The decline in interest in cryptocurrency is not a reason to put an end to the technology on the basis of which they are built. 

Blockchain-based technology for new business applications has already started its incredible road. Take, for example, the giant Depository Trust & Clearing Corp, also known as DTCC. The company is responsible for storing information about 90 million transactions per day, relating to the majority of all the world's securities worth $ 48 trillion - from stocks and bonds to mutual funds and derivatives. 

Tens of years ago, all this work was done on paper, and now this process, although it has become electronic, is still complicated by a huge number of duplicate procedures and approvals between thousands of participants. In the nearest future, DTCC will gradually begin to implement the most ambitious project on the use of blockchain in real-time - decentralized database technology, which has become popular due to bitcoin cryptocurrency. Information about approximately 50,000 accounts in the $ 10 trillion credit information created by DTCC Trade Information Warehouse will be transferred to a specially designed digital book called AxCore. Soon everyone will have access to a single list of transactions, updated in real-time and free from multi-level databases.

Walmart uses blockchain to track shipments from suppliers and reduce the risk of food spoilage and pollution. He has already registered 50 patents related to the blockchain. Seagate hard drive maker uses technology to detect and prevent counterfeit cases, and Metlife insurer can instantly make payments to pregnant women who have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes.