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FinTech Consulting Services

Delivering financial services to your clients nowadays may be even more challenging than ever. Ascending technologies open not only new horizons but also have built-in obstacles, preventing you from instant market expansion and industry leadership. One of them could be a lack of technological expertise in-house. Instead of spending hours on research and deep studies that will cost you a fortune, try FinTech consulting services by Geniusee. Your challenge and our expertise will bring your company to the next level.

FinTech Consulting Services

How We Can Help FinTech Companies

Emerging technologies, rising complexities, and digital transformation are the new black in the FinTech industry. If you want to take part in market growth and earn your share, meet customer expectations, and make consumers satisfied with you but not your competitor, you have to keep up with industry trends and requirements. Until you earn end user love, your FinTech services are not an expectation, they are the resource. Even then, you have to upgrade your business strategy, assure compliance, and simplify or automate any business processes, digital products, and technology stacks to stay among the top FinTech companies.

FinTech innovations are not easy to implement, so you need an experienced team of professionals in financial technology consulting services to save resources and time.

“My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice In Wonderland

  • Strategy upgrades
  • Competitive advantage
  • Commercial acceleration
  • Maintaining infrastructure & cloud services
  • Simplifying business processes
  • Strengthening value propositions
  • Assuring customer centricity
  • Advanced analytics and benchmarking
  • Security enhancing
  • Technology delivery assurance
  • Ensuring scaling & integrations
  • Speeding up business growth

Our Financial Technology Consulting Strategies

We offer a wide range of FinTech consulting services for all financial institutions. You’ll have full control over the project, giving us access to your FinTech app or software and internal information so we can validate and estimate your market position. We closely cooperate with your in-house team to deliver the best results during the process of FinTech consulting.

Geniusee’s Main FinTech Consulting Services
  • FinTech Technology Consulting
  • FinTech Strategy Consulting
  • FinTech App Consulting
  • All-in FinTech Consulting
  • Tax software development
  • Loan origination software development
  • Insurance software development
  • Custom trading software development
  • FinTech application development
  • Core banking software development
  • Financial risk management software
  • Digital banking development service
  • Mobile banking application development
  • Lending software solutions
  • E-wallet development
  • Banking software development

Case Studies

Technology Stack

Our Approach

Expert technology assessments on a scientific basis

FinTech consulting is based on deep technology expertise and industry knowledge, mixed with enhanced analytics to create a roadmap for further changes and implementations.

Agile software development and management

Our project managers assure performance of the best practices both in management and development to deliver outstanding FinTech solutions on time and within the budget.

Comprehensive reports on delivered financial services

Dashboards, presentations, regular meetings, and detailed reports: we assure transparent work and communication for you to hold full control and understanding of the project.

Why Choose Geniusee as Your Fintech Technology Consulting Company?

Obviously, you can’t just put your finger in the air while choosing a financial technology consulting company. The consulting team should be trustworthy, have a proven track of experience, and stay on top of constantly evolving FinTech technologies.

Geniusee is a Forbes-recognized company, advanced AWS partner, and one of Clutch’s top experts in development and financial technology, consulting with dozens of satisfied clients. We believe in proven and effective approaches, providing our FinTech consulting services under the guidance of ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 requirements.

Geniusee has worked in the financial services industry for more than five years. Not only do we specialize in FinTech consulting services, but also you may find the best software developer for your FinTech product here. No matter whether it’s open banking or a cloud migration, Geniusee is open to new challenges!

Measurable background

Adroit in financial services:

We have completed 25+ successfully delivered FinTech projects.

Committed to long-term partnerships:

On average, we work with a client for over two years.

Driven by striving for change:

We have been focusing on scalable microservice-based and serverless architecture for more than five years.

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