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Welcome to our Geniusee blog, which is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content. Our main purpose is to help people navigate in the complicated world of programming and development tools. We hope that you find our articles interesting and entertaining.

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Clean Code: Cause & Effect

How many programmers, so many definitions, what is clean code. Often, when interviewing, we hear that good code is one that is easy to read. We agree, but as our personal experience suggests, this is just the tip...


Ihor D.


Clean Web Application Architecture

We would like to share an approach that we have been using for many years in applications development, including web applications. Many developers of desktop, server and mobile applications are familiar with this...


Oksana T.


Font Readability Research: Famous Designers vs Scientists

We have been creating designs for over 5 years. There are not very many objective and verifiable laws in design, and when we needed to find out something, we looked for information in professional books, blogs of...


Sofiia V.


How Internet monopolies kill competition and turn users into a commodity

If you haven't noticed yet, the Internet is no longer the same libertarian utopia, a free competitive space and a launch pad with equal conditions for everyone.


Nazariy H.


10 myths about Website Technical Support

The fact that you have finished the website does not mean that the process is fully completed. Web development, like any other area, is currently moving forward dynamically. In order for your site to meet all mod...


Taras T.


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