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Zebulon: MedTech App Development

Meet our client Zebulon - a MedTech app development project that helps users to design forms, questionnaires, wellbeing checks, patients follow ups, prescription programs, symptom records and much more in just a few taps on their mobile. No coding, just a few taps. Zebulon is a UK independent company taking data privacy and regulations of MedTech software naturally seriously. The main goal of Zebulon and Geniusee was to create a medical app that helps you communicate better and capture with direct access valuable information and medical data often otherwise lost or painful to obtain.

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Business context

The client came to us with an interesting challenge: to create a healthcare app for easily designing repeat surveys (for example, for athletes - weight, muscle volumes, calories eaten, etc.) that would allow healthcare professionals get final sensitive data in the form of analytics. There was only an idea for MedTech app development on the table, so execution required making a medical product from scratch, including discovery phase, full design and the entire development process.

Key challenges:
  • Create intuitively understandable and easy-to-use MedTech app
  • Tailor in mobile app interactive analytical dashboard on health information
  • Deliver the first version of the Zebulon project in 4 months
  • Build a design of MedTech software that includes native iOS and Android elements
Business context

Work approach


As experienced development company, we performed a full development cycle from market analysis to go-to-market product. We started from MVP and based further iterations on user feedback.

  • 1
    Discovery phase
  • 2
    Business analysis
  • 3
    Product design
  • 4
  • 5
    Quality assurance
  • 6
    Post-release app support
  • Analytics is a fundamentally important aspect. In the process of analysis, we met our competitors in the market, and figured out the unique value that we could bring to out customers.

    We tend to work with customers starting from Discovery phase. This stage allows both us and our clients align with our expectations towards the soon-to-be-delivered solution, consider liasons and discuss details. Here, we get the opportunity to bind business perspective, user needs and functional requirements.

    Business analysis
  • We have compiled a detailed description of the functionality and design of the future application. We defined user characters, described user stories, mapped the user journey and formed the technical requirements for the service. That is how we figured out what the application should be like, what it should be able to do and how it has to work.

    Thanks to this technical task (TOR), our team of designers and developers clearly understood what kind of service the customer wanted to receive, and gradually implemented the initial idea.

    Product design
  • At this stage, we approved color combinations, screen options, backgrounds, buttons, font combinations. We tested all the elements in parallel for usability, ergonomics and ease of interaction.

    Also during this process, our designer developed design concepts and formed a user interface with a set of ready-made elements and templates. Then was time to create a design layout - a visual image that shows how the page will look like, and a dynamic prototype - an interactive, animated version of the project to evaluate the quality of the interface.

  • For the Zebulon project, together with the customer, we determined that we would use cross-platform mobile development - we used a universal code applicable to both Android and IOS devices. We built the project architecture, back-end and front-end development and implemented the MVP. Another important thing was to assure data privacy as it is vital to protect medical records properly (regarding both physical and mental health).

    We used ReactNative for frontend development and worked with Node.js and FireBase during the backend development stage. Usage of Firebase empowered us with many backend services hosting as realtime database, authentication, incident reportings, remote configuration, static files support and cloud storage. As we implement serverless cloud infrastructure, we worked with AWS services for infrastructure building and DevOps services.

  • The testing phase affected the most popular devices with the oldest and newest operating systems. It was also important for our client to test the application on devices with customized firmware, such as Xiaomi, Huawei and Samsung. Here we checked the operation of all application functions and code, and looked for problems in all processes.

    Next, we wrote UI autotests and prepared test documentation. We introduced all the errors into the system, and after they were eliminated, the testing process was repeated several times.

    Before the release, we did a final test to make sure that everything corresponds to the documentation and customer requirements.

    Quality assurance
  • When we tested the product, we handed over the finished project to the client and deployed the project on the client's server. We also helped to choose a server and its configuration.

    One of our main principles is partnership, which means we tend to collaborate with customer for long time and various set of tasks. That’s why we hold our client’s back by taking good care after the project with after-deployment support.

Project tech stack

The main goal was to make Zebulon as much “light” and fast as possible, so we decided to go cloud. We also chose technologies that assure high performance rate and are highly safe and secured.

Tech stack

Geniusee team

For Zebulon, Geniusee developed the product from scratch, providing full-cycle development. As a brand-new startup, they lacked in-house tech specialists, so we built a team of middle and senior specialists with good technical backgrounds and serious experience. The work was challenging and engaging, full of revisions and changes, and based on end-customer reviews and feedback after the release of the first MVP version.

  • Tech Lead photo

    Tech lead

    We decided to go with modern and trendy technologies that allowed us to quickly develop many interesting features as real-time updates in the app with indicators. We’ve created not only some advanced questionnaires but also a community. The challenging requests that followed us throughout this project motivated us to constantly improve ourselves and our work approaches.

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The Geniusee team created a secure data and communication ecosystem focused on supporting care communities and health teams. Our solution helps people communicate better while securely obtaining information they would otherwise never get. This means that Zebulon users can now start analyzing data they never had before or which was difficult to access or possibly inaccurate.

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