Amazon web services.

AWS is a wide range of infrastructure services, such as providing computing power, various storage options, network solutions and databases offered as services. This enables corporations, startups, small and medium-sized enterprises and public sector customers to access the components needed to quickly respond to changing business requirements.

Services :

Serverless Application Development

We create and run applications and services without the need for infrastructure management. It takes full control of these servers. This eliminates the need to allocate resources, scale and maintain servers to run applications, databases and storage systems.

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Cloud Migration

Moving an enterprise IT infrastructure, including data, services, applications and their settings, to the capacity of a virtual data center. Our team provides a service of both full and partial migration.

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Automation via CI/CD

The concept of continuous integration and delivery (CI / CD) is the basis of our testing. CI / CDs are required for software development using the Agile methodology, which reccomends using automated testing to quickly set up working software.

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Custom Services Integration

Through external integration, authorization through social networks, online payment, tracking software, delivery services and others are set up on an ongoing basis.

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