The bank's success at the beginning of the twentieth century could be easily assessed by the size of the chandelier and the height of the ceiling in its headquarters in a building with monumental columns and a huge oak door with gilded handles.

In the 21st century, there are banks that operate without branches at all, and each bank has an advanced website with a personal account where you can perform almost any operation, and, of course, a mobile application that allows you to do the same.

We see a trend - today's consumer chooses a bank not by key indicators, such as the deposit rate, loan rate or place in the ratings, but by indirect ones - the quality of service, the interface of mobile and Internet banking, speed and quality of service. In addition, do not forget that the App Store and Google Play mobile app stores have already become a giant marketing machine - a young entrepreneur can open a deposit in one bank or another, seeing a convenient, beautiful and functional mobile app among their top apps.

The mobile application turns from an ordinary tool into a new, modern, convenient and, most importantly, an inexpensive channel of communication with the bank's clients.