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Our future is about upskilling. The learning process has drastically reshaped in the last decades. The global education technology market size is expected to reach USD 318.8 billion by the year 2027. When could be the highest time to launch your educational product, if not now? Geniusee Education Software Development expertise, strengthened by the powerful AWS partnership and certified practices, is here to create the best custom e-learning software for you!

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in any context

We have extensive expertise in creating all types of educational platforms and learning management systems depending on your demand:


Business training

Let all the employees of your company be constantly on the same page with the newest trends, practices, and approaches. Business training software is now an essential part of the business growth strategy for leading companies, as business success depends on each member of the team. Join the winners club and give opportunities and solutions for keeping your team up to date in their professional development and setting the trends in your sphere. Create your own learning management system or implement any other custom e-learning solutions into your strategy. We know how to bring you the best results in developing educational software development services, and we are always available to support your project.


Educators need functional software each year more. Digital learning and education software solutions are not a choice for education providers any more, it’s a must. As an education software development company, we know how to help you manage the entire online learning process and make it engaging, efficient, and easy for your students. We realize how important it is to evaluate their performance for their success. The way your software performs and predicts your customer’s needs regulates the trust you have. And trust is crucial to survive and stand out in the fast-growing market of competitors in the education industry.


The new age brought new challenges and advantages for educational institutions. Even classical education currently balances on the verge of hybrid form, combining offline and online methods and tools. Students are eager to plan and manage learning processes themselves, so nowadays, the teachers’ role is to facilitate and moderate self-education. Proper software is the key to effective school management as it gives a variety of learning opportunities.

Do you have an EdTech business idea?

Benefits of Geniusee
Education Software Development

Geniusee education software development services allow you to achieve the maximum learning outcomes from your EdTech products. Form your digital educative environment with the help of a personalized approach, big data and effective analytical tools, new models of collaboration, and an excessive range of strategies for learning and engagement.

Ensuring personalization

Ensuring personalization and convenience to the clients' educational needs

Securing all the personal data

Securing all the personal data, creating the trustful environment

Regulate the accessibility

Regulate the accessibility of the custom e-learning platform for your and your students’ maximum comfort

Managing your documents

Managing your documents accurately

New ways of learning

Creating new ways of learning, matching them with your priorities


Controlling all of the educational content

Improving your communication

Improving your communication in the team or with your students

Complete analysis

Having access to a complete analysis of the participants’/customers' performance

Avoiding risks

Avoiding risks, as you can detect and avoid flaws

More time and space

Obtaining more time and space to create by reducing the time for scheduling

Education Software
Solutions We Offer

You have to administrate, manage and automate your educational and training services, and it has to be easy and fast to do. With Learning Management System (LMS), you make your tracking, documenting, and reporting easy for learners and educators. These systems are widely used in educational institutions and businesses, governments, hospitals, etc. Why would you do that? To use your time and organize your processes more efficiently.
Enhance your learners’ engagement and boost their learning outcomes and self-organizing skills with our education software solutions. Mobile learning is one of the most convenient ways for self-development, and, together we can make thriving closer with distance mobile learning! As well as enhance the collaboration of students and teachers. The best advancements are the limitless access to up-to-date resources and your company’s value in action. Your courses can make a difference, offering contextualized and situative learning opportunities. Give your students the background for immediate practice of new skills and supply them with your constant support. Create a place for interactions and create a learning community. Facilitated by you, they will be your brand’s best advocates.
Let’s transfer your knowledge and potential to the online world and reduce the cost of learning for your students or team by benefiting your company. You have no limits on this path: we are here to help you with effective software solutions and on-hand experience. Our experts in education software development services have already created learning platforms for different goals and shapes of companies, and here’s the result: a more extensive amount of people can expand their knowledge via e-learning web and mobile tools. Use our experience in education software solutions to your advantage. Let’s turn all your data from textbooks into entertaining charts, graphs, and interactive tasks. Your teachers and students can sign in to their profiles via social networks, purchase using online payment systems and enjoy the smart online learning experience.
Corporate training comes in handy to relieve the load from your HR and company education department in a fast-growing company. This learning management system and software become the basis of training programs for your employees, starting on onboarding and then through the career path. Manage and track your team’s professional development. With corporate learning development, you can spend more time personalizing your approaches to colleagues instead of presenting a knowledge base, as you already have it automated. All the necessary company information is sorted out, grouped, and always available, as all the tools and resources.
Educational software solutions are not only about post-graduate studies. We can cover all the stages of communication starting from the beginning of the study and the scaled and analyzed results of the performance of students and teachers. Our educational software developers may create student information solutions that control built-in functions for total control and transparency of the learning process:
  • scheduling
  • tracking of attendance
  • registration for courses
  • academic results
  • transcripts
  • feedback and communications.

Technologies We Apply


AWS Tools & Technologies We Use for EdTech Development

Why Work With Geniusee

Our dedicated educational software development experts empowered your ideas to life with onhand experience and proven efficient tools and approaches in EdTech. Our main advantages are your top requirements:


Broad EdTech experience

Having completed a diverse range of educational software and products, we strive for new challenges. Among our products are educational platforms, applications for breathwork featured by Forbes, online music coaches. More notable projects in desktop, web and mobile application software development find in our portfolio.



As a trusted partner, we take care of our clients. We provide full-cycle software development services and support after product launch. Our development team is highly experienced, certified, and has a wide knowledge base.


Proficiency with people and processes

We are attentive to details and proactive in our communication with the client. As a reliable educational software development company, Geniusee provides project management and business analyst expertise from scratch to release.

Need to estimate the time and budget
for your project?

To estimate the total cost of educational software solutions, you have to consider the cooperation model that works the best for your business. Based on our experience, e-learning software development from scratch takes 5–10 months for a native product and 4–9 months for a web application.

Use our estimator aimed to calculate the expected development time and budget for your app.

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