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    10 Ways to Make Unsuccessful Tech Project

    An unsuccessful project is very easy to do. We are going to share the main problems in development that can destroy any project. If you search the Internet for texts on development trends, you will surely find...

    Written by Sofiia V.

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    Cloud infrastructure for early startups.

    What is a cloud infrastructure? We will talk about its examples, as well as a competent choice of tools. Read our quick digest with tips and descriptions.

    Written by Sofiia V.

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    Future CEO: top 6 skills that you need in 2020

    A good CEO of the future knows how to work with data, understands his subordinates and does not drive them into the framework. Read in the article what skills you will need after 5 years.

    Written by Sofiia V.

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    Sitecore vs Adobe. Gartner opinion

    The new Gartner Magic Quadrant of Web Content Management 2019 has recently been released. All the same players remain in the leaders quadrant of the new Gartner WCM report: Adobe and Sitecore.

    Written by Sofiia V.

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    IT party in Las Vegas. CES 2020 Summary

    The largest consumer electronics exhibition CES 2020 was held in Las Vegas (USA) on January 7-10. An authoritative jury consisting, in particular, of representatives of Intel, Amazon, Google, Nike, SAP, Cisco, Fa...

    Written by Sofiia V.


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