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pause – mobile app for meditation


Clear stress using your breath


UI/UX Design
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“Geniusee is a very diverse company with technically capable people. They are hard workers and constantly on the ball. They are willing to go the extra mile when needed. The Geniusee team was very effective in implementing what we wanted and proactive in working together. As a result, we have developed an even better app after that!”

Johan Stoop

COO Pause Breathwork

Scope and highlights

6 months for

UX/UI design

Design, Web Development, Mobile Development, QA, Management, BA, 24/7 support

Swift, PHP, Laravel, GraphQL, Realtime video, AWS, Serverless

6 team members

1000+ downloads on launch day

the challenge

Our challenge was to develop an App that will allow users to reduce stress, establish more focus and calm in their lives, find resources to help manage stress and improve mental outlook, add more healthy habits to daily life. What's more, the tool was aimed at helping to keep tracking users` healthy habits and serve as a reminder to practice them to incorporate them into the daily routine.

The client wanted to communicate with the audience, manage and conduct online events for users, share some feed and handy information and build a strong community of Breathwork practitioners.

Key challenges in Pause project included:

  • Popularizing Breathwork and create a tool to communicate with the audience.

  • Developing an app that will allow the client to monetize Breathwork.

  • Creating the ability to conduct live online sessions and to notify the audience about various sessions and news.


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the process

Pause`s creator Samantha Skelly is a well-known entrepreneur, best-selling author, wellness coaching expert, and blogger who works with Global TV, NBC, CBC, BBC, Forbes, The Huffington Post, The Elephant Journal, etc.

Her team has broad experience in digital tools and media, which was very helpful in building efficient and result-oriented workflow.

We began our work on the App using the Time and Material model of collaboration and the SCRUM approach. Starting from the stage of MVP, we went through all the processes. After that, we began the development process from scratch.

After 6 months, we were ready to introduce our new product, an iOS app, to the world. It reached more than 1000 downloads on launch day and hundreds of paid subscriptions.

Inspired by this success, the Geniusee team started to work on an Android app.

Core activities at this stage include:

  • Building a user-friendly, intuitive interface for the app.

  • Creating a Service Oriented Architecture with individual routine, 
each with its own specific parameters for different users.

  • Creating a comprehensive set of push notifications to be delivered with near real-time efficiency and accuracy.

User persona

user persona

Luiza Thomas / bio







USA, Florida



Married, has 2 children

“I feel that the right to calm and stress-free life should be accessible to anyone”


  • Reduce stress establish more focus and calm in her life

  • Add more healthy habits to daily life

  • Save time for family and hobbies while tracking her health


  • Find resource to help manage stress and improve mental outlook

  • Serve as a reminder to help her practice healthy habits she wants to incorporate into her routine

  • Keep track of her health that doesn't require time on her part to maintain


  • Fearing to not understand the app and being puzzled with its features’ accumulation

  • Frustrating with meditative/relaxation apps with a lot of unnecessary and overwhelming information










Tech knowledge

Social Network

Mobile Apps



User’ s flow

User's flow
Nazariy Hazdun photo

Right from the beginning of our work with Samantha, I understood that this product is iconic. I had that gut feeling that it will be a star product.
And so it happened!
On the iOS application launch day, we received over 1000 downloads and hundreds of paid subscriptions. The client is satisfied. And we are starting to work on the Android app, predicting just as much successful outcome.

Nazariy Hazdun

CTO at Geniusee

the outcome

The Pause Breathwork app has been downloaded more than 2000 times, and the number of subscribers is increasing day by day, as well as the number of paid subscriptions. Thousands of people are learning and practicing stress reduction, stay focused, productive, and happy. The New Android version will make its contribution by changing even more lives for the better using Breathwork.

The success of this project hinged on the following factors:

  • Creating great client involvement, support and collaboration.

  • Motivated and professional team members who were really dedicated to this project.

  • Choosing powerful frameworks to build the app.


App’s screens

app screen app screen
app screen app screen
app screen app screen

Thank you

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Geniusee Design & Dev Team


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