24/7 devops support.

The main goal of DevOps Support is to create a single cycle of interdependence of software development, its operation and deployment. It is ultimately aimed at helping different organizations to speed up and increase efficiency of creating and updating their software and services operated in real time or in production.

3 main benefits of 24/7 devops support:

High response speed to consumer requests and faster onboarding of new applications/platforms.


Reduced time to market

Reduction of errors number with the help of processes automation and standardization.


App quality and stability

Quick new data sources on-boarding and cloud deployment, multi-tenant hosted or on-premise.


Rapid reaction

The DevOps support helps business boost productivity, agility, cost-efficiency and effectiveness. 4 out of 5 companies use at least several DevOps services.


Monitoring your applications, server, network to ensure infrastructure continuity.

Log files and event data processing from multiple systems.

Observing and configuringApps that are already in the Clouds

App migration using common platform for DevOps cycle.

Managing complete lifecycle of product and service delivery.

Why do you need 24/7 devops support?

0 %

better customer satisfaction.

0 %

more employee productivity.

0 %

cost reduction on IT-related costs.

How We Work:

dedicated team

Discovery & Planing

  • - We define communication channels with developers.
  • - We evaluate infrastructure and analyze business.
  • - Analysis of DR capabilities

Setup & Transotion

  • - Set up monitoring tools
  • - Review current on call workflow and adaptation
  • - Review/update/creation of the Runbooks and Documentation

Ongoing 24/7 Support

  • - 24/7 Incident management
  • - Metrics Analysis
  • - Service Level Reports
product development

Ongoing Improvements

  • - Automate common activities
  • - Monitoring and Alerting system capabilities improvement
  • - Runbooks, knowledge management & documentation
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