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project/client description

ZaZa is an expert in online learning and education abroad that helps its clients to get the highest quality services for quite affordable prices. They bring together native-speakers from all over the world to help those in need to learn a foreign language. ZaZa also assures an interesting and unforgettable experience for all students who are willing to study abroad.

zaza solution


  • Web Platform for connecting teachers and student that allow to select and configure a unique studying path for every need.

  • User-friendly experience to easily and smoothly create time table and synchronize it with your calendars.

  • Great navigation through a huge stack of lessons and courses. 

zaza value

Value Delivered

  • The platform helps to automate the learning process for both teachers and student.

  • It allows teachers to easily join the platform bringing even more value to a studying process. 

  • A fast and extensive search through all languages and study programs makes it easy to select the best suitable option within a moment.


  • zaza features


    Pool of Languages and Courses

    A user can navigate and research courses from different categories and plans. All the information is presented to help make the best choice. Plus, you can always contact platform admins to give you even more support!

  • zaza features


    Bring it Everywhere!

    With responsive design and multilingual support, the platform is available for anyone from all corners of the world and from any device. So be sure, you’ll never miss your study slot and you’ll never feel a lack of support.

  • zaza features


    Receive all the Info and Help

    ZaZa has huge community support and tons of useful information. Be sure to find questions to all important and prospective questions. They also have guides and real-life cases for all the situations imaginable.


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mobile version.

zaza mobilezaza mobilezaza mobile

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