and execute on a per sprint basis with transparent time logging. We provide our clients with custom blockchain software development and offer continuous support for our services. Our blockchain experts carefully create solutions for our clients under the guidance of all data security demands.

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Frequently Asked

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The cost of blockchain solutions depends, actually, on you. It relies upon the quantity and complexity of the features you want to add, the hourly rates of developers, your requirements to design, etc. Obviously, a blockchain platform will cost more than a simple app. Let’s look at the price of a blockchain solution more specifically. To develop a blockchain-based mobile app, you may need to invest from $40,000 to $150,000. The most expensive is healthcare custom blockchain application development. Expenses depend on features and functional requirements, as we mentioned before. You may always discuss your expectations and needs with us so that we can develop a prominent blockchain technology together or try to calculate the approximate cost yourself with our Estimator.
As well as value, custom blockchain development time depends on project and product requirements. You first need to own a PoC and then develop an MVP. The first stage of the blockchain development process usually takes three to four weeks for PoC and the second is about three months for the MVP. Let us estimate an approximate time for bringing your idea to life.
Here at Geniusee, we strive to thrive together with our partners. What others call a complicated task, we call an exciting challenge. Geniusee is experienced in custom blockchain development technology, including DApp (decentralized application). Check out our blockchain solutions!

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