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Fintech Software Development Services

Strengthened by an AWS partnership and its certified practices, Geniusee’s FinTech software development expertise is a powerful tech partner who’s here to create the best custom FinTech software for you! We also partner with some of the most proficient FinTech providers in the world: Galileo (banking as a service), Plaid (open banking), Finicity (open banking), and others to empower your services with trustworthy expertise.


Main FinTech Trends

Gartner reports that there are currently 10 top strategic technology trends in FinTech software development, so if you want to conquer the market, consider using them in your FinTech projects.


What to expect in the next five years?

Forbes suggests more tactic solutions and services for the next five years:

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Geniusee financial software development services

Let us help you create specialized software to ease your business routine. Consolidating financial information and producing detailed financial reports, implementing a logic-driven data structure, and making the most of your financial data are essential for all financial institutions.
Adequate security, above all, is essential for any business, especially in the financial sector. Let our FinTech software development company take care of it. We create reliable, protected banking and financial software and mobile apps, averting risks and preventing your money and property from fraud.
Compliance in FinTech entails adhering to the laws governing new financial technologies and business models. These guidelines safeguard the capital of investors and consumers. Yet, regulators constantly change limitations, so it’s vital to stay up to date and assure proper compliance of financial processes, management systems, and FinTech software with law requirements and RegTech itself.
Mentor, role model, idol, call it whatever, but the chief technical officer is not only someone who is more qualified and experienced. A good CTO also has to organize the work of the technical team properly to reach your business goals on time or even faster.
Our financial software development experts aim to help companies and startups get the best out of distributed ledger technologies. By providing guidance and support, we ensure a complete blockchain digital transformation for financial businesses.
Empower FinTech solutions for your business with a fully automated platform that converts offline processes into online ones, making them fast, secure, and sharp. We will find and implement the most efficient solution for your bank, lending, or financial company that personalizes your services, which builds a customer-centric approach and more intelligent delivery.
FinTech enterprises can better comprehend customer behavior and preferences of users with access to more significant amounts of data than ever before with cloud technology. Additionally, businesses no longer have to worry about maintaining an on-premise chat server or installing software solutions. Our FinTech developers will help improve the customer experience, increase reliability and speed, and reduce the amount of work needed using cloud tools.
Imagine you can forecast your future results. Predictive analytics allows for mining, collecting, and interpreting historical data. We make it happen with statistical algorithms, predictive modeling, and big data machine-learning techniques. As a result, you can discover patterns and identify risks and opportunities for your company.
Our solutions for financial institutions collect data based on measurable goals or KPIs. By analyzing patterns and facts found in these data insights, you will create effective and scalable business strategies for financial institutions.
Imagine you can forecast your future results. Predictive analytics allows for mining, collecting, and interpreting historical data. We make it happen with statistical algorithms, predictive modeling, and big data machine-learning techniques. As a result, you can discover patterns and identify risks and opportunities for your company.

Our expertise in FinTech product development

Banking software development
Geniusee offers a variety of software banking solutions according to your business needs and objectives. Our dedicated team develops banking portals, mobile applications, solutions in digital banking, and core banking systems to allow your company to stay among market leaders. Keep evolving constantly and outstand your competitors with Geniusee!
Geniusee ensures digital transformation and rethinks the payment process, delivering an online payment tool easily for your customers, so they will never return to debit and credit cards again. IoT, cryptocurrency, NFT, and AI-powered solutions — do not hide from solutions that are conquering the market at this exact moment!
There’s a wide range of lending software solutions to automate processes, improve the digital experience for your end customers, secure clients' data, increase productivity, and achieve your business needs and goals. Boost your business with commercial and P2P lending, cash and liquidity management, mortgage solutions, loan origination software, specialized narrow-niched lending software, and more.
We build mobile trading, trading platforms, stock trading solutions, and traditional and cryptocurrency exchanges based on smart contracts. Our specialists in trading software development services tailor customized solutions, upgrade existing commercial trading platforms, provide support, and build outsourced teams of trading developers, project managers, testers, designers, and other professionals you may need.
Accounting is not about loads of paperwork anymore—it’s about digital services now. Accounting software must always meet specific business requirements to allow you to automate processes, reduce costs and manual mistakes, increase access, enhance security, ameliorate decision-making, and more. We work with ERP systems and commercial and custom solutions based on desktop, web, and/or mobile app development and APIs.
Geniusee develops solutions for investment and wealth management for individuals, financial institutions, real estate firms, and investment advisors alike. We help them anticipate changes and seize emerging opportunities in an intricate and ever-evolving investment management landscape. Financial analytics of current market data, investment portfolio management, assessment, and mitigation of investment risks are all made more accessible by our solutions.
Our best FinTech developers deliver suitable custom solutions to enhance the identification, measurement, and modeling of different market and financial risks for risk precaution, elimination, or avert strategies development. We ease financial management and risk assessment and mitigation for investment companies, hedge funds, and even the traditional banking field.
Our FinTech software development company creates management solutions for personal finance that pull data from multiple bank accounts, credit cards, and loans and integrate it seamlessly with core banking systems. We develop a personal financial management (PFM) solution that, in response to a customer's request, will automatically transfer money and conduct mobile payments to savings or investment accounts via an online broker's API.
Solutions for hedge fund software that are fully integrated are provided by Geniusee’s FinTech developers. Investors can manage risks, simplify compliance, and create an outstanding hedge fund portfolio with this application, which also offers the highest level of control and transparency. Keeping track of and managing all of your investments in a single unified service significantly boosts productivity, improves customer return on investment, and improves internal collaboration.
FinTech innovations are not easy to implement, so you need an experienced team of professionals in financial technology consulting services to save resources and time. FinTech consulting is based on deep technology expertise and industry knowledge, mixed with enhanced analytics to create a roadmap for further changes and implementations.

Fintech Software
Development Process

A full-cycle software development service for FinTech companies should be entrusted to experienced practitioners. Our FinTech software developers brought to life successful cases in blockchain solutions, financial app integration and payment systems, neobank applications, and FinTech custom software development. We specialize in your industry and innovate it with proven, efficient approaches to technology and business.


We know that the key to success is clear and profound communication.

The product owner gets full access to project documentation and planning, which gives them control over the entire process of custom software development at all stages. Our FinTech software development services team is adaptive to clients’ schedules and workflow.

FinTech software
development solutions

A full-cycle web and mobile FinTech software development service should be entrusted to experienced practitioners of software solutions for financial organizations. Our experts brought to life successful FinTech app development cases in blockchain solutions, mobile financial apps, payment systems, neobank applications, and FinTech app integration. We specialize in the financial industry and innovate it with proven, efficient approaches to technology and business. Check out our software development services for FinTech!

Individual investment solutions
Automated trading robots
Financial analysis solutions
Various types of wallets
Cryptocurrency exchanges
Blockchain-based platforms

Our Expertise - Your Success.

Technologies We Apply


AWS Tools & Technologies We Use for FinTech Development

Why Work with Geniusee?

Geniusee is a Forbes-recognized company that specializes in financial software development per the project requirements. As a numbers-driven company, we’re proud to be recognized among the top Clutch financial app developers and as a long-term AWS Advanced Tier Partner. We talk metrics, track the velocity, and execute on a per-sprint basis with transparent time logging. We safely develop secure management software and mobile apps and offer continuous 24/7 support for our FinTech development services.

We are aimed at mutually thriving and exceeding your expectations for financial software companies. This is why our dedicated teams of financial software developers always follow the best practices in software development for financial companies and expand their expertise in cutting-edge technologies and approaches for different types of software that revolutionize FinTech services. 


Vast FinTech experience

Among our products are neobanks for Gen Z, blockchain ecosystems, and fully automated lending platforms that became white labels of financial solutions.


Focus on security and compliance

As a trusted partner, we take care of sensitive data and secure all the processes and interactions from businesses' and customers' sides based on ISO requirements.


Proficiency with microservices

We provide a cloud-native architecture to enable improvements in development, productivity, business agility, scalability, and cost savings. We are a certified Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner.


Agile development

Your dedicated development team should be experienced in delivering FinTech projects. We will offer the best fit for your project and help synchronize workflow with your in-house specialists.


Warranty period

We know our customers value the quality and safety of financial services. Geniusee provides a warranty period after the delivery date.

How to get an estimate of the time and budget for your FinTech software development?

To estimate the total cost, you have to consider the cooperation model that works the best for your business. Based on our experience, creating an app from scratch takes 5–10 months for a native product and 4–9 months for a web application.

Use our estimator aimed to calculate the expected development time and budget for your financial apps.

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Frequently Asked

Can you make sure the app is compliant with current security best practices?
Geniusee has a proven track record of developing data security for financial software solutions. Our development team is constantly improving their knowledge and skills of the newest security procedures to implement them into your financial services and products. We work under the guidance of ISO 9001 and 27001 to deliver trustworthy results.
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In FinTech development, as in any other sphere, software building time and cost depend on project requirements, system needs, type of product, etc. Try our Estimator to find out the price and duration for your project.
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As a FinTech software development company, Geniusee provides its clients with the best customer experience. We do not just build financial applications; we create entirely personalized solutions. Get all the answers you need from our experts, who are ready to meet with you whenever you are able.
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We have specialized in FinTech for more than six years now, so we can say for sure that it depends. It depends on the project type and its complexity—whether that’s banking software, digital wallets, specialized service for data encryption, trading platform, ERP system, or P2P lending solution. How many features are there? What tech stack are you using? Is there device interoperability, and what platforms are you planning to use? There are many more questions to ask before giving you the exact numbers, but if you need an approximate evaluation, try our free Estimator or talk to our experts to get more precise numbers.
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Implementing agile technologies and strengthening data security policies are the keys to the future of FinTech. To remain competitive in the digital age, it is essential to meet the needs of tech-savvy customers and keep up with technological advancements. Blockchain and DeFi, banking as a service, and AR and VR are ways to reshape banking services and make them more digitized. Need help with that? Give us a call

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