Having studied at the best universities in Ukraine, Canada and England, as well as constantly studying at various trainings from leading companies such as Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and others, Geniusee team realized that knowledge is the key to success in any undertaking. Therefore, each edtech application and platform is developed with great responsibility and awareness.

Services :

E-learning platforms.

Software for the development, storage, management and distribution of online educational materials with the sharing of a large number of people.

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Customized education systems

Customized education software that integrates multimedia content and provides users a high interactivity level.

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Skills assessment solutions

Software that contains a collection of online assessments which gather skills data and test employee capabilities to make improved training and staffing.

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Self-learning management systems.

Software for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses, training or learning programs

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Machine learning and AI chatbots.

Type of conversational assistants that interacts and teaches students through the text.

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Gamified services for education..

Software with game design and mechanics to enhance educational process by increasing participation, engagement, loyalty and competition.

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Clients :

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