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Project/client description.

Wyzoo is US Based company that offers a solution with the selection of the target audience for your business. This App is built on artificial intelligence and learning techniques to identify patterns in your customer data enriched by an extensive database of consumer attributes.


Problem Description

  • Identifying best performing audience segments for who should receive which message

  • Improving response rates

  • Integrating multiple data sources to develop a single view of your customers and prospects

  • Acquiring more customers at a lower cost


  • Web platform to:
    - Profile your best client
    - Tune Your Data For Peak Performance
    - Form Better & Faster Marketing Decisions
    - Capture Actionable Data From Anywhere
    - Predict Customer or Prospect Behavior

  • RnD of different ETL data cleansing and machine learning after

  • Build custom machine learning models, allowing to increase response rate and average order value

  • Reduce the cost of acquisition of the new customer


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Choose Media Chanel

Choose which media channel you wish to use for marketing, and then upload a file of your customers in CSV or Excel format.

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Upload Your Database

File requirements: At least 100 records. Name, Residential Street Address and Zip Code.

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Establishing Your Primary Market Area

From this data, Wyzoo then draws a map displaying the locations of your customers, and using our advanced algorithms, establishes where your primary markets lie.

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Enrich Your Dataset

Your data is enriched and compared against our database of over 240 million U.S. consumers. This database contains some basic information about the following:
- Homeowner Status
- Educational Level
- Buying Interests
- Geographic Location
- Estimated Net Worth
- Income
- Gender
- Age range
- Lifestyles
- Ethnicity
- Number of children
- Relationship Status
- Occupation
- Types of Credit Cards owned

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Creating unique persona based on your report

At this step, we generate your Market Penetration Index (MPI) values based on your data, on a single page that we call a “Persona”.

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You will receive a report with your data

The report includes a summarized customer persona which best represents your target market. Each factor is weighted using a Market Penetration Index (MPI) and sorted to identify which are the most important segments of a measured variable within each marketing channel.


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