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Post-release application support services

Launching a site is just the first step towards a successful online business. Website support services are a critical component for business applications, which includes a set of actions to serve a web project's needs, maintain its performance, and implement new releases or updates impeccably. Geniusee offers day-to-day support, client care and accountability as a service that eases your business life!

What issues do post-release support cover?

Product support experts provide solutions for various technical problems and ensure your company's IT system works properly during application development and after release. What problems can Geniusee’s post-release support solve? Application support services are an important part of the workflow, which includes a wide range of actions to enhance business value. Our tech experts can define the root cause of the situation by reviewing the code or designs. We can suggest changes and fixes and implement them. Geniusee can help you pick the right configuration of the support team that covers the specific needs of your product or service to maintain. We provide human support, not automated application testing tools that cannot even recognize critical questions and business needs. Geniusee delivers the exact expertise in application support operations that your company demands:

Provide support for framework and application functionalities in all technologies
Web, desktop, and mobile app maintenance
Lay out software maintenance
Improve performance to increase efficiency and ensure business continuity
Upgrade system according to your business needs

Why do you need post-release app support services?

Who is the post-release app support team?

Post-release app support services plans

Dedicated support team
Support as service during the business hours
Time & material model support
24/7 DevOps support
Services: Ongoing application maintenance and support
Services: Ongoing IT application support services (part-time on-demand support on request for your project for bug-fixing and issues resolution)
Services: Ongoing application support and maintenance services based on pricing model with pre-defined rates and the exact time spent on the support; however, it’s done when team has an availability
Services: Infrastructure monitoring and application management, incident management, cloud costs optimization, cloud security monitoring
Team: We can define the right team combination on-demand for your needs; for example, it can be: one full-time BE developer, one full-time FE developer, and part-time QA (50% of the time), project manager/business analyst (50% of the time)
Team: Limited to 40 hrs. of support activities per each developer involved (depending on your project’s demand) on fixing bugs and issues per month
Team: We define together what the developer’s team does for our client’s need
Team: DevOps. Learn more
Budget: The highest
Budget: Middle
Budget: The lowest
Teams availability:
Teams availability: High
Teams availability: High with a certain limit of allocation
Teams availability: The lowest
Teams availability:

Teams availability

The team for application maintenance is available at any time.

High with a certain limit of allocation, set on the priorities.

1. Business critical

In case of a complete loss of service or an important feature that is completely inaccessible and no workability obtainable. Does not include development problems in staging environments.

Time response: Response within one hour after receiving request during business hours (Monday-Friday from 8 am until 5 pm BST time) or next day if received during the non-working hours of 8 am BST

Time for resolution: Resolution as soon as possible with target resolution within one business day in cases of a simple issue or ongoing communication of the ETA for more complicated problems

Priority 2. Degraded service

Includes intermittent issues and reduced quality of service. A workaround may be available. Does not include development issues or problems in staging environments.

Time for response: Response within one business day from the received request

Time for resolution: Resolution within three business days. For more complicated issues, ETA will be communicated separately.

You make a request, we check the availability, and then set the deadline for the fixes.
Depends on the set scope of work

Technologies we use


Our process

Process Process

Our application support services

  • Constant check-ups of enterprise application
  • Issues reveal and fixing of application feature
  • Report on technical support of your business application
  • Revision cycle time of the provided application support and maintenance services
  • Accomplishments review, major issues/highlights
  • Performance metrics: number of incidents resolved, response, resolution SLA adherence
  • Review of planned maintenance activities
  • Monthly review
  • Major activities and accomplishments
  • Release management
  • SWOT Analysis
  • SLA adherence review
  • Continuous service improvement plat reviews
  • Overall project/solution performance review

Case studies

Post-release support in industries

Letter G

Our expertise in application maintenance and support services is complex and trustworthy. We have launched and supported more than a hundred projects in FinTech, e.g., neobanks, payment apps, lending platforms, financial products, and EdTech, e.g., learning management systems, learning apps, assistants, and many other custom solutions for our clients worldwide. Geniusee is experienced in application maintenance and support because we strive not to get a client but a partner. That is why we provide a wide range of services you may need, including application maintenance. We are one of Clutch’s top developers, so why don’t you check out what our clients say about our application support services?

Why choosing Geniusee?

Geniusee is a metrics-driven company. We believe in numbers. Here are our results completed in the last five years:

  • 150

    Team members

  • 64

    Technology support and services

  • 100

    Projects completed

  • $ 350 m+

    Raised by our clients


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