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Varun Murthy

Head of Product at Drum

“Geniusee was very effective in helping us go from concept to realized production in under two months. Internal stakeholders are impressed with Geniusee’s services, noting their high-quality deliverables and quick turnaround time. The team managed the project well, staying organized and communicative throughout. Customers can expect a strategic and knowledgeable partner.”

Scope and highlights

Partnership Icon Partnership Icon
2 years of partnership
Dedicated team Icon Dedicated team Icon
Dedicated team of 12 members, 20 engaged along with the project realization
Users Icon Users Icon
46.52k total number of users. 5-star apps
Mobile Development Mobile Development
iOS/Android products
Users Icon Users Icon
2000-2500+ users engaged daily
Rocket Icon Rocket Icon
Desktop and mobile application development, QA, Business Analysis

the challenge

A 5-star application, “Drum – Build Your Link in Bio”, aims to instantly create a bio page that is a perfect product for creators, influencers, celebrities, and people who care about their personal brands. But it is more than just a link in bio app and solution. Drum is a platform designed for creators to engage with their followers, earn money, and free up time to focus on their love of creating! That was the actual challenge when two years ago Drum team came to Geniusee. When we say "team," we mean founders Rob Frohwein, Kathryn Petralia, and Troy Deus. They are also known for launching a loan platform Kabbage.

«We were looking for a new vendor to partner with us in the development of web and mobile apps. We found them on Clutch. We spoke with a few companies and found this team to have the best terms to fit our needs. Geniusee was hired to develop a business referral platform to provide full-stack web and mobile app development services, including QA and design», — says Varun Murthy.


the process

The Genuisee’s main task was to develop web and mobile applications, both front-end and back-end. Workflow started with the idea validation and design process. Geniusee created all the necessary timeframes and budgets for both optimistic and pessimistic scenarios. The front-end development was all done from scratch; Geniusee used some of Drum's APIs for back-end development. Also, the QAs, project managers, and designers were involved in the development process of the link in bio app.

During the development process, Geniusee provided backend refactoring for Drum products and moved mobile applications built on Objective-C and Java to Swift and Kotlin to ensure easy maintenance and reliability.


Project Tech Stack:

  • Front End:

    • React
    • Redux
    • Typescript
    • SCSS
    • Styled-Components
    • Appolo
      Apollo GraphQL
    • Lodash
    • Formik
    • Yup
  • Back End:

    • Node
    • AWS
    • Cognito
    • S3
    • DynamoDB
    • RDS
    • Lambda
    • ESC
    • LoadBalancer
    • CloudFront
    • SQS
    • AppSync
    • Algolia
  • iOS:

    • Swift
    • RxSwift
    • GraphQL
    • AWS
  • Android:

    • Kotlin
    • Coroutines
    • GraphQL
    • AWS

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the outcome

The mobile apps were developed for both iOS and Android. They allow:

  • Give your audience access to everything you do with one bio link page. Post to any platform.

  • Feature your favorite content and see how it performs with in-app analytics.

  • Create and Manage your store. Sell digital and physical products directly on your bio page.

  • Own your bio link traffic and use your custom domain.

As Drum’s founders summarize, together, we’ve created a platform that aims to leverage the power of the creator economy and gives companies a new client acquisition channel to help them scale and gain.

«Drum is a completely new channel – a refreshing alternative to traditional advertising, digital marketing, or a full-time sales force», — says Drum's Co-founder Troy Deus. It is a powerful tool for enhancing customer acquisition strategy or replacing channels that aren’t working well. It addresses well customer's pain points as the Drum leadership team pays much attention to users' needs and pain points.

«They managed all the deliverables on time. They present optimistic and pessimistic timeframes and costs, usually landing somewhere in the middle. This strategy eliminates surprise, which is valuable. Our communication was always smooth and clear. We are closely monitoring users, and we currently have a few thousand. The quality of their work is very high, and we plan to keep them on retainer for the foreseeable future», says Varun Murthy.

Outcome Outcome
Outcome Outcome

The success of this project hinged on the following factors:

  • Clear communication and openness, optimistic and pessimistic planning options for more transparent process.

  • The leadership team from client’s side involved in customer research and insight generation. Consistent excellence and improvement.

  • Quality of deliverables and strong project management. Geniusee’s understanding of the business context allowing to create the fantastic product that clients love.

  • Flexibility, and ability to onboard additional resources on short notice to help the Drum team to meet goals and deadlines.

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