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    9 best security practices at Kubernetes in 2020

    In January 2019, Kubernetes, the world's most popular container orchestration system, discovered the first major security vulnerability that hit the project’s ecosystem. Vulnerability CVE-2018-1002105 allows atta...

    Written by Alex T.

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    Use Amazon EKS and AWS Fargate for Serverless Kubernetes Pods running

    Kubernetes is currently the most flexible and very popular answer to the most important question of global applications that can attract millions of users over time - how to quickly deploy, update and scale the m...

    Written by Nazar H.

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    Meet Space - New Product from JetBrains

    At KotlinConf, JetBrains (an international company that creates development tools) introduced new Space product and launched the Early Access Program. In this article we will tell you what Space can do as well...

    Written by Sofiia V.

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    Amazon Detective - new service in security investigation

    Another interesting AWS service that was launched at the Amazon conference in Las Vegas 2019 - Amazon Detective, the name of which reveals the function that it performs. Amazon Detective makes it easy to analy...

    Written by Alex T.

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    AWS introduced AutoML - SageMaker Autopilot

    In 1959, Arthur Samuel, an artificial intelligence researcher and inventor of the first self-learning drafts computer program, coined the term “machine learning” and defined it as a process whereby computers were...

    Written by Nazar H.


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