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24/7 DevOps Support Services

The main DevOps support or L2 services by Geniusee ensure the maximum uptime for your production system. Even short downtime can be costly for your business, and we can prevent it. Our experts know how to optimize your service uptime, ensure continuous delivery and decrease your risk of loss. We automate this process so that even when the slightest problem occurs, our DevOps professionals team is immediately notified and can solve the problem within 15 minutes, 24/7.

Typical DevOps support architecture

Check out how it works:

Process Process

Tools we use

tech tech

Our DevOps Support Process

DevOps support services or L2 support means:

Monitoring the tickets log
Providing break-fix/corrective and emergency support
Providing consultation and technical support
Resolving ad-hoc issues
Testing and releasing patches to production
DevOps support helps businesses boost productivity, agility, cost-efficiency, and effectiveness. Four out of five companies use at least several DevOps services.

To achieve perfection, we will lead you through these stages:

  • We define the communication channels with the team
  • We evaluate infrastructure and analyze business needs
  • Analysis of disaster recovery capabilities
  • Set up monitoring tools
  • Review current on-call workflow and adaptation
  • Review/update/creation of the runbooks and documentation
  • 24/7 incident management
  • Metrics analysis
  • Service level reports
  • Automate common activities
  • Monitoring and alerting system capabilities improvement
  • Runbooks, knowledge management, and documentation

Benefits of DevOps
Support Services

A successful online business is impossible without constant and careful support of development process and source code. Product support is an important component, which includes a set of DevOps practices and actions aimed at serving all the needs of a web project. Our development team can guarantee a 15-minute reaction time on production issues to keep your product solution working smoothly.

Daily monitoring of product performance

Creation of backup copies and databases with further storage

24/7 incident response

Metrics analysis

Ongoing improvements implementation

AWS or other cloud-certified staff

Integration solutions for services and tools

We take control of the performance of your software and prevent the issues from reoccurring. Besides incident management, our set of DevOps support services also includes infrastructure management, configuration management, DevOps maintenance and many other custom services. That’s how we take care of the quality. So after creating a request, within 15 minutes, you’ll be in touch with a proficient expert from our DevOps team who aims at solving any of your product issues. L2 support is more complex support of existing solutions, which requires the involvement of a development team and more technically savvy engineers. As they combine the necessary knowledge of software development and IT operations, they can perform any technical tasks. So if you have a reliable DevOps support service partner you can trust, you can be sure that your product works just as it should.


Why Do You Need 24/7 DevOps Support?

Three Reasons why you need DevOps support services, e.g. website support after launch


Maximum uptime is essential when you face production issues.


You get proactive, dedicated DevOps engineers who oversee the entire development cycle.


No need to hire additional staff members and pay them salaries.

In numbers, this is what it looks like:

Better customer satisfacion

More employee productivity

Cost reduction on IT-related costs

Why Geniusee?

Our team believes in numbers and proven effective approaches. We are invested in your success no less than you, as we are passionate about what we do. We are always on the same wavelength with you in the business aspect and ready to walk the extra mile for technological excellence, implementing DevOps and not only. We are there for you to make your customers’ journey flawless and your business results spectacular, offering reliable DevOps support services. But let the numbers speak for us:








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