Geniusee team will help you to make the most of the data you have. We provide a comprehensive data science consulting service allowing to achieve your business objectives through prediction and automation of regular processes. Our data science team will help you to increase revenue, maximize utility and reduce costs.

data science


Deep Learning

Deep learning is an aspect of artificial intelligence that is concerned with emulating the learning approach that human beings use to gain certain types of knowledge. At its simplest, deep learning can be thought of as a way to automate predictive analytics within your business.

deep learning

Constrained Optimization

Constrained optimization is a service for minimizing or maximizing some objective, subject to constraints. For example, we might want to purchase an assortment of merchandise that maximizes expected revenue, limited by a minimum number of different items to stock in each department and our manufacturers’ minimum order sizes.

constrained optimization

Root cause analysis

A problem-solving service used for identifying the root causes of faults or problems. A factor is considered a root cause of removal thereof from the problem-fault-sequence prevents the final undesirable event from recurring; whereas a causal factor is one that affects an event's outcome, but is not a root cause. Though removing a causal factor can benefit an outcome, it does not prevent its recurrence with certainty.

root analysis

Predictive Models

Predictive models allow transforming your organization’s information into business insights and providing your key stakeholders with actionable data to power more efficient business decisions.

predictive model

Data Visualisation and Dashboards

We will help you to set up an information management tool that visually tracks, analyzes and displays key performance indicators (KPI), metrics and key data points to monitor the health of a business, department or specific process. A data dashboard is the most efficient way to track multiple data sources because it provides a central location for businesses to monitor and analyze their performance. Real-time monitoring reduces the hours of analyzing and a long line of communication.



With personalized product recommendations, you can engage more buyers and convert them into customers faster. Thus, you will increase your average order value as well as reduce workload and overhead for your salespeople. Also, data science can help you to select the right target audience during the marketing campaign.


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